Friday, April 2, 2010

A very lazy post, plus a Random Scan!

I am officially on Spring break!!! Yay for me! Now, since I have no school to deal with you'd probably think that this means I'll be putting up even more posts then usual, right? Wrong! As my first official act as a deadbeat, I plan on taking a sleeping pill, and sleeping until 12 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Since I don't intend on being conscious much longer, I obviously won't be posting any new reviews tonight. As for tomorrow, I'm currently planning on doing a few reviews, but there's a slight problem with that idea... I started playing Dragon Age: Origins on my PS3 today after school, and I got HOOKED! Damn that JT and his spot-on recommendation of that game! It's as good as he said it was! I think I put in about 7 straight hours after I got home, so yeah, if that happens again tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'll be posting tomorrow... It's not all good for me though, as I got an e-mail from my online comic book shop, and found out that the estimated time of arrival for the comics I ordered this past Wednesday(that would include Blackest Night #8)is April 8th, next Thursday! Ugh, that is an agonizingly long wait for a comic I'm practically dying to read... Umm, and that's pretty much it I guess. As promised at the top of this post, here's a random comic scan, and before I go, as always, Long Live The Legion!From Wolverine Origins #33(April 2009).


  1. Oh Hells yeah. Did I call it or did I call it?! Glad ya like the game so far dude. What Origin did you start off with?

  2. JT, when you're right, you're right! You def called it my man. and it's not "like" it's I LOVE the game so far!

    I started off as a Human noble. I'm a rogue who ONLY uses a bow and arrows as his weapons. I act pretty much the way you'd expect Hawkeye from Marvel to act. It's his ideals this character is based off of. Last thing I did before I shut it down was downloaded the Return to Ostagar stuff, and I just began playing around back in Ostagar again before I shut it down. I still have HOURS(my main guy is only on Level 9 I think)to go, but I'm already planning my next play through, as an evil mage!

    So now I've got to know, who did you choose, how do you fight, what kinds of actions do you do, etc.

  3. Man I'm so glad you love this game, I woulda hated for you to be let down by it.

    I started as a human noble as well, but I'm more of a straight up warrior using Swords and shields and whatnot. I'm more of a Superman like hero, I do what I feel is right and I wanna get revenge against Howe and Logain but I won't sacrifice my team or anything to get them, ya know? My dude is a level thirty-one, as I have the Awakenings Expasnion, but I went in on it with 4 other people so I only had to pay 8 bucks, not the whole forty.

    If you want, you can log into my account, I'll send ya the info, as I trust ya, and you can download the Shale DLC and any other stuff ya don't have, except awakenings because thats under another account.

    An evil Mage eh? I'm sure Morrigan will love him, haha. Man I love Morrigan :P

  4. Yeah, I guess most people prob start up that way, I mean, who would want to start(or EVER be)as a Dwarf??? So my team is me(Rogue), a mage, a Warrior and my trusty dog. I've had two others offer to join me, but they're both rogues, so I really have no need for 'em.

    Wow, lv 31? OK, so then I'm going to ask you. In the book it says that you can gain one of 4 class specialties at lv 7 then another at lv 14. When I level up, I have the 1 point for my class speciality, but it won't let me use the damn point! I don't have the book with me right now, or I could prob explain that better, but yeah, I guess you need to be lv 7 PLUS something else...

    As a Superman-type uber-goody-goody, how did you deal with that possessed kid in Redcliffe(I think that's where it was)? For me, there was no real pretty way out...

    Cool, MUCH obliged, but not necessary. The game came with two codes(one for Shale and one for the Blood Dragon Armor), and I've downloaded everything else today except for the Awakenings DLC, since I figure I still have a lot to do before I should download that as well.

    Dude, I love Morrigan too, but damn is she hard to keep on my side! Just today alone, I pissed her off twice and lost 10 pts each time! There was a time she liked me enough that she had a boost to her magic, but that's LONG gone now! Now everytime I get a gift, it seems to be going to her!

    So you're a sword and shield type, you don't favor the two handed weapons I'd guess?

  5. Lol right? In my second playthorugh I'm an Elf Rogue but I love being a warrior. I used to always have Alistair, Morrigan, Myself and my Dog, but I later kicked him out for Leilani. I love the conversations my party members have with one another.

    So that was a typo, I'm at 21, well 22 now. Um... as for that point I think you have to learn how to get the specialty from another party member then use the point, or just level up naturally but don't quote me on that.

    I actually told them I'd go to the Circle of Magi for help, which I did, to try to find someone to bring back that would help the kid. What'd you do?

    Ah awesome. I bought mine used so I didn't know about the Shale code in there although I did get one for free. I wanted the Blood Dragon code, that armor looks SO awesome. I have it for my dude on Mass Effect 2 though.

    Lol yeah Morrigan will hate when you do anything right or good. Just a hint though, she really likes jewelry. Necklace gifts and such. Btw the chick who voices her and the dude who voices Alistair are both main characters in Uncharted 2.

    I actually use two handed weapons the most,as my strength is at 51 and those are the most powerful weapons, although I favor swords and shields.

  6. Well, 21(22)isn't as good as 31, but for somebody who's at level 11, that's a pretty lofty number! And yeah, I just found some woman who trained me to be a duelist, so that solves that little mystery.

    I had the blood mage kill the kids mother... I couldn't stand her with her high and mighty attitude! My character wouldn't kill the kid, and I didn't want to leave the castle for too long to allow the kid to kill further people, so that seemed like the most prudent move... Plus like I said, the mother kept pissing me off...

    Yeah, I have the blood dragon breastplate in my inventory from the start, and I can purchase the other pieces from merchants if I want, but nobody in my party is even CLOSE to the strength level needed to wear it!

    I read about Morrigan and her love for jewelry in her codex section. If I can match a character up with what I know they'll like, that's what I'll do, if it isn't super obvious, I'll just give it to Morrigan, since she's always getting mad at me for some reason or another...

    Nah, I'm happily a heroic archer. The only problem is that as an archer, I tend to favor light armor, so I get my ass kicked when I try to go toe to toe with villains! If I can't get some distance from my enemies, I'll just start running around the battlefield with a whole mess of people chasing me! Ugh, just today, I must have died like 4 or 5 straight times against some uber-strong Blood Mage and his band of bandits... Luckily I had saved right outside his room, but he'd keep hitting me with some fireball that would knock me down and light me up. Finally I brought/made like 15 health potions, and stood close enough to him so he wouldn't risk setting himself on fire, shooting arrows and drinking health potions. I think when I was done, I only had 3 or 4 potions left!

  7. Yeah apparently 20 is the level cap, and in Awakenings you can go up to 30. So yeaah haha. Ah you met that chick in the bar did ya? That reminds me, did ya sleep wither her or is your dude saving himself for marriage? Lol

    Lol so when the King or whatever woke up did he say anything about it? ANd I know Morrigan must've loved it and Alistair probably disapproved.

    Yeah, I wanted to level my people up so they could wear my armor so Alistair has like 40 something strength.

    Lol if she's always mad at ya, you must be somewhat of a goody goody yourself X.

    Oh man that fight sounds hard. There's one fight I had that was SO hard. I won't ruin it but lets just say when you go do it, Morrigan won't come with you.

  8. Oh wow, I didn't realize 20 was the level cap... I just got up to 12 today. Well, I guess when I start to approach it, that'll be my sign to buy Awakenings!

    Well, I still haven't woken the king up... Getting those damn ashes is a real pain in the ass! Those cultists in the final room before the ashes just kicked the ever-loving hell out of me like 5 times, so I finally said, "To hell with this", and went off to do some other quests/level up some more. The dude's name is in like dark orange/light red, so I know he's damn tough, plus he was two mages(who are death to me, since I have hardly any magic defense)and two high level warriors with him! I could do a side-mission for him to avoid fighting him it seems, but I just can't see my character working with those psychos... I can't wait to play as my morally ambiguous mage!

    Nah, I didn't sleep with the chick at the bar... I'm looking for something besides a quick roll in the hay... Now if I was playing as my morally ambiguous mage, it would be a different story!

    Back to the thing with the king, after I was done, and the Blood Mage killed that women, I went back to camp, and Alistair just TORE into me! I was like, "What the hell is this?!?!" He was pissed! I had to keep trying to persuade him to calm down. Luckily my guy has his persuasion skills maxed. Still, I think my relationship with Alistair must have dropped a good 14(!)points!

    Hmm, so Morrigan won't go with you... Interesting...

  9. Yep, trust me it'll get harder to go up in levels, you must be flying through the game though. How far have ya made it, who've you got recruited already?

    Lol I recall that dude. Now I don't tell you alot, but when you DO get pass that dude. Do not, and I repeat X, do NOT Ring the Gong. Or you will be in for HELL. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

    Lmao you are gonna be so morally ambiguous. Just the fact you keep typing that is making me laugh my ass off.

    Ouch. Man I knew Alistair was pissed. Imagine if you didnt have such expert coercion. So how'd Morrigan feel about it?

    Yep, so take that for what it's worth my friend.

  10. Yep, I just hit level 14 today, and I've played for over 24 hours now, so that should tell you just how much I'm enjoying this game! Hmm, I suck with names, so the best I can do is descriptions... I've obviously got the first three, plus Shale, the chick whose name starts with an L, and the elf assassin guy.

    HA!!! I rang that damn gong! Luckily I had saved RIGHT before I entered that area, so I could easily restart, but yeah, considering I actually SAW the Dragon go to sleep, plus the fact that Alistair warns me that we should be quiet, I probably should have known better...

    What's the matter with my morally ambiguous mage? It's what he's going to be, morally ambiguous. :p That's a nicer way to put it then saying he's going to be one nasty bastard!

    Well, since it was at out camp site, Morrigan wasn't involved with the conversation. It was just Alistair bitching at me until I was able to persuade him to calm down.

    I left off tonight in the elven woods dealing with those werewolves. Jeez, did you get to that tombstone in those woods with some runes(or something)on them? Touching those runes was like INSTANT death!

  11. Ah, ya got Shale, Leilani and Zeveran. What'd you do with that big stoic gut that was in the cage? Shen I believe his is his name.

    LMAO. I did the same thing like an idiot. He said be quiet and I was STILL dumb enough to do it. You're worse though because I warned you :P lol.

    Yeah but nasty bardtard just sounds more awesome. "There's that morally ambiguous Mage, he's one nasty Bastard!"

    Ah, yeah I remember he was super happy with me so I figured he had to be pissed with you. At least ya didn't just kill the kid.

    Man you're getting far quick. I don't remember those runes, what happened? Just you die soon as you touch them?

  12. Oh yeah, him... I forgot all about that dude! Since that was around the beginning of the game, I spoke to him a little bit, then wandered away, doing something else! Whoops!

    Well, in all fairness, I rang the gong BEFORE I read your comment, but still, it was a damn dumb thing to do!

    "There's that morally ambiguous Mage, he's one nasty Bastard!" Ha!!! I cracked up after reading that! The fact that you worked morally ambiguous AND nasty bastard into a sentence gives you like, 5,000 awesomeness points!

    My morally ambiguous, nasty bastard of a mage probably will wind up killing the kid!

    Ah no, but before I get to those tombstones, I'll fill ya in on where I'm at. I just finished up the whole elf/werewolf situation by siding with the hot tree chick(who reminded me of Poison Ivy btw)and the wolves against the head elf. In the end, I convinced the elf to do the right thing, and it was all good. Well except for the head elf, but what do you want from me?!? Yeah, now back to those tombstones... In the wolves ruins, there's something called the Juggernaut's helmet(I think it was the helmet). You have to do all sorts of stuff at an alter with a pitcher of water to open up the room to get the helmet. Anyway, back in the woods, there are three tombstones if you touch them, you'll summon their protectors, and if you defeat the protectors of the tombstones, you get the other three pieces of Juggernaut armor. But to do that you have to face a variety of skeletal archers, mages, swordsmen and leading them all, a Reverant(the big skeleton with the sword and shield)that guy is a pain in the ass! He has that one magic move where he can knock you down and pull you over to him, and when you're an archer, that's like THE worst thing that can happen! However, by the last one, I had it down to a science, and not ONE member of my party died in the fight, which left me VERY impressed with myself! :-)

  13. Lmao @ you just leaving him. I finised Awakenings and went back to my second game of Origins and I freed him, and was about to go get Shale then head to Redcliff or go do the Elves thing first since my second dude is an Elf named Ollie with a dog named Speedy lol.

    Ah I thought you rang it anyway after reading, I was gonna say :P And yeah, i saw the dragon and heard Alistair and I was still dumb enough to ring it...

    Man, awesome points, the best quote ever, I'm having one hell of a night. Someone call Falisha and Morrigan, time to return to my chambers for a night or relaxation. :P

    I was just thinking, I've made my Elf dude kinda middle roads instead of being a full asshole but I may still your Morally Ambiguous Mage idea and make my Mage the world's biggest jerk ever. Sue me :P

    Yeah that hot tree chick was hot. So wait, do you have Elves helping you or werewolves? Because in mine the Werewolves turned back Human.

    AHHHH! Got ya, I'd completely forgotten about that. I owned those dudes but It's easier as a warrior than it is as a rogue I'm sure. Only thing is now I'm used to owning people at level 30 on Awakenings and I'm back to a lowly level 7 on Origins.

  14. Ollie and Speedy, hm. Interesting... I wonder what kind of weaponary Ollie fights with? :-)

    "I was just thinking, I've made my Elf dude kinda middle roads instead of being a full asshole but I may still your Morally Ambiguous Mage idea and make my Mage the world's biggest jerk ever. Sue me" Gah, damn you JT!!! *shakes fist angrily* Yeah, I don't blame you, Morally ambiguous, asshole, nasty bastard mage just has an awesome ring to it! :p

    Yeah, the werewolves were turned back human, but I fought against the elf guy and his damn fighting trees instead of against the tree chick and the werewolves.

    Yeah, it sucks standing at a distance in light armor slowly plugging away with a bow... The life of an archer is a tough one!

    OK, quick question, what's Awakenings like/all about? I mean, is it a whole new game? Do I keep the party I have, or do I begin all over again? I read a review about it, but I still have a few questions.

  15. Lol he varies between a Sword, a Broadsword and a Bow. Should've named him Roy :P

    Doesn't it? I may just go ahead and name my morally ambiguous Bastard Mage Luthor... or Deathstroke.

    Ah, If I recall I did the same thing. Damn big trees.. This isn't Lord of The Rings.

    Man, I changed my team around today, I got Morrigan who I've slept with like 6, as well as Leiliana and Shale is in my team now.

    Basically you import your dude, takes place after Origins. It's about... 25 hours or so, along with the replay value. You meet new party members, your other people may make an appearance but only one is a party member that time around. It takes place in Orlais I believe or somewhere thats not Ferelden. Anymore questions?

  16. Ha, calling him Roy prob would have fit better!

    Hmm, I don't know if I see Lex as a mage... I see him more as... I don't know, maybe a rogue in massive armor or something, and Deathstroke would DEF be a warrior, no?

    Nah, my party is Alistair, Morrigan and Leiliana. The first two have been with me since the beginning, but that last spot has changed up A LOT. I finally settled with Leiliana because she's good with a bow(like me!), plus I'm trying to get it on with her, so I figure keeping her close couldn't hurt! :p

    Well, I brought Awakenings and the Feasterday combo package as well, so I now officially have brought every single piece of dlc this game had to offer! I guess since it takes place after the base game, I won't start it until I beat the game. I'm currently trapped in the Mage's Tower with that DAMNED Sloth Demon... It has me running frigging mazes in the fade, and I'm sorry, but that whole thing is SUCH a waste of time! I hate having to waste time switching from a mouse, to a frigging spirit to everything else... Gah, it's so frustrating, because I fully expected to defeat the Mage's Tower in plenty of time today, but nope, I'm running a damn maze instead...

