Wednesday, April 28, 2010


REBELS #15 Writer: Tony Bedard. Pencils: Claude St. Aubin.
Last Issue: 9 out of 10.

Review: We start this issue with Vril Dox complaining about the fact that Despero is looked at as a hero in the Vega sector(since Despero has decided to publicly execute Starro the Conqueror) while Dox, who was instrumental in the defeat of Starro is almost universally hated by the Vega sector planets. This point gets hammered home when an assassin attempts to murder Dox, but the assassin is quickly defeated by REBEL member, Capt. Comet. This action causes Dox to realize that he wouldn't be able to safely rebuild his LEGION forces in or around the Vega sector, so Adam Strange offers Dox an alternative. Before we get to Adam's idea, we head to a lone ship being attacked by Tamarian pirates. The pirates board the ship and demand whatever cargo the ship was carrying, but unfortunately for them, the ship is actually carrying Starfire. Starfire makes quick work of her fellow Tamarians, and decides to leave the confines of the ship, traveling