  17. Shhh don't tell anyone :P

    Good points, well how about Black Adam? Or um... something. I need your HELP X!!!!

    That was my default party for the ENTIRE game my first time around, this time I kept Morrigan cause I need a mage, Leiliana cause I need someone to pick locks, and took Alistair out cause Im a jerk and don't want him losing respect for me. For the record, I got with Leiliana the first time around too lol.

    Check you out dude, I;m sure you'll enjoy it, I really really liked Awakening, almost as much as Origins. Also rumor is Dragon Age 2 drops I believe Feb. 2011.

    Yeah that confused me first and it is annoyed, I'll save that for last cause I'm not looking forward to it at ALL. I'll definitely agree with you there.

    Also why was the word I had to type in to post, dograt.

  18. Oh man, Black Adam is an easy one! I could see him as a warrior, just rampaging through hordes of darkspawn with some big-ass two handed weapon!

    Bizarrely, after I spent so much time trying to score with Leiliana, I wound up getting Morrigan to join me in my tent! I did the Morrigan quest(which was as hard as you had warned me it would be, although I did manage to not die once!), and she was pretty sweet on me after that, so I broke it off with Leiliana(I just couldn't get in her pants!), and wound up making out with Morrigan, and before I knew it, we were getting busy in her tent. Now the problem is, she absolutely REFUSES to do it again! I don't know what the hell that girl's problem is!

    Woo-hoo, I'll be eagerly anticipating Feb. 2011!

    I was SO happy when I finished the Mage quest, and I'm currently working my way through the dwarf storyline. I'm pretty close to getting that one Dwarf elected king(or whatever the hell is going on!), and I think after that I should have gotten all of my Grey Warden treaties agreed to. I will say one thing about that damn annoying Sloth Demon/Fade world, there were really a lot of places/artifacts that would give you a bonus to one of your attributes. I guess that was the game designers way of apoligizing for that annoying world!

  19. Well he uses magic. I don't wanna use a cop out like Dr. Fate. I guess I could use Sinestro.

    Lol what'd you do?! I got her to do it like six times, and now when I talk to her she even giggles. "Hi Morrigan" "Tee hee hee..."

    Right dude? I can't freaking wait for more DLC, more Expansions hopefully and Dragon Age 2!

    Lol yeah, they have some of those things in Awakening's too. Sounds like we went the same order, except I did Mage, Elves then Dwarves but I'll probably go Elves, Dwarves, Mage this time, mainly because my dude is an elf.

  20. Yeah, but does he really USE magic? You know, shoot lightning and stuff like that. Yeah, I could see Sinestro, depending on which spells you teach him. What about Supes and the rest of the S family? They can shoot ice, fire, etc. And of course, if all else fails, just use Damian, because God knows, he can do anything!

    I don't know! I think I may have pushed too hard too fast... After the first time, we talked some more, she gave me her ring, I asked to go back to the tent and she was like, "No." Now everytime I approach her and ask her to go to the tent, she tells me, "I already told you, NO!" and that's that... I mean, she'll still kiss me and stuff, but she just WILL NOT go any further...

    Jeez, I'll NEVER save the Dwarves for last EVER again!!! That last battle, with that crazy Dwarf broad and her Golems was just UN-fricking-BEATABLE! I literally spent over a half an hour fighting her, and she just kept stomping my ass! I finally put the game on casual to beat her... It SUCKED that you had to get stuck with that lousy Dwarf in your party. Having him onboard totally threw off all of my strategies. Seriously, that Dwarf woman is WAAAAAY overpowered by the time you reach like level 18/19. She was constantly knocking me down, then she'd launch into an attack where she'd hit me 3-5 straight times for 45+ damage! Then to top it all off, when she's down to about 1/3 of her life, she summons a bunch of clones of herself to fight/misdirect you!!! What the hell is THAT all about?!? Grrr, I just want to forget all about those damned Dwarves. It's funny, after I FINALLY got out of the Dwarf mines, I would say the nastiest things to the Dwarves I'd see on the street, because I just couldn't stand those little bastards anymore!

    I think when I do my morally ambiguous mage story, I'll go Dwarf, mage and then the elves. Oh, after the headache with the dwarfs, I went back to the gong, rang it and managed to defeat the high dragon! See, when I can pick my team, it's all good! That thing had a lot of decent stuff inside of it.

  21. Lol but doesn't Sinestro sound like a Mage name? I think I may use a woman, that way I can get the trophy for the Alistair romance...

    Lol when I ask her the option "Get in that tent woman" appears and that always works for me. Um... she also gave me that ring. Did you try to push her into something more? Because I think she just wants to have sex and not date, yet she complains if you try to sex someone else up.

    Lol I actually beat that in one try. Lol at you being rude to Dwarves. Also... you'd better get used to Oghren because he's the one party member that comes back in I HATE that dude, first chance I got I switched his tiny ass out. Oh, also, maybe it's just me because I hate bugs like centipedes and stuff, but those big ass Spiders give me chills. Lol

    Ooh, did you get anything sweet for beating the High Dragon?

  22. Sinestro really DOES sound like a mage name, doesn't it. As for a female mage, what about Zatanna? If Paul Dini was playing, you KNOW that's who he'd choose! :p If not her, then what about... um, Sinestra? I can't really see Z acting all bitchy though. You'd have to think she'd be more on the heroic side.

    Ha, no I don't get that option, I get something like, "Do you want to go into my tent". I did try to establish a relationship with her though... I'm gonna guess that's what has her so weird with me. As a matter of fact, whenever I try to talk about us, she practically BEGS me to break up with her! Damn is she crazy!

    DAMMIT! I hate that damned Dwarf!!! Dude, I HATE spiders! I always did, growing up, I lived in some pretty crappy places until my old man got his job, so I grew up around bugs and stuff. Spiders always creep me out the most though, even to this day. Whenever I see one, I'll literally freeze before I go after it!

    Yeah, the main thing was the Dragon Scale, which you can bring to Wade and he'll craft you whatever kind of armor you want from it(medium, heavy or massive). Being an archer, I chose medium, but then I remembered that since I'm a master archer I can wear heavy armor and suffer no penalty to my shooting... Whoops! Besides that there was just a mess of stuff... Like 5 different pieces of massive armor(but weak stuff from like tier 3)two enchanted weapons(a dagger and a two handed axe)and a few enchanted pieces of equipment, including a helmet that gives an extra 5% chance for a critical ranged attack, which is great for me, since I am an archer. There was also a pretty powerful fire rune in there as well. Plus some money I think. Yeah, it was def worth the battle!

  23. You're a genius for using the o to a for males and females, Sinestra is perfect. Thank you sir X.

    Man sounds like you should've stuck with Leiliana. Lol oh, what did you do when Zevran started hitting on you?

    Man I'm glad you get me. I HATE bugs, especially spiders so those big huge ones were like torture to me, I hated going into those caves and you hear that loud screech before they drop from the ceiling.

    Damn man, you're gonna make me wanna fight that dragon. So was that dragon harder than fighting Flemeth for you or about the same?

  24. I'm a genius for simply changing an o to an a? Eh, whatever, I'll take it! So now I'm the esteemed King of Comics AND a genius... Sweet!

    Well, I didn't lead him on or anything. I let him know right from the start that I wasn't interested. Now when I get to my morally ambiguous mage, things might turn out differently! Speaking of Zevran, that bastard turned on me today! Some of his old Crow buddies tried to jump me in an alley and he popped in and rejoined them! Needless to say he was killed, but still, I was pretty surprised(and a bit pissed!)about that! I def didn't see that coming, I guess I should have used him more!

    Ha, you know, sometimes when Leiliana would summon her spider(I made her into a ranger), I'd actually jump, because I thought it was an enemy spider suddenly coming down to attack me! You'd be surprised(and prob disappointed!)at how many times that damn spider would trick me! So yeah, the spiders are bad, but JT, I think I may hate the Shrieks the most! First off, they'll just pop up on ya, usually in a big group, and secondly, I HATE that awful scream they're constantly letting out! Once when I was in the Deep Roads, like 6-8 of them must have popped up at once and just swarmed my party, cutting us to shreds and screaming like banshees the whole time! It was at that moment I decided that I hated them...

    Honestly, I think that Flemeth was the tougher battle, even though she seemed to die faster. Let me explain that a little better. My party had three ranged fighters(me, Leiliana and Morrigan)when we went after the High Dragon, and Alistair as the warrior. So the only guy who'd ever really get close to the High Dragon was Alistair(and Leiliana's spider), so I just kept making sure either Morrigan or myself would keep Alistair alive(since he's my big hitter)while the rest of us kept running away from the Dragon when it would take flight. It continuously flies between two points, so as long as I stayed out of its landing space, it was all good. Flemeth on the other hand never moved from her spot, so she could easily pick a target and keep wailing away at it until it was dead. See, with the High Dragon, most of my party was never in range for it's deadliest attack(the flame breath), but with Flemeth, since her world was so small, she could hit any of us when ever she wanted. Man did I just say a mouthful there or what! So yeah, the bottom line was the High Dragon was a bit easier, but only because of the way my party was built.

    So have you done the Unbound side quest in Denerim? There's this demon there, Gaxkang, who just completely kicked my ass from one side of the room to the other! I was like, "Wha-huh?!?!"! Wooo, that damn thing was a menace. I'm actually tempted to skip him altogether, although I did want to complete every quest...

  25. Man, you're getting alot of nicknames, you're like Triple H again.

    Yeah I did the same thing, but I'm gonna make my Mage a woman, and he's Bi so I'll try to get him and Alistair in the same game. Man...that SOB turned on me too and that pissed me off cause I found the boots his punk ass wanted and he STILL turned on me. I started to kill him when I saw him yesterday in my new game lol.

    Lol in awakenings I made someone a ranger but they never summoned anything. Same thing for Morrigan, she never shapeshifts unless I become her and manually do it, which is funny because everyone in my crew died but her, I turned her into a spider and killed all the enemies. And X I TOTALLY agree, they just APPEAR then they scream so freaking loud and annoying it drives me crazy. Between their screeching, the Spiders freaky sound and the annoying Drakelings chirping I go crazy in the deep roads.

    See for mine, with me as a Warrior, with Alistair and Leiliana as Warriors too, because I had her using a sword and a shield, and Wynne as the Mage Flemeth whooped my ass like five times, then I had Alistair lay traps under her whenever she jumped so she'd land in them, then I pummeled her with my greatsword and finally got a win.

    Hm... i don't recall, can you gimme some more info on it?

  26. "Man, you're getting alot of nicknames, you're like Triple H again." HA! That line gave me one of theose literal lol moments. I'm prob still about 3 or 4 nicknames off before I reach the lofty status of Trips!

    Really, so he turned on you too? What a jerk! It's weird, because although he was never a part of my party(I think he only had 3 kills), I'd always give him gifts he wants, like some leather gloves I found, and he was more or less on my good side... Although he pissed me off by betraying me, I don't think I'll kill him the next time around, since on my next playthrough I'm gonna be morally ambiguous(there's that word again!), and as such, I'm prob going to have a darker team. I'm thinking me, Morrigan, Zevran(as the rogue)and maybe Shale.

    Ah, well in the tactics screen, I have it so that once Leiliana sees the nearest visible enemy, she'll summon her spider, and I don't have her deactivate it, so although it's a hit to her stamina, it gives us a 5th party member. As for Morrigan, I like her using spells more, so I've never even bothered to see what her shapeshifting is like. Today was the first day I actually played around with the tactics, and it def made my team a better unit. Usually I'd have the brunt of the enemies coming after me(which sucks as an archer), so I now have Alistair and Shale(or Leiliana)attack any enemy that targets me, or after that, that I target. My next playthrough, I'm going to be ALL over those different tactics! Yeah, the Drakelings are def annoying, but at least they're easy to kill!

    I had the EXACT same team when I took on Flemeth, except me and Leiliana were rogues with bows, while Wynne was healing support and Alistair was the poor sap who actually approached her. That battle was the first time I realized how awesome the ranger could be, because Leiliana summoned a bear, and it did an awesome job distracting Flemeth from Alistair and the rest of us. By the time she killed it, the rest of us had taken a major chunk of damage from her, and Leiliana was ready to summon a wolf, so yeah, that summoning was the main reason I was able to take Flemeth.

    Hmm, I'll see what I can do. I know the quest was called Unbound, and it dealt with adventurers going after some demon named Gaxkang, but vanishing after they recieved word. So ultimately I trace the guy giving the adventurers the info to a small house in Denerim(in one of the back streets), and he turns out to be a shapeshifting demon who lures people in and then kills 'em. The main problem with him is that he has two forms, a mage form(which tears up my warriors/rogues)and he can also turn into a Revenant(which hacks up Morrigan)... Plus in his Reverant form, he's practically UN-hittable! I mean, I had Alistair swinging at him like 10 times, and I was lucky if he hit Gaxking 1 time! Ugh, it was terrible!

  27. Lol glad I could bring laughter you your life, Triple X, the 13 time comic blog champ. :P

    You probably had to bang him to get him to not turn on you, it wouldn't surprise me. Hm... sounds like a nice team, I'd say Sten is darker than Shale morally but still a nicely done team.

    Hm..I never play with the tactics but I will now, sounds like it really helps. Plus I mlike the idea of having an unofficial fifth party member. And yeah those Drakelings, my sword goes through them like butter.

    Damn, I'm gonna make her a Ranger then because that's pretty awesome, I haven't fought Flemeth yet this time around. None of my party has even mentioned any of their missions yet except Sten...which is weird since their all at 100 do to the Feastday stuff. Maybe I need to do more of the main storyline. this in the back of Denerim with the Elves? If so I think I know what you're talking about but by the time I got there I was so powerful it wasn't even a real fight, I just destroyed him.

  28. Just 13 times? Huh, I figured Trips would be approaching 20 by now!

    It be funny if you did bang him and he turns on you anyway! Oh DAMMIT, I KEEP forgetting about Sten! So long as he's a powerhouse, he'll be my forth.

    Yeah dude, seriously, I JUST started fooling around with the tactics today, and you can get your party to do some decent things. The Nearest visible enemy->activate summon spider/bear/wolf is a really awesome tactic to have. You can also have Morrigan(or Wynne)cast healing spells on allies depending on when their health goes below a certain level, as well as have certain party members assigned to protecting weaker ones. Hell, you can even have then switch weapon sets depending on what kind of enemy they're facing. Since I hate facing mages, I have tactics that make eradicating mages the first priority. Morrigan casts her blizzard spell at them right away, and then everybody else eliminates the mage before they can cast one damn spell, ignoring everybody else in the room 'til the mage is dead. Like I said, my next playthrough(which I'm guessing is prob going to be REALLY soon, I've killed Howe, and am just about ready for the Landmeet). I kind of wonder if you could have like three rogues in your party, and have them all cast summon spells... Then you'd have 7 members of your party! If Zevran wasn't dead, I'd have tried that with him... Oh well, too late now!

    Nah, it doesn't take place in the Alienage, if that's what you mean. It's just this small house in the back streets that you can enter after finding enough hints about the quest, where this frigging beast is waiting.

    So you've beat the game, and I'm guessing you beat Awakenings as well, right? So is this the first time you're playing through the main game again, and how far along are you? As for me, I should probably hit the hay... School tomorrow, and I've been avoiding going to sleep now for like the past hour and a half! *sigh* School is going to cut into my playing time dammit!

  29. Lol Cena and Edge are both at 9 already...

    Yeah, he has a gift you can buy him and if you use it in combat it raises dead party members... pretty awesome.

    Damn dude that's so awesome. Learn something new every time I play now. And yeah you're close to the ending, then you can do awakenings though.

    Hm... i don't think I fought it then but now I really really want to.

    I was gonna say I'm shocked you're still up! I've done the return to Ostagar, gotten Shale, gotten Sten, got Zevran um.. Killed Arl Howe's wife to save the kid, I still gotta go to the elves, magi and Dwarves and get the ashes. I've been doing everything else first, including EVERYTHING in Denerim. Including LeiLiana's Marjorie mission.

  30. Jeez, that sounds like the ultimate item! I sure as hell could use that!

    Oh man, you still have a ways to go yet... That Dwarf stuff alone will prob take you a huge amount of time! As for me, I'm ALMOST done. I left off tonight at Fort Drakon, with the archdemon waiting for me on the roof. I get out of school late-ish tomorrow, but once I get home, I anticipate beating the game. I do have one thing to say though... DAMN was it hard to get into that Fort!!! I mean, jeez! A dragon, a bunch of archers, a Genlock Alpha archer and TWO Genlock Emissary's?!? That was just frigging insane! I have enough trouble with ONE Genlock Emissary, but TWO??? That was just wicked! I think when I do beat the game, I'll probably start up my morally ambiguous mage story before I delve into Awakenings.

  31. Yeah I've been dreading the missions cause they take so long, and today I had a headache and didn't even play!

    Man...wait til you take on the Arch-Demon. All my teammates died and I had to fight that thing BY MYSELF!!!

    Also what'd you do with Loghain, and who's king/queen, and morrigan's offer?

  32. Ah yeah, a headache is a surefire way to prevent you from playing a game like this, where you actually need to concentrate.

    I'm seriously NOT looking forward to taking on that big ol' bastard... Not only because I'm sure that battle is going to be BRUTAL, but because I'll be sad to see the game end.

    Let's see, Alistair killed Loghain's ass, I didn't even have a choice in the matter, he just lopped off the guy's head off! Alistair is the king(and was PISSED at me about it!)and Queen whatever the hell her name is was put in the tower dungeon, and although I was REALLY tempted, I didn't go along with Morrigan's offer, which caused her to take off and leave the team, which sucked big time, since she was like one of my key party members... So where did we differ, if anywhere?

  33. Right? I've had one ALL day, but I still blogged because I said I would lol.

    Aww well at least you can play Awakenings. Then bam, Morally Ambiguous Mage.

    I got Alistair and the Queen to Marry each other, and they were both cool with it. I killed Loghain myself so Alistair wouldn't because I figured that chick wouldn't marry him if he did it. And I banged Morrigan because I didn't wanna die. And Leiliana was none the wiser bwahahaha.

  34. Now that's dedication!

    Nah, I wasn't letting the queen keep her spot, especially since she got me captured AND she rejoined her father at the Landsmeet, so yeah, she went to the dungeon! As for Loghain, Alistair was my big hitter(I didn't think me as an archer would have did much damage to a dude with a big sword in a one-on-one fight), so I chose him to take the fight, and after he won, he chopped off Loghain's head himself, without me even saying anything! So you slept with Morrigan, and possibly created a darkspawn baby because you didn't want to die?!? How very UNheroic of you! :P

    As for me, I finished up the game earlier today, and I have to say, the ending def touched me. First off, that last fight was a BITCH! It was all going fine until the Archdemon loses about half its life, and then a non-stop stream of enemies begin to wade out! And not just grunts, but frigging Alphas and Shrieks! If it wasn't for those giant crossbow things(plus the fact that I had almost 70 health potions!), I don't think I would have won. So the Archdemon falls, and Alistair offers like two or three times to take my spot and slay it himself, but me, like a true hero, unlike SOMEBODY *ahem* did the deed myself. Even though he was whiny and annoying at times, I couldn't have Alistair give his life, especially when he was telling me about how awesome a friend I was to him... So yeah, I bit the bullet for him. I liked the ending and how it gave a glimpse into each of the characters after the final battle. That was a nice touch.

    So with the game over, and since I didn't feel like playing as the same character still, I decided to start up my eagerly anticipated morally ambiguous mage story! I'm already having a blast with it, it's so nice acting like a dick to everybody after I went out of my way to always do the right thing during my last playthrough. For example, the last playthrough I'd never accept a reward for doing a good deed, this time around, if somebody doesn't offer me something, screw 'em! I ended the night having just completed the human mage origin story and heading off with Duncan.

  35. Lol well thanks, now if only I posted Daily like SOME people :D

    Damn she's out cold lol. That didn't happen to me, btw I heard turning yourself in to those people leads to one of the funniest convos in the game.

    Lol if I'm alive I'll still be here to kill it won't I?! Lol don't judge me, even Superman makes mistakes lol.
    Awwww that's so amazingly awesome. Damn I didn't know that was gonna happen. I'll tell you this much. LOGHAIN will be killing that thing for me this time around lol. I bet you that much. But yeah, that's epic. And how are you gonna do Awakenings, did your dude die?

    Lol I started this as an ass but couldn't handle being mean so I made it more middle of the road, but my lst one I'm gonna be a royal bitch (since she's a female) And I won't bang Morrigan for obvious reasons lol.

  36. Man, I wish you would post daily. Although since we're always going on about something, it's almost like you do!

    Yeah, but come on, would you really want to kill your own possessed baby? Plus Morrigan said you'd never see her again, so good luck finding her!

    Wait, Loghain? He's not a Grey Warden, so would he even be able to kill the Archdemon? And yup, my guy died... I got a nice speech from King Alistair, but yeah, I was def dead. As for Awakenings, after the credits roll, when I hit resume, it took me to some place outside of my camp and told me I could keep on playing with add-on content, but that for the sake of continuity, all of the new stuff would take place BEFORE the final battle, so my guy would still be alive.

    No man, so far I'm enjoying being an ass, big time! Especially with those mages in the Tower. They deserve it! Maybe as time goes on I'll soften a bit, but so far, I'm having a blast being a jerk! All I know is that I REALLY want my guy to be a Blood Mage... Then I can really stick it to the Circle!

  37. True, i just feel like I'd run outta stuff to talk about, I've thought about it though. Especially since you manage to even with school.

    Lol if it's taking over the world I gotta. All i know is this, I wasn't gonna go into that fight without Morrison, and if I had to give her a kid to do so, and save my life and everything then that's what I was gonna do. I helped keep the WORLD safe by doing Morrigan and the world will thank me. :P

    Ah, see Alistair killed him before you got a chance. You could make him join the Wardens as punishment, that way if he can kill the Archdemon and die. But if you do have him join Alistair gets pissed and threatens to leave your group.

    Ah weird. After I stayed alive I was reunited with my Brother, went on with Leiliana and such or so it said in my end credits thing.

    Lol check you out, can't wait til you meet Alistair the almost former Templar :P As well as what happens when you meet Morrigan seeing as how your dude is an ass.

  38. I guess if you really wanted to post something everyday(and trust me, it's a chore sometimes!)you could stagger your comic reviews instead of just posting 'em all in one big post. But like I said, there are times(like this time of year, when my schoolwork is starting to pile up)when posting everyday can be tiring!

    Ahhh, see now I get it! You knew going into the final battle that if you didn't sleep with Morrigan she'd leave your party! See, I didn't know that, which like I said before, really sucked because I'd worked so long to build her up!

    You know, I don't know if I'd ever want Loghain to join the Wardens and fight by my side, because he'd still come out looking like a hero, which I'd hate to see happen... The dude let the king die, poisoned that guy from Redcliffe and was just an all around scumbag. I don't want him sharing in MY glory!

    Yeah, my brother turned up at my funeral, but obviously we weren't reunited...

    You know what? I can totally understand what you were saying about how hard it is to be evil(or morally ambiguous in my case)in this game... I mean, it's one thing to be an ass when talking to people, but it's another when you're so evil that you just allow other people to die... For example, I played all the way through to when you arrive in Redcliffe the first time and get introduced to that guy who asks for you to help him against the demons that come out of Redcliffe Castle every night. So after MUCH consideration, I decided I'd make the ULTIMATE jerk move and refuse to help the village out. So he asks like 2 or 3 times if I'd reconsider, and it was SO hard to continue to tell him that I wouldn't risk my own life to help his town. So he tells me to leave town, and everybody in town was pretty pissed at me(and rightfully so!). Eventually I make it to the exit of the map and the guy from the very beginning of that town(the one who introduces you to the leader), I think his name was Tomas or something, practically BEGS me to remain in town to help, because he knows he'll be killed if I didn't... I wanted to stay and help SO bad, but I decided to leave anyway, and the ENTIRE town winds up getting wiped out... Man did I feel horrible after that, but that deed made me decide that instead of being morally ambiguous, like I planned, I'd go all the way and be pure fricking evil. The funniest thing though is that Morrigan has already slept with me! She REALLY likes all of the terrible things I've done. That makes me like her EVEN more! Damn is she an awesome character!

  39. Yeah, plus I like to read and review everything at once, I doubt I could wait to read them like you do lol.

    Well she told you. Lol She was like if you don't sleep with me I'll leave right now before the battle. You must've been staring at her um... spell books lol.

    Exactly what Alistair said. But if it's his punishment to do it, I mean he could die during the joining and even if he lives he has to fight the Archdemon and take the kill so either way the dude's gonna die. But I see your point.

    Lol that sucks. His whole family died the day after he left then he can't even reunite with his baby bro.

    Lmao I know that's what did me in. I was an ass up to that point and I was just I GOTTA help. So I did, but next playthrough I'm gonna be soooo damn heartless lol. Lol @ Morrigan already sleeping with you, you're barely in the game and she's already banging your lights out. I love that character, everything about her, her voice actor, her twisted morals lol.

    So few quick questions, when you and Alistair got arrested, who saved you or did you break out? Also which Dwarves did you side with? And um... other random stuff you wanna answer? lol

  40. Well, the one good thing the blog does is it keeps me from reading like 20 comics every night! If I wasn't blogging all the time, I think I could easily blow through most of my new comics in like a night or 2!

    Yeah, but I didn't believe her! I figured she'd leave AFTER the battle!

    Huh, me and Alistair are on the same wave length... I... I don't know how I feel about that... Even still, I stick by my original commentand say that I'd never want that rat-bastard sharing in the glory, even in death!

    HA, no kidding?! You don't know how HARD it was for me to turn my back on Redcliffe, I can totally see why you helped them out. I felt HORRIBLE leaving them to fend for themselves, but I just kept saying to myself, "All you care about is yourself..." But MAN did I want to help. I think now that that decision is out of the way it'll be a lot easier to be bad, because once you allow an entire town of men, women and children to be slaughtered, how much lower can you get? I'm almost Loghain evil now! I still haven't been back to camp since my actions in Redcliffe, I'm DYING to see what Alistair says to me about my actions, because my team consists of Morrigan, Sten & Leiliana(only because I haven't run into Zevran yet). And yes, Morrigan thought I made the right decision, while Leiliana was HORRIFIED that I wouldn't help. Yeah, Morrigan may be my fav character. I always find myself chuckling when she interacts with the other characters, especially when she's talking with Alistair.

    Ooo, some questions! We broke out, even though Morrigan said she could locate us with the ring she gave me. But since I couldn't see my Hawkeye-ish character sitting in a cell awaiting rescue. I had to side with Harrowmont, because after the price kills that guard, I sure as hell couldn't side with him. This playthorough, I'll def be going the other way. Umm, what else... I made the elder elf see the error of his ways, I sided with that giant Golem over that crazy dwarf woman, I also allowed demanded that Jowan go free after he helped free that possessed kid in Redcliffe castle. I can't wait to see Jowan this playthrough because we were pretty tight during my evil bastard mage origin story.

  41. Lol good point, that's partly due to a ton of comics as shown by when I didn't have my computer :P

    Lol she was pissed. So I know something you don't know,so you planning on giving her the kid this time?

    Lol I think I'd be your Alistair as he's always joking around and kinda the jokester of the crew like me. Ooh, compare your commenters to people on Dragon Age! Lol

    Oh man you GOTTA let me know what Alistair says about that, I know he's gonna be disgusted. So how did Sten feel about it when you did that? Also I LOVE Morrigan and Alistair's convo's. Especially when you're sleeping with her or you kiss in front of him, it's hilarious.

    Ooh Jowan is in the Mage story? Freaking SWEET! That hypes me even more. And we made alot of the same decisions. So you think you can side with the evil do-er's? Can you really live with that? :P

  42. Yeah, this playthrough I'm def going to sleep with Morrigan. As the rat-bastard mage, there's NO way I'd risk my own life even to stop the Blight. Plus that would mean that if we did have some super-powerful, evil offspring, I could use it to my own evil means. ;-)

    Well, you'd def be my Alistair, even though you're not NEARLY whiny enough! Alistair does like to complain more then you do. As for everybody else, that's kind of a tough one... Although I kind of know my main commentors, I don't think I know 'em well enough to give 'em roles...

    Well, I actually didn't return to camp until after I completed the Redcliffe Castle storyline, so when I got back, Alistair talked to me about my horrendous actions there... And you know what? I was right, after I allowed the people of Redcliffe to die, it def became WAY easier to be a real horrible person. For example, during the Redcliffe Castle storyline, I decided the best way to end the problem would be to kill Connor, the kid. So his mother kept begging me not to, crying, etc, but being the evil rat-bastard mage that I am, I ignored her and hunted the kid down, forcing a confrontantion with the desire demon that was residing in Connor. So I defeat the demon and it transforms back into an unconscious Connor. At this point, Connor's mother runs into the room, hugs the unconscious kid and begs me to leave Connor alone and to not kill him. Being the horror that I am now, I slapped her in the face, knocking her out and then cut the kid's throat! Once I did that, I knew that I was fully PURE evil, and that there was nothing in this game that I wouldn't do... For the record, Sten thought I did the right thing and gave me a +7 or so, while Leiliana was horrified by what I did and gave me a -5 or so. Anyway, I went back to camp and was met right away by a FURIOUS Alistair! I mean, he was SO pissed about me killing that kid that I thought he was going to hit me! So I acted like a dick to him throughout the entire conversation(if I was him, I would have punched my frigging lights out, especially with the stuff I was saying to him!), and by the time we were finished talking, I think he gave me a -38(!!!)or so!

    Yeah, Jowan is a pretty large part of the mage storyline too. I thought you were playing as an elf mage this playthrough, I guess not? Oh, being the horror that I am, I executed Jowan at Redcliffe as well!

    You know, like I said earlier, it KILLED me to allow the people of Redcliffe to be slaughtered, especially when that guy begged me for help right before I left town. But once I did that, it was like the floodgates opened up and now, I think I'm capable of anything, as I saw in that Redcliffe Castle storyline. If I could knock out a crying mother and kill her son, then yeah, I think I'm fully devoted to the darkside now. All I care about is myself and my own well being, and maker help anybody who gets in my way! Anyway, when I want to go back to being a good guy again, I can start up Awakenings!

  43. Lol and are you also not gonna kill Flemeth then? Because that's a hell of a fight to skip :D

    Lol yeah he does, but I'm happy with being Alistair. That's all I wanted to hear so that's all that matters ;)

    LMAO. Epic. So you didn't have to kill the kid but you did anyway? So awesome. Man.. I felt bad after killing the kids mom but My evil female Mage is definitely gonna kill him. You're making me wanna go start my evil Mage thing now.

    Nah I'm an Elf Warrior. I wanted to play something I was used to instead of fighting as a Rogue but eventually I'll do a Rogue, probably a Dwarf Rogue if I can or a City Elf Rogue. My current dude is a Dalish Elf. Damn man you are heartless haha, what'd he say?

    Lol that's wild. My thing is this, Awakening takes place after the Blight has ended in Ferelden, so I'm confused as to why your guy would even be there if he's "dead." They even mention it taking place after the Archdemon was killed.

  44. I honestly don't know about the Flemeth fight yet... On one hand I could just take Flemeth's book and lie to Morrigan(I think that's an option), but on the other hand, I'm such a terrible person, I may just kill her for the hell of it!

    In a perverse sort of way, I'm enjoying being an evil rat-bastard mage now. I just walk around threatening everybody and demanding a reward for any action I take. People always respond to me with such shock when we're talking, as opposed to being so happy with me like during my last playthrough. Plus using magic is pretty fun. I LOVE that fireball that knocks down everybody in an area and gives out flame damage... I say go for it, be an evil mage! Join me on the dark side! BWA-HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

    You know, that's weird. Before I started my mage story up, I checked with Awakenings just to see if I could use my other guy since he died at the end of the main game, and it was going to allow me to import him into Awakenings... So I really don't know how my death is going to be explained away... Maybe if I have some extra time tomorrow I'll at least start Awakenings just to see where the story starts off/goes.

  45. Yeah you can lie. Speaking of which I was pissed when Morrigan said I could have anything in her hut and there was NOTHING there of value at all. Man I hated that.

    You're so Darth Vader. Come to the Dark side JT. Alright it's settled, tomorrow I start my evil female mage named Sinestra! Bwahahahahaha. Oh yes, there will be evil afoot.

    Okay, quick question, what's your evil bastard Mage gonna do when you get around Loghain?

    Weird. Make sure you let me know because that's really odd, I'd love to know how they explain it, especially when you run into some other people who make guest appearances.

  46. Ha, yeah, that hut had like Flemeth's book, and NOTHING else!

    Ah excellent... Yet another one has joined me on the dark side! Now let's see if you can stick it out and remain PURE evil throughout... I have my doubts.

    What else, I'm gonna kill his ass dead! Well, unless he makes me an offer I can't refuse... Man, I just kill EVERYBODY! And the people I don't kill I act like a total ass to. People must be thinking to themselves, "These Grey Wardens are some real jackasses!" I can proudly say that I have single handedly destroyed the Grey Warden's reputation!

    Damn, I totally forgot to fire Awakenings up today. As for tomorrow I might be too busy to start Awakenings, so I may have to wait until Sunday to see what happens there.

  47. Dude, I felt so swindled. She said it like there was tons of Sovereigns in there or something. Damn witches.

    Hm... so would an evil Mage be more of a Yellow Lantern or a Red Lantern?

    Lol you're Sinestro now. You probably think you're the greatest Gray Warden of all time too like him don't ya? Keeping em safe with fear eh Nekon? Lol

    Busy eh? May I ask your plans or am I intruding, haha?

  48. HA! The lesson here? NEVER trust a witch!

    Well my mage is def a Sinestro Corps mage. It's not like I run around stabbing everybody I see, I just want something if I'm going to help you, and I have no qualms about murdering somebody, man, woman or child, or a whole damn town if that's the case!

    HA!!! I do too! I do my thing, I'm currently working on getting the Dwarves on my side(I'm working with the prince)and I've noticed that when I want to get my way, I've been throwing around my status as a Grey Warden a lot more lately! Team wise though, I'm really kicking ass as a mage. My last playthrough as an archer, I think I was responsible for about 25-28% of my parties damage, as a mage, the number is 51%(!!). So I personally account for more then half of the total damage done for my ENTIRE party! That's a BIG change from before when it was more balanced.

    Oh, I went after that High Dragon today after running the Guantlet and I was THISCLOSE to beating it! I mean it was down to me and Sten against the Dragon, and it would up blasting me which screwed up my strategy... If the Dragon would have concentrated on Sten, I'd have had it!

    JT, as my younger brother, feel free to ask away! Nothing fun, I had promised my father that I'd cut some OLD wooden fencing down for him, so I spent most of my day cutting down a big old 12-14' high fence with a sawzall. The fence was prob about 14'X20' and after cutting it up into tossable packages, I had to tie it up so it could go out with their trash, which I think is on Wednesday. It took about 2-3 hours, and I'll be mowing the lawn tomorrow for him for the first time this year, so hopefully I won't run across any disconnected deer legs! :p

  49. Lol right? I fought a freaking DRAGON for a old book and didn't get anything. She's lucky I was with Leiliana or I would've demanded some sex lol.

    Lol I've been stealing stuff from people in Denerim, some dude asked me if I wanna rob people, next think I know I'm making a ton of cash. I highly recommend it ;) Oh and if you're being a jerk, how do you get people like Leiliana to join your party, do you just act nice to them then?

    Lol I didn't get around to starting my new story today like I wanted to but tomorrow will be the debut of Sinestra. Gotta love it. She's going to make your Mage look like Jesus. Lmao

    Man you're flying through that game, how many hours a day would you say it consumes from you?

    Lol @ you bringing up that deer leg, I was so going to mention it too. Sounds like some hard work, I will say this, you sound like a very nice caring son. Did ya other brother (lol) help ya out with that stuff?

  50. Ha, I had to laugh about fighting a dragon and getting an old book for it! Yeah, somehow that def doesn't seem fair!

    You know, I was toying with making my mage a pickpocket when he leveled up and had a skill point, but I think I put it into something else. Next time I've got a skill point, I'll def do that. I'm pretty jerky to everybody, even the people I meet, but I temper it a little bit until they join me. Like with Leiliana there are a few mean-ish things you can say to her without outright telling her to get lost.

    "She's going to make your Mage look like Jesus." Now THAT would be impressive, 'cause my guy is so evil, even I hate him!

    Hmm, after I got home I think I put in 5 straight hours until my sister stopped by. I didn't even eat dinner until like 10:00! On the weekends I'll put in a good 4-7 hours, the weekdays probably 2-3 a day if I'm lucky. This week though is going to be rough because I have a MAJOR history paper due on Thursday that I haven't even started yet, so as hard as it's gonna be, I'm going to have to cut down on my playing time(and possibly my blogging time too!).

    Ha, it's funny you ask that, because my little brother has mastered the idiot act... What I mean is he'll act like he doesn't know what he's supposed to do when one of my parents ask him to do something. For example, they'll ask him to take out the trash every night or something, and every day he'll ask, "When should I take out the trash?". Eventually my mother got tired of asking him so she just does it herself. He also acts like he doesn't know how to use a tool, hell, he even acts like he can't cut a frigging bagel! He SO takes after mu father when it comes to being lazy! With that said though, I have a really good relationship with him, so when I'm working with him, he'll work right with me. Granted, I wouldn't give him the sawzall, but yeah, he was def helpful out there. Now if it was anybody but me, forget about it!

  51. Lol right? Talk about giving me an incentive or something, that's just rude. haha

    Yeah I loved insulting the maker when i was talking to her, she didn't even get mad she just seemed kinda hurt, but Morrigan was LOVING it man.

    Lol what's some more choices you've made differently since playing with your evil dude? Like even small decisions.

    Damn school getting in the way of blogging and video games. How dare they. At least you're almost done and only have that summer class coming up, that's pretty cool. Oh did you ever start up Awakenings?

    Ha, it's funny you ask that, because my little brother has mastered the idiot act... What I mean is he'll act like he doesn't know what he's supposed to do when one of my parents ask him to do something. For example, they'll ask him to take out the trash every night or something, and every day he'll ask, "When should I take out the trash?". Eventually my mother got tired of asking him so she just does it herself. He also acts like he doesn't know how to use a tool, hell, he even acts like he can't cut a frigging bagel! He SO takes after mu father when it comes to being lazy! With that said though, I have a really good relationship with him, so when I'm working with him, he'll work right with me. Granted, I wouldn't give him the sawzall, but yeah, he was def helpful out there. Now if it was anybody but me, forget about it!

    Lol @ cutting a Bagel. So in other words he's a pretty lazy guy so you have to do everything. I get ya, I used to be pretty lazy, do stuff when asked now though, unless it's dumb. Like fixing my bed...because I'm gonna get back in it and mess it back up! I never got the point of that...

  52. Damn, what am I still doing up?!? This'll have to be my last post of the night... :-(

    That's the awesome thing about Morrigan, she just loves teasing some characters. I laugh with her and Sten though, because she keeps trying to get with him and finally he's like fine, but then he's like telling her she'd better put on heavy armor and stuff, until she was like, "Um, no thanks..." Yeah the convos among my party is really hilarious at times.

    Well the big ones were letting Redcliffe burn, killing Connor and siding with the Dwarf prince instead of Harrowmont. As for little things, I ALWAYS demand a reward for any service which will get some different convos happening, I killed Jowan myself, Oh, I sided with those crazy dudes who thought the High Dragon was the prophet reborn so I wouldn't have to fight them, I took the blood they gave me, but I didn't put it in the ashes, then I left the shrine and killed them anyway! I'm also doing hits for the Crows, which I wouldn't do before.

    Plus I've got almost two months off before Summer session starts, so yeah, I'm def looking forward to that! Only about one month left to go, and this history paper is like the LAST big paper I should be having to do. There are still some tests left and stuff, but nothing as bad as a 7 page history paper!

    Zactly. Cept like I said when he's with me. Usually when I ask him to do something he'll do it with no problem. Dude, I'm the SAME way about my bed! That was always one of my mothers pet peeves when I was growing up! She'd be like, make your bed, and I'd be all, why? It just seems like such a waste. I'll usually make it right before I get back into it at night. It's hard enough waking up in the morning, I'm lucky I can make it through my shower, you can't expect me to make my bed too!

    A Sawzall is one of those big, one handed electric saws. It's officially a reciprocating saw, but saying sawzall is way easier then constantly saying reciprocating saw. It's bigger then a jigsaw but smaller then a chainsaw. It could def cut down a small tree, it's pretty powerful. BTW, I only know all of this from work, I'm not really much of a tool guy.

  53. Aww alrighty then, I'm shocked you stayed for as long as ya did though.

    Lol yeah I loved the convos with her , Leiliana and Alistair but now I have Shale instead of Alistair, I may bring Sten more in my next game. I'm thinking Shale, Sten and Leiliana to open my locks.

    I'm also doing hits with The Crows as well so I know what ya mean there. I think the main thing I'm looking to is letting Loghain join the Wardens, because Alistair is going to FLIP!!!

    Ouch, well atleast ya got a big break coming up after this history paper from hell. Lol so what are you predicting for your two month break?

    Lol right dude? I'm a hard sleeper so to wake me up, get me going, showered and dressed and expect me to fix my bed is like asking me to climb a mountain to bring you back ice cubes for your lemonade.

    See, neither am I, yet that description made me want to use one VERY badly. I... need to saw something with a Sawzwall or whatever it's called lol. Ship it to me ;) lol jk

  54. I have to say that Sten's convos have left me kind of disappointed. He really doesn't have much to say, maybe it's because of the party I have(Morrigan and Zevran), or maybe that's just the way he is. I've heard him say the same damn thing to Morrigan like 4 times now! I want to look back at them and scream, "Say something different DAMMIT!!!" Last time around though, Alistair and Morrigan were ALWAYS talking to my forth and to each other, and I can't remember them repeating anything once.

    Hmm, that reminds me, I've got to go and tell the guy from the Crows that I killed the guy from the Dwarf palace... Man did I have a blast driving that guy crazy... You know how he'll tell you to read the contracts and whatever happens happens, right? He never expressly says to kill anybody. So being the pain in the ass, evil mage that I am, I took the contracts from the chest and went to talk to him and I was like, "Who do you want killed?", so he kept saying, "I never said to kill anybody." I kept pestering him, acting like I didn't understand until he finally blew his top and was like, "I want you to go to where ever and kill this guy!!! Are you happy now?!?" I nearly cracked up, because it was so unexpected. I was like, "Wow, I really pissed that dude off something FIERCE!"

    Hmm, nothing much. Probably a lot of Dragon Age Origins! :p

    "climb a mountain to bring you back ice cubes for your lemonade."? HA!!! I love that so much that you can officially consider it stolen!

    I've got to tell you, the Sawzall is cool and all, but there ain't nothing like the chainsaw! Two winters ago, some trees got coated with ice and fell in my parents driveway, so I went over and my father was like, "I have a brand new chainsaw I brought, why don't you use it to cut the trees up so you can move 'em." Now, being a city boy, I'd never used, let alone touched a chainsaw, and I wasn't real excited to try. I kept having visions of accidentally lopping off my arm or something... Anyway, I decided to give it a shot because those trees were HEAVY and not going anywhere, and damn was that chainsaw awesome! Now I know why people are always using them against zombies! It went through those trees like a hot knife through butter! I love using that chainsaw!

    I kept forgetting to mention this, so let me type it out before I forget again. I started Awakenings the other day and it basically ignored the entire ending from my last game, with me dying and all. I only listened to the opening story about me leading the Wardens and stuff, but yeah, I was a bit disappointed that it totally ignored my whole noble sacrifice! Maybe it says something after the initial story, but from what I saw, it didn't even bother trying to explain away my death.

  55. Ah well in that case I'll leave him be. I love hearing Shale and Morrigan converse or Morrigan and Alistair. I never take Wynne anywhere though.

    Lmao I did the same thing. He was soooo upset because I made him spell it out for me. It was hilarious. I love the little things like that, they make the game even better.

    Imagine what you'd be doing if I never recommended it to you.

    Lol once again that just popped out of my brain while typing that, I don't even know where it came from but you can have it haha.

    LMAO @ why people are always using them against zombies. That was hilarious. And the second you said chainsaw the first thing I thought was cutting off my arm so I definitely get ya there. Sounds pretty cool though to see something like a big sturdy tree just easily cut through with hardly any force behind it.

    Wow that's weird. See I didn'ty die and Alistair was my king, and he made a quick like minute long appearance and we talked so I'm wondering what's going to happen when you get there.

  56. Ha, well I def won't be hearing anything from Wynne this time around seeing as that I KILLED her!

    Yeah, like I said, I'm not much of a tool guy, but that chainsaw is a pretty sweet thing to swing around. I remember enjoying it so much that I wound up cutting those trees into like the smallest pieces imaginable!

    Hmm, I don't know. Once I'm done with my evil Mage though, I'll def fire up Awakenings with my first guy. For the record I left off today stuck in that damned Sloth demon's nightmare realm. Unfortunately I'm not sure when I'll have the time to play again. :-( Prob the weekend...

  57. LMMFAO! Wait what?! How the hell did you do that?!

    Lol so at that point you just started making bird houses and toothpicks eh?

    Aww all that homework right? But after this week your break starts right?

  58. Yeah, imagine how shocked I was! You know when you bump into her in the Mage's Tower and she has that magical barrier protecting her and the apprentices, right? Well I strolled over to her and has being an ass(as usual)and talking about how much I hated the living in the Mage's Tower and about how I wanted to burn it down and stuff. Eventually our conversation kept getting more and more confrontational, and before I knew it, her and her apprentices attacked me! I HONESTLY didn't expect(or even want!)that to happen!

    Speaking of my Mage, I became an Arcane Warrior, which is surprisingly awesome. I can wear heavy armor and stuff since my magic rating replaces my strength rating and can basically act like a warior with magic spells!

    Yup, this was the first day since I started playing that I didn't play at all... Which sucks, needless to say! Nope, I don't get out until the middle of May(I forget the exact day)and then I'm off until July 6th I think.

  59. Lmao wow, what a jerk :P I didn't even know they would turn on you, btw I started my female Mage thing, left off helping Jowan and whats her face escape.

    Epic, I'll be sure to do that. How did you get that opportunity anyway?

    Crap, well that's cool, maybe the work load will lighten up now? And ya still got this weekend to play, how far are you anyway?

  60. I never saw that coming with Wynne... That's going to suck down the road as I get closer to the final battle against the Archdemon!

    Oh you did? Awesome! I'll be interested to see just how evil you're mage is, because mine is just horrendous! He does things sometimes that actually makes me feel bad afterwards! I left off just starting the mission for the elves. Well, my party came across this injured elf and he wound up passing out. So like 6 options came up and being EVIL, I chose to search him and steal his stuff. From there I made him wake up so he could tell me about what happened to him, then when he passed out again, I smothered him to death! I swear, I felt AWFUL after doing that! But, that's just the way my mage is, and I figured I should continue to be true to his horrid nature. Man, I can't wait to play again! I think I'll squeeze an hour or two in tomorrow...

    I really don't remember... I think it had something to do with a crystal or something in the werewolf ruins, but I could be wrong. I'll tell ya this, it's REALLY worth it! I love having the option of blasting foes from a distance with the staff and then slicing them up if they're dumb enough to come to close. I just wish I knew about the magic serving in place of strength, cause I never would have bothered putting ANY strength into my mage...

  61. Yeah, the thing I love about your story is you killed off your hero, yet this evil bastard is gonna live.

    Man, check you out, murdering elves, you evil mofo! Lol I was gonna play today but myself, Falisha and our friend went and saw Kick-Ass and stuff so I never got around to playing, but I definitely will tomorrow. Bwahahaha!

    Ah that's awesome, and I'm glad I know, so I can max out my chick's magic and will or whatever it is. Btw I knew Mouse was the demon the second I met him in the fade.

  62. Huh, that does kind of suck, doesn't it... But in a way it kind of makes sense. In Final Night, I remember that both Lex and Supes were on the same side trying to defeat the Suneater, and that Lex created something that he thought would destroy the suneater if it was flown into it. Needless to say, Lex WAS NOT willing to be the pilot, while Supes was. I guess that's what seperates the truly good from the not so good, that willingness to sacrifice yourself for the greater good, which is what my first guy did, and what my mage sure as hell WON'T be doing!

    After I finished studying tonight(there's only so much studying you can do before your brain just won't absorb anything else!)I fired up DA and I was SOOO happy! I finished off the Elf story, so all I have left is the three downloadable missions(which I haven't done yet)and then I begin my trek towards the end. I have to say, being a mage is WAY easier then being a rogue!

    Yeah man, just put like everything into magic and will and you're set. If you want to wear heavy armor, you'll need your magic stat up to like 35-40, and the higher the will, the more magic you can throw at enemies. I can toss like 5 or 6 high levels spells out before my will lowers, and I have a bunch of items that benefit my stamina/mana regeneration so that my magic comes back quickly during a fight. Oh, and I brought a 128 gold+ staff for my mage today. I don't know how or why, but I have WAY more money this playthrough then I did last playthrough...

  63. Hm... excellent point, that really makes alot of sense. Just sucks that in a world that needs a hero, their biggest hero is your jerk ass villain lol.

    Hell, wait until you're a warrior lol it's like taking candy from a baby on a cake walk. I'm loving playing as a Mage right now, he's so awesome.

    Dude, that's wild. It's SOOOO much easier to get money on awakenings, I'd given a dude like 80 sovereigns and by the end of my game I had 300 and something left. It was amazing.

  64. Yeah, after I'm done with this playthrough, the people will be stuck worshipping the ground my evil mage walks on!

    Really? I figured it would be tough being a warrior since you have to get right in there to fight the bad guys. It's so much easier being a mage because you can take such large chunks of life away from your enemies without ever having to get close! Hell, sometimes I'll throw a spell like Inferno into a room with a closed door from the outside and torch every enemy in there before they even have the chance to open the door to engage me! My mage may be a jackass, but power-wise, he's a BLAST to play as!

    I was finally able to put some good quality time into the game tonight, and all I have left to do is the return to Ostagar stuff and then it's on to the Landsmeet.I'm thinking that I might be done with my mage by the end of the weekend depending on if I decide to do anything these next two days.

  65. Lol my evil Mage is so gonna go kill your evil mage and live evilly ever after.

    That's a GENIUS idea that i'm so gonna use now. I liked played as a warrior though because once I built him up he was dishing so much pain, like 92 points per hit, I barely had time to get attacked by the other people.

    Sounds awesome, i was just about to leave Redcliffe to be slaughtered. Oh, I'm killing the hell outta Jowan when i see him, that bastard.

  66. Your evil mage had best to watch it, my evil mage is almost up to level 21, so yeah, she comes to close and I'll just have one more mage dead at my feet... Man, if THIS game had some online capabilities, I think this would be my first online game! I'd love to set my mage/team against yours!

    Dude, it's even better if you have a character with a high survival score, that way you'll always know where your enemies are hiding. My favorite tactic is to learn a room is packed with bad guys(thanks to the survivalist), stand down the hallway with my team, and set the room on fire. The bad guys then come rushing out on fire, and when enough of them come out, I'll hit them with a fireball which adds extra damage, as well as knocking them down. THEN I'll allow the rest of the team to go over(so as to avoid friendly fire)while I blast the HELL out out of the bad guys with as may spells as I possibly can! I also used to enjoy throwing grease on the floor in front of enemies, and then picking them off as they were getting up. The only downside to that is that then my idiots run on the grease and fall down as well... As you move along, I'm dying to see what kinds of tactics your mage comes up with.

    Speaking of tactics, I'll prob be starting a Warrior pretty soon, any pointers? I'd guess Strength is my best friend, but what about Constitution and dexterity?

    I LOVED killing Jowan! I was PISSED that he never taught me blood magic, after all the crap I did for him in the Circle! I kept hinting that I wanted to know about it and that bastard would never tell me!!!

    I'm PRETTY close to the end now. I just killed Loghain and finished my business with Slim in Denterin. Pretty much all of my sidequests are done, so the only thing left to do is head to Redcliffe, sleep with Morrigan and end things. Then it's(finally!)on to Awakenings.

  67. Lol I'll just tread lightly until my Mage becomes more powerful, then you'd better watch out! And I'd love that too, imagine if we could team them up!

    Man that's GENIUS! I gotta get my survival skills up. I think I'll have Morrigan do it as I already taught her one of the slots. Man that's epic. And I made my Mage a healing mage, as well as gonna make her Arcane so she can wear heavy armor and revive people. It's gonna be freaking sweet dude.

    Yeah Dexterity helps if you're gonna be a Sword and shield guy, I had a huge Greatsword so I just worked on strength and constitution. I got my Strength up to like 60-something and was dishing out pain, and make sure you get your combat tactics up too because that really helps.

    Oh you're better than me. I killed that bastard in his cell. Stabbed him with the little dagger thing. I was EXTREMELY satisfied too, and then I found out I effed up. The ONLY way you can learn blood mage, is if you go into the fade to fight the desire demon with your character, and you can have her teach you. That's the only way you can learn it, and I couldn't go in seeing as how I killed Jowan and didn't feel like going to the circle yet. So I just killed Conner. I loved backhanding his mom though.

    Epic. So what's that mean for your Warrior, you gonna have Loghain join the Wardens in ya next playthrough? And what ya gonna make your warden? Male/Female? Elf,Dwarf,Noble?

  68. Yeah, I had Zevran pump up his Survival, so I always knew what was coming! Speaking of Zev, he didn't betray me this playthrough! But after the Crows were dead, he was free of their wraith and he seemed like he wanted to leave, so I basically threatened him into staying, telling him if he went, I'd kill him! He was SO pissed with me afterwards! :p

    Yeah, my mage was healing/Arcane too. I also messed up the damn Blood Mage thing... I thought for sure that Jowan would be the guy to learn it from! I was damn surprised to learn that it was from that demon... But yeah, I shanked Jowan in his cell too!

    I'm prob going to go with a human male again who carries the longsword. This guys is going to be like super goody-goody, ala Superman. I'm curious, why would I need to increase my combat tactics? I'm going to play as him like 99.999% of the time, so wouldn't it be a waste to get a bunch of extra tactics spots? Or does the combat tactics do something else as well?

  69. LMAO! Man, what'd he do? Also, you been giving those dudes their feast day pranks because his is HILARIOUS. Gotta love that.

    Lmao! You saying Shanked Jowan in his cell so caught me off guard but that's the best damn description for you. Oh man that's classic. I was SO pissed after what he did back at the Circle though.

    Hm...wait, It may be the other combat thing, my bad. The one that lets you learn more moves, it may be combat techniques. In my defense that's a easy mistake to make haha.

  70. He was just really bummed and he disapproved of me by like -14, which is pretty drastic considering I had just killed his pals and set him free from the Crows! Actually, I haven't. I gave like three characters there pranks and it didn't seem to do anything, so I took them back and sold them off!

    Well I did shank him! He WAS in prison after all!

    Yeah, it's Combat Tech. But I pump that all the way up for everybody, even my mage. That's prob like THE only necessary skill all characters need.

    So I finished the game today(and it was WAY easier this time then with my first character!), and I have to say, I kind of liked this ending better then the other one where my guy died. And true to form, my mage was an ass all the way to the end when you get to talk to everybody for the last time in Alistair's throne room... Man did I HATE that mage! :P

    With the mage story done, I started Awakenings, and spent most of the day playing that(which is why I never checked out my blog comments until now...). I started with my dead character, and he was alive, and his death was never mentioned, not even by Alistair when he arrived... So yeah, that kind of sucked. I LOVED everything else though! I've got to say, it SUCKED being an archer the first time around... You never really did big number damage to anything, and you can't enchant your bows. In Awakenings though, it's WAAAY different! Right off the bat, the first new archery talent allows you to enter a mode where you deal like double the damage to your foes with a single arrow! So instead of dishing out a 45-50 to my foes, I'm hitting them with 90-100 per arrow! So yeah, I'm def enjoying that! I can't wait to get back home tomorrow afternoon and spend some quality time with that game...

  71. Lol You have to use them when you're in a party from the quick menu under the potions thing. Yeah..random i know, but their worth doing.

    I'm upset that you had to point that out for me to realize it though lol.

    Ah so I didn't have to tell you then. I hardly ever do it unless it's for a Warrior but that's just me.

    So you made Alistair the king again? Lol I'd thought you would've switched it up being an ass and whatnot. So what'd your Mage end up doing at the end of the game?

    Damn that's awesome. I think my next game is gonna be an Archer Rogue City Elf so although it'll suck during Origins it'll be worth it in Awakening's eh?

  72. Ah, I didn't realize that... I guess my next playthrough, with my goody-goody warrior I'll use em. Wait, you use 'em from the potion menu? Really? That seems so strange!

    That's me, the master of both comic book talk AND prison lingo!

    It's worthwhile for your mage too actually. When she's casting a longer spell, like Inferno for example, if her combat tech isn't up her casting will be interupted and will fail. So I guess right now since the spells are sucky in the beginning it doesn't matter, but if you want to use the high level fire/ice/electicity spells, you might want to think about that.

    I actually screwed up big time during the Landsmeet scene! That's why Alistair wound up becoming the king! I kept refusing to agree to the terms of the fight as set up by the nobles, so eventually Alistair decided to just overrule me and take the fight himself, which led to him killing Loghain afterwards... I WANTED to fight Loghain, so I could barter and scheme with Loghain/his daughter... Whoops!

    I think he wound up sticking around in Denerin and becoming a local celebrity or something, which really did fit his character, 'cause it was always about fame, fortune and revenge as opposed to helping people for him.

    Yeah man, being an archer was almost not even worth it in Origins, but since I set out to make my character the son of Hawkeye, I had no choice... It was just annoying that everybody else was putting up such large damage numbers, while I was picking away at people with 30's and 40's. Plus you can't wear mid and heavy aromor until you reach master archer, and you can't wear Heavy armor at all(well you CAN, but it REALLY slows down your shot) That one little talent(accuracy I think it was called)made being an archer go from being a chore to being almost mage like awesome!

    I really should start an elf story soon... As for Dwarves... I just don't want to be a Dwarf ever!

  73. Yeah I didn't know until I looked it up online but sure enough it works.

    Lol so if you ever go to a comic shop or prison I guess you're good eh?

    Ah will do then sir, man I got the game before you and you keep teaching me stuff!

    LMAO damn, Good to know for future reference. Hell I wanna see if my chick can marry Logain and rule with him haha.

    Ah that works haha, so your next person is gonna be a Superman Goody goody like my first guy? So you're gonna go to the Circle and help connor and all that stuff?

    Hm... I may just make an Archer from scratch for Awakenings, since I've yet to do that with anyone, and could skip the hassle in Origins.

    Neither do I, hell I may just do their stories for the Trophies and move on. Who would wanna sleep with a woman dwarf?! Ewww

  74. HA!!! I'd be wheeling and dealing if I was in a comic book shop or a prison!

    Yeah, once I start up my next guy, he'll be doing all of the nicest things. I'm leaning towards a team of Leiliana, Wynne and Alistair, my dog or Shale, I'm not sure which one yet...

    I'm telling you, I'm DESTROYING Awakenings so far with my insanely overpowered archer! The only thing that has stopped me so far has been the freezing! I'm doing so well that I'm working with two mages and two rogues and I'm still strolling through everything the darkspawn can throw at me!

  75. Lol either way you're gonna trade people for comics eh? :P

    Hm... LeiLiana, Alistair and Wynne seems too damn pleasant lol.

    Damn this freezing! Now I wanna do that but this freaking freezing is hindering my play time. I'm gonna start another RPG i got from my cousin, Valkyria Chronicles if they dont fix this soon.

  76. Well, Wynne has to be a part of the team, because I NEVER used her either of my last two times, so I'm sure she'll have some new conversations for me to hear. I had Alistair on my team for the entire game(pretty much)during my first playthrough, so I'm not sure if I want to use him again, which leaves Shale or my dog...

  77. Good point, I gotta use Wynne in my party because I never use her. I remember once she told me to break up with Leiliana. I looked at her old Grandma ass like she was crazy, just cause YOU ain't gettin none don't mean my Warden can't relax when he's not killing Darkspawn!

  78. HA!!! She really said that?!? Damn, what brought that on?Methinks Wynne was looking to get some of that Grey Warden lovin' for herself! :D

  79. Lmao @ you! "Oh Warden, let's take a little time in the Fade." Lol she was all like, "You and Leiliana are doomed for heartbreak and blah blah blah", and I was basically like, "butt out broad." So me and Leiliana do our thing, go to her tent a few times, Bingy bam bam wazzle, ya know? So then later I talk to Wynne The Pooh, and she apologizes for doubting us and says if anyone can make it, we can, and I kindly told her, via my Superman-like Warden, Kav-El, "Butt out Broad." :D

  80. Damn, your Supes Warden was a real piece of work! All Wynne was trying to do was save you any future break-up(and possibly get some action on the side)and you treat her like that! Poor, poor Wynne! :P

    The freezing was kind of annoying again today, I only played for like an hour and a half or so, but it froze on me 3 times... So I go like one full day with hardly any freezing, and today it was like every few minutes... Grrrr.......

  81. Lmao you Know she deserved it. What would you have said, or better yet, your Morally Ambiguous Bastard Mage!

    Man I wish they'd just release a freaking patch or something, I haven't played DA:O in a week and it's driving me crazy!

  82. We all know what my morally challanged mage would have said/done, he would have killed Wynne! Right now I'm in the Circlr Tower to get help for Connor and I just picked up Wynne for my team. So I'm currently going with my super-good warrior, Alistair, Leiliana and Wynne. Now that's a sugary nice team!

    Like I said in the e-mail, the freezing really wasn't that bad today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring... It's like playing Russian Roulette... You may dodge the bullet today, but come tomorrow, who knows how bad the freezing is going to be!

  83. Lol that's who I had when I saved Connor the first time. Oh btw, if you defile the ashes apparently Wynne turns on you and tries to kill you.

    Man oh man, watch it's gonna freeze after a huge battle and you're gonna be SO pissed...and if that happens it wasn't my fault, blame Jozeph. Lol

  84. Yeah I just finished up the saving Connor stuff, so I'm now headed to that crazy-ass town of Haven. Really? Well my uber-good guy is really religious too(I actually based him off of Siegfried from SoulCalibur, since he's prob my favorite to play as)so there's no way I'd even consider pouring the blood into the ashes.

    It actually wound up freezing on me three times today, but I still wound up playing really long stretches with no problem. The first two times it froze on me was like right after I put it on, and then it was fine for a good 2-3 hours before it froze again. I can't see that happening, since I now save like EVERYTIME I go to a different room! Just today I prob saved like 50+ times!

    I already do! Say I burn my Hamberger Helper or something, that's who I blame!

  85. Hm...I wanna play you in Soul Calibur, I forgot you had that. I use Kilik, Maxi, Vader and Starkiller most of the time though.

    Lol that's so much saving. I hated the auto-save so I know you were like man! Scared to make a move.

    Lmmfao. That made my day, oh my God I'm still laughing. I can picture you, with burnt Cheeseburger Macaroni..."DAMN YOU JOZEPH!!!!!"

  86. Hmm, for me it was Siegfried(I've been using him since Soul Edge back on the Dreamcast(?)I think. Nightmare, Kilik, Cervantes and I practiced the HALL out of the dude with the Syche, but I still wasn't all that great with him, which sucks, 'cause his weapon is awesome!

    Hmm, you know what, whenever my game freezes from now on, that's the expletive that I'll now be hurling at the TV! "Jozeph!!! I was nearly out of that damned castle!"

  87. I forgot about Ceravantes, he's a freaking beast! There's another dude who I can't think of...he has a sword and does the splits when he wins...that dude is sweet as hell.

    Lol Jozeph is a new curse word eh? Pretty soon we're gonna need an entire book of all our phrases and new words.

  88. Yeah, I know the guy you're talking about, he's got some asian name that I couldn't spell if I wanted to!

    Jozeph yeah, his name is the new curse word! :P

    Oh, like I e-mailed ya earlier, I managed to play like 6 straight hours of DA:O uninterupted, and as insane as this is gonna sound, I managed to defeat the High Dragon with basically ONLY Wynne! It was just insane! I had made my way to the gong, and my guys were all pretty beat up after getting there, so I figured, "What the hell, I'll ring the gong, see how well I do against the Dragon, and then I'll come back much later in the game after it squashes me." So I had me(a warrior), Alistair, Leiliana and Wynne, and the Dragon annihilated me and Alistair right away. Next it did a quick job on Leiliana, leaving just Wynne, with the Dragon prob having like 85% of it's life left. Well, I've been building Wynne as a pure healer, so she didn't have a single ice, fire or electricity spell in her arsenal, but she did have an ice staff, and the Dragon has a ridiculously easy pattern if you know what to watch for. So Wynne would blast the Dragon with the staff(taking away 15 pts per hit), while occasionally hitting it with that basic mage blast for 24 pts, while staying FAR away from the dragon so it could touch me. As long as I didn't let it land on me, it couldn't do a damn thing to me! Occasionally it would pull me in with its wings, but I'd just get right up and high-tail it away from it while it was slowly turning sideways to kick me. I honestly didn't think I had a snowball's chance in hell, but as Wynne slowly ate away at the Dragon's lives, I was slowly starting to believe in Wynne, and sure enough, after prob 15-20 mins of me running back and forth under the Dragon, Wynne managed to beat it all by herself! So far that's def one of my favorite DA:O memories!

  89. Lol yep, that's him, that dude is freaking awesome. We've gotta play one day, when you think you're good enough :P

    I'm fine with that, I wish you can name the villains on DA:O, I know what I'd change Howe's name to!

    Lmao that's so epic. Man I wish I could've seen that. That'd be so freaking sweet. So imagine how pissed you'd be if it'd frozen after. Lol Hell I'd be pissed and it's not even my game. So how far are you now anyway bro?

  90. Ha, you'll prob be waiting until SC 5 comes out! When I do get into that game though, I REALLY get into it! I mean I take a character and just master them.

    HA! Arl Jozeph?

    Dude, I saved RIGHT after that Dragon laid it's head down! I'm done with Redcliffe, the Circle and I'm more then halfway thrpugh the Deep Roads. I also finished off the Soldier's Peak and Return to Ostagar expansions, so I'm moving along nicely. Oh, and once again, today was a freeze free day! 4 hours, not ONE freeze! I'm hoping that somehow things were fixed, but I don't want to speak too soon...

  91. Lol between you and I, I doubt you'd have added me by then anyway :P

    Lol @ Arl Jozeph, that made my night. That was pretty funny. "I will not rest until Arl Jozeph has been slain!, Along with Teryn

    Damn, Im gonna have to look around after this post and see if they fixed it because that's crazy. So do you have your internet on while you play because I read that's connected to the freezing, even though I play singleplayer games offline.

  92. The sad thing is that you're probably right!

    Teryn Nagash?!? HA!!!!!!

    I ALMOST made it through today without a single freeze, but it got me just as I was taking on Branka at the end of the Deep Roads... That's the only time in three days it's frozen on me, and to be honest with ya, I didn't mind, 'cause I was NOT set-up tactics wise for that battle! I started it back up and went through her like a hot knife through butter! Oh, and yep, I do have my PS3 connected to the Internet while I play, it's always connected.

  93. Lol I knew that when i said it :P

    You know it, I wish I knew other people's last name's, I'd give everyone a DA:O name!

    Weird...sounds like you just lucked out cause they've yet to fix it. I'm gonna have to take your PS3 apart to figure whats different :P

  94. Yeah, I was checking out some of the message boards today, and there is still no talk of a patch, so I don't know what I'm doing right, but I'm not complaining! It did freeze on me once today, but so long as it's only one freeze a day, I can def deal with that. I'm actually coming up to the end of the game, I'm all ready about to do the Landsmeet storyline. I think I'm probably going to let Loghain live this time, since my current guy is big on second chances.

  95. I saw on the Bioware boards one of the Bioware guys said there's a patch coming they think will solve it but they didn't have a date yet, which may just be bull...

    Man I haven't played it in almost three weeks :(

  96. Watch, the patch will come out when the new DL stuff comes out...

    Yeah, so I was playing through the end of my game today, finished off the Landsmeet, took on the Darkspawn, and killed the Archdemon, and it only froze once, so I figured, that's all good and dandy(yes, I thought the word "dandy"!). So after the game I'm in the throne room talking to my party members for the last time when the goddamn game THEN decides to freeze!!! So I put it back on and it starts me up after the game where it says you can play the DL content, etc, so in other words, it totally skipped ALL of my ending stories!!! MAN was I PISSED! I still am actually... Now I'll probably have to go and fight the frigging Archdemon AGAIN tomorrow so I can see how the story ends for my guy... Damn freezing...

  97. Damn... I hope not. Hell I want the patch to come out tomorrow.

    DAAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN that would piss me off. Hell the end stories are one of the most important parts. That sucks, well was the big arch demon fight at least easy or did you have a hard time with your Warrior?

  98. Yes, please come out soon patch... Please!

    I usually stay the hell away from the Archdemon and fight it long range with those giant crossbows lined up on the roof, while commanding my teammates to watch my back(as well as calling in an army for back-up), so the battle really isn't all that hard, it's just time consuming, but I did beat the damn thing again and get my stories before I started over again... Damn freezing!

  99. Lol you barely need the patch :P You need half the patch and I need double just so my game can stop freezing :P

    So what were some of your interesting storylines that ya got when the game ended buddy?

  100. Ha, I guess you're right about that one! I played for a pretty long time today and only froze once, so yeah, my luck continues to hold out! :P

    Hmm, well Alistair ended up sacrificing himself at the end(and I really tried to get Loghain to do it...)so Alura was made the queen for some reason even though Alistair had her thrown into the prison... Besides that, it was more of the basic regular stuff. I will say that it was interesting to play as Wynne, because she had a lot of little back stories and powers that I didn't know about!

  101. Arghhh! Like I said earlier, you long haired handsome bastard you :P Lol, maybe they should take your PS3 and figure out how to fix the game for us :D

    Hm... fill me in on this stuff with Wynne because I'm curious about her now.

  102. Heh heh, I kind of like the idea of having an enchanted PS3... Of course now that I'm bragging, I know I'll be paying the price soon...

    Well, first off she reveals that she actually died back in the Circle Tower and was only being kept alive by some spirit from the Fade. Not one of those bad spirits, but a good one(I guess like Justice from Awakenings). Still, that WOULD make her an Abomination in the eyes of the mages, so she keeps it to herself. She also gains this weird power during the game where she can empower the rest of the party with a sustained spell, but after she deactivates it, she gets dizzy and falls down, which always makes me laugh... Combat-wise, I kind of used her as the opposite to Morrigan. She'd just hang out in the background and heal people when they'd get close to death, or screw around with with the Darkspawn.

    Speaking of a non-destructive mage, my current mage SUCKS! I decided to make a nice mage(to counter my infamous morally ambiguous mage)who wouldn't use any destructive types of spells(so none of the 4 elements). Well that was fine early on in the game, it's fun paralyzing foes and all, but later on in the game the stronger enemies just resist whatever spell I try to throw on them! For example, the last time I played I was in the Dwarf palace where there is one of those Revanant vials. So I open the vial and let old Rev out, and he literally resisted like 85-90% of my spells! It was like facing the frigging Ultimate Warrior, Rev was just no-selling EVERYTHING!!! The only spell he'd allow me to use regularly was the misdirection hex, so at least he couldn't hit me, although I couldn't do anything damaging back to him! He wound up killing my whole team while I ran around and around a table that was in the room, hitting him with these little blasts from my staff while he shrugged off everything I tried to do to him...

  103. Nah, because you said that, it means that now it won't mess up haha.

    Damn that's deep, I want her in my party just so I can watch her fall, that sounds awesome lol.

    LMAO @ You running around a table to get away. Bet you wish you hadn't have opened that vial eh buddy :P That's pretty wild though.

  104. I can only hope that is the case!

    I always get a kick out of watching Wynne fall down... That just never gets old! :P

    Dude, "run away!!!" is like my number one favorite strategy! My first playthrough I went against that guy from Haven who worships the High Dragon, and him and his goons literally SQUASHED my team into the ground in like seconds(that was before I realized you should always target enemt mages first...), which left me as the last man standing. Since I knew they'd annihalate me if I stuck around, I turned tail and ran for my life! Unfortunately for me though, that Dragon guy followed me... So I wound up running ALLLL the way back to nearly the beginning of that level where there's this big stone pillar sticking out of the ground. From there I basically ran around that pillar like 100 times, occasionally stopping to get off one quick arrow. It took like FOREVER, but eventually I managed to kill the guy, and since then I'll always look for a room with something to run around/hide behind whenever I'm in a big battle. So the moral of my story is this; sometimes the most cowardly thing to do is the smartest thing to do!

  105. The magical PS3 Gods will bless you with a bountiful service :)

    Lol so does she make a sound like "whooaaa" and just fall over?

    Lol I do that too buddy, I run and make sure I can survive if everyone else dies, it sucks when you fight tyhat dude outside of where Connor is where he reaches and pulls you in for an attack?

  106. I wonder what kind of an offering is appropriate to make to the Playstation gods?

    No, she just kind of falls back and makes that thud noise you hear when somebody slips in a oil slick... It's funny when I'm running along and all of a sudden I'll hear a, "Thud!"

    Yeah man, that's Renenant! The guy is the glass vials that break open when you touch them! I HATE when he does that, and he ALWAYS does it to me! The funny thing was in that battle I was talking about when I was running around the table, every so often he'd try that and pull me right into the table, so I'd smash into it and fall over, just out of his reach!

  107. Sacrifice a 360 to a Volcano :P

    LMAO. The first thing I'm doing is going to the circle of Magi to get her just for that. Lol remember the name of the spell?

    AH!!! I won't be opening any more damn vials dude, their never worth anything good, just trouble. I HATE those Remnants.

  108. Hmm, I'll have to ask Nagash if he can do that sacrifice for me!

    No, I don't... It was one of those deals where after she liked you enough and spoke to you about her ailment, she just suddenly does it in a fight on the map against a small army of Darkspawn. The spell honestly wasn't very good, but I'd just have her do it for laughs sometimes!

    I just can't leave those vials alone though! I MUST kill EVERYTHING that crosses my path in that game... It's a horrible obsession I have! Oh, and JT, I have the BEST strategy against the High Dragon now! It barely touched me the last time I fought it! It was awesome, I found two spots where it couldn't do a damn thing to me! I seriously think I could probably take it down with my guy on like level 1, that's how awesome my strategy is... But maybe I shouldn't be rubbing it in, seeing as that not everybody has an enchanted PS3! :P

  109. Lol well he stomped that other one into Oblivion.

    Lol that's pretty awesome. So if you haven't been getting Leiliana who have you been boinking?

    Lmao I love how you talked it up then didn't even TELL ME THE STRATEGY! Lmao you so pulled an unnecessary gloat by mistake. Lol so in case this patch does come out soon, I'm going straight there to fight the dragon. What's the technique X Skywalker?

  110. Nagash: Volcano slayer!

    Nobody... My last guy(the super good guy)only had eyes for Leiliana, and she totally gave him the cold shoulder! My current elf will prob wind up hooking up with Zeveran.

    Ha, I noticed that I didn't give you the strategy either! And I'm not gonna!

    OK, I can't do that, that would be REALLY messed up! Here's what I do. First off, you have to have a mage in your party, and preferably a mage with either a staff that shoots ice, or a few ice related spells. Stay at a distance and hit the dragon with the ice staff and ice spells. It'll ignore you as long as the rest of your team stays alive(which prob won't be for very long!). Also watch for when it takes flight, since you don't want the dragon landing on your head! It usually kicks out a back leg and its life meter disappears before it flies in the air. Now, once it's just your mage and the dragon, it can't physically hit you, because you're attacking it from a distance, and so long as you stay far enough away from it, it can't touch you with it's fire breath. BUT, it has this move where it can flap its wings to draw you in close, and if you don't run away quick enough it'll make REALLY quick work of your mage. SO here's my BRILLIANT strategy; place your mage in a spot where the dragon can't pull you over to it. When you're looking down the mountain at it, stand halfway behind the rock that's sticking out of the ground and shoot at it. If it tries to pull you in, you'll hit the rock, and not go near the dragon. If you're looking up the mountain at the dragon, there's a little spot on your left where the ground is slightly inclined. If you stand there and blast the dragon, when it tries to draw you in, you'll just hit the slight incline, and once again stay out of the dragon's mouth. Since the dragon only flies to two spots, as long as you watch it's patterns and stay halfway hidden from it, there's not a damn thing it can do to you! I hope you kind of/sort of understand all of that, because it's hard to explain with only words, you know? If I could show you a screenshot or something it would be easier to explain what I'm talking about... But anyway, as you can see, I've spent A LOT of time fighting(and mastering)that High Dragon!

  111. Lol imagine his phone ringing. "Nagash, there's a Volcano, we need your help!!!!"

    Nagash: E-Nay-chuk! *Grows 70 feet like Apache Chief*

    Ah poor Warden couldn't get any... ah that sucks. Wish I knew what to tell ya brotha.

    Lol I knew you'd tell me buddy :) And damn that's genius! So... after about forty minutes lol, the Dragon will be beat and I can have all the super awesome stuff it drops right?

  112. So long as when he grew he made that Super Mario sound, I'd be fine with that scenario.

    "after 40 minutes" HA! The battle IS long, but not quite 40 minutes, maybe more like 35. :D

    That Dragon has like literally 10 items in it, plus the SUPER awesome Dragon scale, which can be made into three different types of armor, so yeah, beating it is DEF worth it!

  113. Lmao. Bloop bloop bloop. I'd pay to see that... and just for the sound, not even the him growing.

    Oh excuse me, maybe I can use that extra five minutes to SAVE THE GAME! :P Lol

    Alright then, first thing I'm doing when the patch drops is going to fight that High Dragon. Hell I don't think I've even done anything yet except killed Connor.

  114. Damn, you've still got ways to go yet! I'm just about ready to beat the game for the forth time! :P

    Quick question, my next go-round, I'm either gonna be a city elf or a dalish elf, which one do you think I should go with? I'm leaning towards city elf.

    Yeah, I'd definitely try to get that Dragon armor ASAP. It's really some pretty sweet stuff. It gives you MASSIVE immunity to fire damage, and I think the set bonus makes your spells/talents cost less.

  115. Well you got the PS3 with the bloody enchantment!


    My dude was a Dalish elf, the story was pretty interesting, I'd go city just based on that fact though.

    So you can get it made just into armors or can you get weapons too? Like on Awakenings?

  116. You know, whenever I use or hear the word enchantment now, that's the first thing that comes to mind!

    Nah, the dragon scale can only be made into armor, but it is pretty awesome armor, so I can deal with that... Although the chance to make some ultra-awesome dragonbone weapons would be pretty cool as well...

  117. How often do you say or hear the word enchantment? Lol because I NEVER hear/say it unless it's got to do with Dragon Age.

    That's pretty sweet. I love that by looking at what they changed with Awakening because you can tell what their gonna add for Dragon Age 2, which is cool because I liked everything they added, like making your own Stones and stuff for enchantments. (There it is again!)

  118. Hmm, I guess that's kind of a good point... Although I will admit that every so often I'll find myself just randomly saying, "Enchantment? Enchantment!!!"

    Yeah, I LOVED the idea that you could make your own runes and enchant your armor in Awakenings. Especially enchanting your armor. That was a great addition. Although I'm STILL waiting for the ability to enchant your bow... I mean, what the hell?!? Instead of having to carry around fire arrows, I want the ability to enchant my frigging bow!!!

  119. Lol I do the same, it's annoying yet Catchy, and when he killed all those people I was genuinely creeped the hell out!

    That'd be sweet, and it makes sense, hell there's gotta be room on the bow. Never even thought of that. And it's also MUCH easier to get cash on Awakenings.

    So excited about Darkspawn Chronicles?

  120. Ha, yeah that part was freaky! He's just standing there amidst all those bodies(including a frigging Ogre!)... The first thing I thought was, "Jeez, I sure wish he'd come along with me!"

    Yeah man, like I said before, it sucks to be an archer in DA:O(well not in Awakenings). I kept hoping I'd find a bow with some slots for enchantment, but no dice...

    JT, what do you think? :P I'm going to make sure that my calendar is COMPLETELY clear come Tuesday! Well, then again, let's hope that frigging Sony puts out the update for the PSN store early in the day... Sometimes they're REALLY late with going live with the update...

  121. Lmao I was afraid as hell. I'm like oh hell, Sandal is a damn demon in a kids body, and he's going to!

    So in Awakenings did you use Howe's bow? Because I think I would've and he'd have hated me for it lol.

    Yeah they suck at that, usually don't update it until like six or so, Hell I want the patch!!! If they release D.Chronicles and not the patch too I'll be pissed.

  122. Ha, yeah Sandal, all covered in blood saying, "Enchantment?" was DAMN creepy!

    Damn, I didn't, and I really should have too... That was one of those occasions where my guy was too nice, and not dickish enough... That would have been an awesome move, using Howe's bow, RIGHT in his face!

    Yeah man, 6 if we're lucky! And I def agree, as much as I want Darkspawn Chronicles, I'd actually prefer the patch first. Sure my PS3 is enchanted sometimes, but those times when it isn't really piss me off...

  123. Lol it was even more creepy because his dad was nowhere to be found! Like Sandal just wandered in looking for a fight.

    Yeah that seems awesomely evil. So you can kill him, and not team up with that Elf chick, so does that mean you can have like a 2 or three man party?

    ENCHANTMENT ENCHANTMENT!!!! And yeah I'm really curious as to how long Darkspawn Chronicles lasts, I mean for five bucks it's gotta be short right?

  124. Yeah, I remember walking around that room looking for Sandal's father's corpse somewhere on the floor, but he was nowhere to be seen... Weird... And not only that, but what the hell was Sandal even doing there?!?

    Well, in a way you could conceivably do the same thing in the main game, since you can dismiss/kill/not recruit everybody but Alistair, Oghren and Morrigan, and you could always get rid of Morrigan before the final battle, which would leave you with only three men for the final fight... Man, that would be suicide!

    Yeah, I can't see it being all THAT long, wasn't the Shale stuff like $10, which means it would be shorter then Shale's missions and stuff I'd guess. I forgot how much the Soldier's Peak mission was, that was a pretty quick mission. Maybe Darkspawn Chronicles will be that short... Hopefully not though.

  125. EXACTLY! That creeped me out, surprised I didn't have Nightmares with him crazily screaming Enchantment while holding an Axe over my bed.

    Hm... you can make Morrigan leave too after you get to your camp as well right? Either way you're right, damn there would be no way or surviving that.

    Well Shale was 15 bucks apparently which is a rip haha, but yeah I figure it's gotta have some depth because it shows your Warden dying during the joining plus I'd assume you have to kill Alistair, Morrigan, Leiliana and the rest.

  126. Ha, that's the weirdest dream I've ever heard about! If that ever happened to you, I'd highly recommend going to see a top notch psychiatrist!

    Yeah man, I'm ALMOST tempted to do that, put the difficulty on easy and then just kill or toss everybody off my team... That would be pretty insane.

    Not sure if you've played yet or not, but I've killed Oghren, Zeveran, and Wynne so far. Sten and his GODDAMN golums kicked my ass from here to Florida and then back again... My sister stopped by after work, so I never got my rematch with Sten... Grrr....

  127. Lol I'd just go see Morrigan, cuddle up with her and keep the nightmares away ;-) Lol

    Hm... that sounds interesting, I may do that for my playthrough. Hell it'd still be hard as hell on easy!

    Lol man I wanna play this, I'm in a gameshare and everyone is taking ALL day to send their ONE DOLLAR so we can buy it, and I could buy it myself but then when they come around I'll have to send a dollar for something I already own, but I'm impatient.

  128. You know the things Morrigan would say to you if you went crying to her about nightmares?!? :P

    You know, that's kind of a fun idea actually... Once I've played the hell out of the game and I start getting bored of it, maybe I'll slide the difficulty down to easy and only go out with a party of one or two...

  129. Lol I'd just say, "Morrigan, Baby, you know and I know, that Magical Staff ain't the only thing you wanna hold onto tonight...So I'm gonna come to your tent, and show you how we do, Grey Warden Style." ...lmao I surprise myself sometimes.

    Hm... i think I'll do the same... that High Dragon is gonna destroy us. Lol

  130. "that Magical Staff ain't the only thing you wanna hold onto tonight" HA!!! THAT line had me rolling!!! And right after you say that she turns you into afrog and leaves your party forever! :D

    Oh Puh-leeeeze, I'll kick that High Dragon's ass, even with ONE party member! ;-)

  131. Lmao good point, so no Sten, no Morrigan and I'll be a frog. Hell that'd suck. All I gotta do is defile the ashes and I'll lose Leiliana and Wynne too.. and I killed that Dog so it'd be Me and Alistair, and I could kill Zev, never get Shale... man I'd literally only have two people.

    Lol cocky eh? It'd probably take HOURS... I swear there was nowhere I could go to get away from those fireballs dude, and then if I was too far my Mage would have to "move into position" to attack.

  132. HA, yeah if you really wanted to, you could run around with practically have NOBODY on your team! Man, the game would be IMPOSSIBLE I'd bet!

    Man, I WISH I could draw you a map of that area just so I could show you the two spots I hide in. THere are two rock formations that jut out of the ground that protect you from the dragons wing attack, and so long as you stay away from her, she doesn't throw the fireballs(at least that's what I thought!)

  133. I wonder what would happen in the fade when you have to go save your allies... And damn, imagine if it was just you and Alistair, I'm sure you can't get Morrigan's offer if she leaves I'd assume.

    Weird, like everything I hit behind either I was too far to attack it or that bastard flew over to me.

  134. Nah man, if she's gone, I'm sure she wouldn't give you the offer. As for the fade, I guess there'd just be nobody on those islands to save!

    Dude, you've got to watch the dragon CAREFULLY and once you think it's gonna take flight, rush over to where it is so it doesn't fall on your head! I've got to steal my parents camera and see if I can take some pics of that battle so you can see exactly where I stand to beat that Dragon...

  135. Weird... I know if you deny to get her FLemeth's Grimoire she'll leave your party for a while but returns later.

    Lol the way you explain it makes me feel like an idiot for not knowing exactly what you're talking about haha.

  136. Really, see, there's something else about this game I didn't know! So why does she decide to come back? I guess to sleep with you before the final battle?

    Ha, no offense meant dude! It's just so tough trying to explain EXACTLY the right spots to stand in that battle against the High Dragon. I mean, if I could just show you the two spots to stand, you'd be whipping some Dragon ass like I always do!

  137. I guess so, I read it at the DA:O site, because sometimes I find gifts and don't know who to give them to and don't wanna waste them, so I look em up at the site. But apparently she acts like she never even left too. If you want the link it's

    Oh I know dude I was just saying lol, I feel like I should just go there and walk around until I find it. So in this place... you can not get hit, yet still be close enough to attack?

  138. Why are we still commenting here instead of by e-mail about DA:O??? Weird...

    So I guess it's just like the Awakenings thing, where you are supposed to forget about what happened before.

    Yeah, I can stand there, RIGHT next to these rocks and just blast away at the Dragon, and it can't do anything back to me. It can't touch me, 'cause I'm too far away, and it can't draw me over to it, 'cause I hit the rocks instead of flying over to it.

  139. Lol who knows? Then again we have like seven different convos going and had three emails going at once...

    Yeah pretty much. And are you like me in the sense you liked that chick and was disappointed when she failed the Joining? Yet Oghrens' punk ass made it?! Arrggghhh!!!

    Odd... I'm gonna experiment in my next game before I call the Dragon down.

  140. Ha, yeah I guess you're right.

    Dude, I discovered today that you don't NEED to keep Oghren around in Awakenings! I was SO frigging happy, because I wasn't gonna use him anyway, even if that meant going with a short team. I flat out told him that I didn't want him taking part in the Joining, so Alistair offered him a place in his army, and he left! MAN was I happy! So I'm running around with two mages and a rogue...

    Damn it, I should have seen if I saw my mom's camera anywhere while I was over there earlier. I could have tried to take a few pics of the spots I was talking about...

  141. Lmao I love that you hate Oghren SO much that you would handicap your team by giving up the ONLY Warrior in the game to my knowledge besides Justice. Now THAT is hatred.

    It's cool bro, I'll try to figure it out, and if not you'll be living there anyway soon enough haha.

  142. Dude, I'm telling you, if it was a choice between playing through the game with only Sandal and a broomstick as a weapon or having Oghren on my team, I'd be running through town with Sandal! I really hate that little bastard! I mean, just seeing him gets me angry! Now THAT'S real hatred! My team dynamic is actually pretty weird, considering the fact that all three of my characters are ranged fighters...

    Yeah man, I figure by next week this time I should be getting ready to move in.

  143. Funny thing is, Sandal's a friggin beast so I can't blame you. I'd mute my TV with all his ENCHANTMENT talk but yeah, he can kill some Darkspawn.

    Sweet dude, I hope ya like it there... I feel like this is a reality TV show I helped produce. Lol

  144. Hmm, Sandal WOULD be really annoying to have on your team, wouldn't he? I could see it now... Some darkspawn sneak up on you and the team says, "Darkspawn!", while Sandal says, "ENCHANTMENT?". You try to open a locked chest and say, "I can't open it..." While Sandal say, "ENCHANTMENT!" Man, that would get REALLY annoying REALLY fast!

    I'm already to the point where i just want it to be over with already, you know? Just let me get moved in and unpacked and be finished with the entire hassle!

  145. Lol see? "Enchantment, Enchantment!" Shale: "While the boy annoys me, he's still a better conversationalist than 'It' is."

    I feel ya bro, so what else do you have left to pack/move?

  146. HA! Nah, Shale liiked me towards the end. I even graduated from being an "it" to her! Damn, you know I didn't play at all today! Damn moving!

    I STILL have some comics to move, as well as the big stuff(bed, tv, couch)but that stuff will prob be around til the very end. Today I moved some comics, as well as some clothes and stuff. Getting there, but DAMN is that tiring...

  147. Ah you lucky dog! I killed Caridin, and kept the anvil, and lied to Shale about it. But she doesn't know. So yeah it was wild, and I'm at the part where I got out of the little jail after killing Howe. I seduced the guard, he thought he was gonna get some then I whooped his ass. Now I gotta deal with the city Elves.

    Man I believe it, You're gonna be so relaxed after the move and ya get a big homecooked meal your mom makes to welcome ya back to the...X-Clan?

  148. Sounds like you're moving along pretty fast now JT! I remember I was able to seduce the guard with one of my male characters, so I'm guessing that guard was looking for whatever kind of action he could get! So depending on how much time you put in, you could prob be finished by Fri. Any thoughts on your next playthrough, or are ya gonna start playing something new?

    I actually managed to grab about two hours of playing time today, between the packing and driving and stuff... I'm ALMOST finished up with my bastard mage in Awakenings. I'm not planning on doing a DAMN thing tomorrow except play DA:O and read comics, so I should def be finished with the game by tomorrow afternoon.

    The X-Clan? That sounds like the title of a really bad Marvel Comic! :P

  149. Lmao oh man, that horny guard cracks me up since he wanted some man action from your dude. Classic. If they let me I woulda had Sinestra sleep with him just because. And yeah bro, I'm about to do the Landsmeet in a minute actually, I'll start Awakenings afterwards then after that go back to my game with my Rogue Archer Ollie.

    Awesomeness, so did you get rid of Oghren in Awakenings or was that in Origins? Any thing I should make sure to do in my Sinestra playthrough?

    Lol it does but you know you'd still read it :P

  150. Yeah, that frigging guard was looking for ANYTHING he could get! And of course you'd have had Sinestra sleep with him! She's slept with like EVERYBODY else in the game!

    Yep, I ditched Oghren in Awakenings. When Alistair comes to visit, you can turn down Oghren's offer to join the Grey Wardens, and he'll leave with Alistair, which was FINE by me! Good riddance you little pain in the ass!

    There are some pretty good magic staffs in the market you might want to take a look at. My bastard mage was spending money like crazy at that dude who was selling magic stuff. I also switched up his stats with that book so I could boost his magic abilities. I think my magic stat is like up to a 115 right now!

    Yeah, sadly I'd at least buy the first few issues...

  151. Lol she's a very hard woman to please. Oh and I made three saves at Landsmeet, one with Alistair as King, one with Anora as King, and one where I let Logain join the Wardens and killed Alistair. So that bastard wouldn't let me rule with him because I never Hardened him! If you like tell Alistair people are jerks or whatever after meeting his sister he becomes more assertive later in the game and stops letting people walk all over him.

    Lol he grew on me in Origins, after I found his girlfriend he wanted to find (Not Branka) and he was more tolerable.

    DAYUM!!! I'll be SURE to do that. At the end of Origins, which I beat last night, My Magic was at about 45 or something so I know your Mage must be MAD powerful.

    Lol It'd be enjoyable, It'd be me and you recruiting fellow Bloggers with powers into the X-Clan

  152. Huh, I never knew that about Alistair! See that, I'm STILL learning new things about this game!

    Dude, did you REALLY say that Oghren grew on you?!? I... I don't even know what to say to you right now!

    Yup, I beat Awakenings earlier today, and my bastard mage SURE was insanely powerful! I could throw a fireball at some really high level targets and they'd wind up burning before they even got close to me! Oh, and I wound up killing Justice at the end of the game! I def didn't see THAT one coming!

    Sounds good to me, let's go pitch the idea to BENDIS!

  153. Yeah dude, sometimes I just go around that site I sent ya to and find interesting stuff, like his HILARIOUS Morrigan and Sten Conversation.

    # Morrigan: You seem so deep in thought, my dear Sten. Thinking of me, perhaps? The two of us, together at last?
    # Sten: Yes.
    # Morrigan: I... what did you say?
    # Sten: You will need armor, I think. And a helmet. And something to bite down on.

    Lol he did dude, I don't like him, but I was curious enough to see how the relationship carries over not to dismiss him onto Alistair...

    Lmao How the hell did THAT end up happening?!

    As long as Yost doesn't write it I'm good.

  154. Dude, all you need to do is have a team with Sten and Morrigan together, and after a while, that's ALL they say!!! I probably heard them have that same damn conversation like 10 times!!!

    Nah, I just can't deal with Oghren... He HAD to hit the bricks...

    I sided with the Architect, and Justice was like, "that's NOT acceptable!!!" and he attacked me and the rest of the team!

    "As long as Yost doesn't write it I'm good" Amen!

  155. Lol I've NEVER heard it, but I had Shale more than Sten. Man that game is so great, I need to pair up different people, apparently Zev always compliments Wynne's Bosom.

    Yeah bro I need a Warrior, now if Mhari didn't die, maybe I'd do away with the little bastard.

    Lol I did that, but I had Velanna, Nathaniel and Anders so no one cared. Justice annoys me.

    X-Clan starring X-23, featuring no one else.

  156. My current team is Wynne, Morrigan and the Dog, and so far we're REALLY kicking ass! Conversation-wise, I really haven't heard anything all that interesting yet. I was hoping for some fireworks between Wynne and Morrigan.

    Yeah, I needed a Warrior too, but it sure as hell wasn't gonna be that little bastard! I'd sooner take Jozeph on my team! Then again, scratch that, I'd prob take Oghren...

    Eh, I was okay with Justice, and since he was my only warrior, I was stuck with him.

    Hmm, on second thought, I don't think I'd be giving X-Clan a shot...

  157. Weird, apparently if you date Morrigan and Leiliana at the same time they get REALLY heavy into each other and insult one another alot!

    Lmao! I was gonna say man, Oghren is annoying, a drunk a dwarf and disgusting and I'd STILL pick him over Jozeph!

    I hated his corpsey dead body. Anders and Nathan never left my party though.

    You're a smart man buddy, a smart man!

  158. Yeah, I'm hoping Wynne and Morrigan really start to go at each other. So far they've only had one real conversation where Wynne was trying to convince Morrigan to be nicer to the other members of the party.

    Yeah, you know of my nearly rabid hatred of Oghen, but I'd still pick him over Jozeph!!! What does that tell you!!!

    Same here. Andres and Nathaniel were mainstays with me too. When I got Justice, he stayed too(well, until I killed him...)

    Yes, yes I am! :P

  159. I'm guessing that didn't turn out how Wynne expected right? Lol

    Lmao that you hate Jozeph with a passion and when you think of him you see Red and charge like a bull in a china shop. :D

    Lol so did you have to go into the last fight with just Anders and Nathaniel Howe?

    I won't dispute that :D

  160. Ha, dude, what do YOU think! They had a decent conversation today about how Wynne pitied Morrigan for being such a miserable human being, and Morrigan pitied Wynne for being old and dead soon! It's funny, once they start talking to each other, I'll stop whatever I'm doing and stand there to listen to the entire convo!

    Dude, there are VERY few people in my life that I can honestly say that I really don't like, but Jozeph def has made that list. There's just something about him that I really don't like... I'm real big on respect, I guess it's his total lack of respect for others that really turns me off.

    Nah, they let me take that elf chick with me(mainly because she was the only other person I had to pick!), although to be honest with ya, I prob could have beaten the Mother with my ULTRA-POWERED bastard mage and a frigging Nug!

  161. Lmao @ being old and dead soon. I freaking LOVE Morrigan. I'd love for her to voice Talia in something, that'd be sweet. Or Poison Ivy.

    I hear you man, He's definitely a disrespectful little jerkass, and if he weren't so headstrong maybe people would be willing to stand him.

    Lol @ a nug. You could feed her the nug and attack when her back is turned! So, you can do that entire game by yourself. Cause you can send away Oghren, have em take Anders, Kill Nathaniel, and not recruit Velanna and Justice right?

  162. Morrigan as Talia would be perfect, 'cause I'd expect Talia to speak with a nit of an accent. And yes, Morrigan does indeed rule!

    Yeah, I think so. That would actually be an interesting thing to try out actually... I mean my bastard mage didn't die ONCE during all of Awakenings... Oh, I just checked the Bioware site, and my bastard mage had a 118+43 for his magic stat by the end of the game!!! Is that overpowered or what?!?

    FYI, the FIRST thing I plan on doing once I get settled in tomorrow is to set up my PS3! :P

  163. Same here dude, I always pictured her having an exotic voice, so Morrigan would be excellent.

    Damn! My magic is at like 60 but that's CRAZY. Did you ignore Constitution and all that other stuff?

    Lol I believe it. Oh and we convinced Falisha. She's gonna trade her Little Big Planet for Origins. I would give her mine but Im always playing it, haha.

  164. No DA:O for me at all today... :-( I can already feel the withdrawl symptoms kicking in! I did play the Wii(which my sister gave me), so I played her in some old school Super Mario games, which was kind of cool. I STILL own Bowser's ASS in SM 1!

    Yup, that's EXACTLY what I did. I got my Willpower up to about 30 or so, and then put EVERYTHING into magic. I usually ignore Constitution though. I mean, the way I see it is that you automatically get a health boost everytime you level, so why bother? The only stats I care about are magic and willpower(for a mage), strength, dexterity, a LITTLE Will and 22 in Cunning(for a Rogue)and Strength, a LITTLE Dex, and a LITTLE Will(for a Warrior). There ya go that's my formula for success. What about you, what are you're pet stats?

    Sweet, another convert! I'll def be looking forward to hearing about Falisha's experiences with this game!

  165. Wait... you mean she gave you to play with or to HAVE? Either way thats cool, and speaking of Mario, Falisha didnt know what a Warp Whistle was dude. I was dumbfounded haha. And not to rub it in but I'm playing DA right now :D

    Hm... usually for Magic I've been getting my Willpower around 35, and everything else is magic, my Warroir has Strength at like 60 with dexterity, and cunning so I can use coercion at about 20. My Rogues I max their Dexterity and Strength so they can hold bigger weapons, and cunning lastly.

    I'm waiting for her to face the big ass spiders! Lol but she's fought some on tomb raider so she may be ready. Right now she's playing that Bayonetta game. With the chick who looks like Sarah Palin. Lol

  166. To have! Although to be fair, she'll prob be at my place more then anywhere else in the house. Oh, and I spent most of the day with my beloved DA:O, so there!

    So we seem to be just about the same, except that I don't bother giving cunning to my warrior, 'cause I know he can kick anybody's ass, so if he can't coerce people, whatever.

    Good GOD, they made a game with a chick who looks like Sarah Palin??? WHY!?!? *shudders* Yeah, I just finished up the dwarf stuff today, and I was thinking to myself, not only are the spiders themself horrible, I HATE that hissing noise they make too!

    Oh, and my hatred of Oghren is no secret and all, right? So today I figured I'd do everything i could to really piss him off before dismissing him from my team, so I gave him the feasterday gift and a few rotten onions until he HATED my guts and then I went to talk to him, and that little bastard told me HE was leaving the team! SO we got into it and I was doing EVERYTHING in my power to try to instigate a fight with him, because killing Oghren would prob be among my favorite video game moments, but unfortunately, I couldn't fight him, but on the plus side, at least he left!

  167. Lol I spent all day with my beloved Falisha, so I wins!!! :P Lol that;s cool though, so now ya got a WiiS3 :) Lol

    Lol I love coercing people into giving me money and discounts and stuff, plus ya only gotta get it up to 18 and you're good.

    GOD I HATE THAT HISSING NOISE!!! SSSS!!!! Then they drop down! Oh and I got Sigrun on Awakenings, I just gotta go get Justice now.

    Lol I love that HE left you. You gotta be a jerk to make a drunk dishonored warrior who's wife left him for a woman mad enough to leave you. Lol so how do you feel about Sigrun?

  168. Hmm, yeah, I guess you've got me there... BUT, I'll be going shopping for some Digornos tomorrow, so HA!

    Meh, I'd rather put those few extra points into my strength... So, I'm almost done with my current playthrough, and I'm thinking making a shapeshifting mage as my next character. Once I hit Level 7, I'll become a shapeshifter and solely go through the game like that, since that's one ability I've never seen/used.

    Dude, Sigrun's a dwarf isn't she, how do you THINK I feel about her?! When I played through Awakenings with my bastard mage I didn't even bother to recruit her onto my team! I was like, "There, I saved you, now get lost!"

  169. Hm... you win THIS round X... send me a Digorno, it'll keep in the mail right? :)

    I just beat Awakenings, killed Architect and the Mother, she started it, I was gonna try to side with her, it saved so I may try again. Sinestra had like 130 Magic.

    Lmmfao! I thought you just hated Oghren. She was pretty sweet though, she was getting like 200 attack points per attack! She was definitely the powerhouse on my squad.

  170. Ugh, the only Digornos they had at the store today was those square garlic ones(which I HATE!!!), and since I had a CRAZY headache all morning and half the afternoon, I didn't feel like going anywhere further away to buy a good one...

    Huh, I didn't even know you COULD side with the Mother! Who would be the final boss if you could?

    Nope, Oghren, plus being jerked all over Orzammar by Bhelen and Harromont made me really hate Dwarves... Yep, it's sad but true... I see a dwarf, and I start thinking about Harromont and Bhelen and their NEVERENDING tasks, and my blood starts to boil... Me: "But the Darkspawn are going to destroy the surface, and then probably come here!" Bhelen/Harrormont: "Well, until you run ALLLLL over Orzammar and the Deep Roads and do our dirty work, we can't help you!"... Jackasses...

  171. Damn I hate those, the pizza's and headaches. I don't blame ya dude, I hate getting those things SO much.

    I'd assume you could since you can talk to her, I was gonna today but I started Brutal Legend, which is awesome so far. I may do the Mother thing tomorrow though.

    lmao... good point. Everyone else wanted one favor those bastards wanted like six... I hated that. I agree with your Dwarf Hatred.

  172. Ugh, that headache struck at like the worst possible time too... I mean, I was right in the middle of the store, and all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there! Luckily I rarely get a headache, but when I do, look out!

    Well, if ya do manage to side with the Mother, let me know, because I'd be interested in finding out how you could possibly end the game.

    EXACTLY!!! I mean, come on! The Tower Commander just wanted you to clear out the Tower... Okay, fine. The Dalish want you to hunt down Witherfang... Whatever, I'm cool with that. But those DAMN Dwarves want like 62 different favors! And not little things either... It's not like they want you to do something easy like run a note across Dust Town 'cause they have little stubby legs or anything, no, they want you to wipe out all crime in their city and wander aimlessly through the Deep Roads! I mean, give me a frigging break!! Hell, I'd prob be better off just leaving the little bastards alone in their weird little caves and dealing with the Blight with out their help! Damn Dwarves...

  173. I hate them dude, especially when you have em, take a nap then wake up and STILL have them! I have tylenol on my dresser just in case I get one because I try to get rid of em asap.

    I was gonna today but I ended up helping my buddy with his script, he sent it to me to add some comedy (being the king and all :P) so I worked on that most of the day, ate lunch, and played Brutal Legend for a few.

    Lmao @ stubby little legs. I agree dude, I try to piss them off though. I sold that book the dude wanted for the Shaper, I told that lady I killed her son in the dark everything to make those bastards pay.

  174. Well, luckily for me I'm not really prone to headaches, but yeah, I def hear you!

    Check you out with the whole, "being the king and all" thing! You kind of sounded like that old groundskeeper from KotH, The Wizard of Sod, after he got all full of himself! :D

    HA!!! That's JT, a menace to the Dwarven Community!

  175. Yeah I try to stay away but sometimes I get em bad, I had one for like two days straight about a month ago... that was hell.

    LMAO! You know how I am :P That dude was hilarious, difference is I actually do my work haha.

    That's me man! If those tiny sons of bitches want my help then someones gonna die for it!!!

  176. Damn, a headache for two straight DAYS? I get bitchy when I have one for two straight HOURS!

    Yeah, the Wizard of Sod was priceless! "I know what this grass needs, rock salt, and LOTS of it!"

    Well, any hell we can visit on those damn dwarves is well deserved if you ask me!

  177. Had a small headache today actually, for like two hours so I took a nap, just got up and started comments so I'm glad its gone!

    Lmao, putting Salt on grass is just so outrageous that it's funny as hell. Sometimes I wonder where these guys come up with these lines... I loved the one from last night Where Rusty Shackleford returns and he's like... "I didn't Die Dale, I just moved!"

    Agreed, I should become their damn King after all the work I had to do!

  178. Hmm, maybe we'd better stop talking about headaches, especially if now you're getting them!

    The Rusty Shackleford one was funny because who would have imagined he was alive?! I mean Dale was using that name since like the very beginning of the series!

  179. I had one for the better part of today lol but it's gone... so yes, time to change the subject eh? What are some of your favorite Simpsons lines or episodes?

    Lol right? Like imagine how many bills, and laws broken have accumulated for Rusty Shackleford. That man's life must be a living hell all because of a kid he met in the third grade. And I loved his line "I know it's you Dale, you're smoking the same brand of cigarettes you smoked, in the third grade!"

  180. Oh geez... I haven't watched the Simpsons in YEARS! I guess I'd say the Poochie episode since that one is still so vivid in my mind, but I'm probably forgetting TONS of episodes.

    It's too bad they didn't just spin off King of the Hill and make a Dale show... With all the crazy junk Dale was into, they probably could have too!

  181. Haha, I can't fault you. I've been watching a lot lately, and there's a lot of good ones, I recently watched the one with Homer inventing the Flaming Homer which was stolen and became the Flaming Moe.

    That would be so damn funny too, Dale definitely deserves a show, it'd be fantastic.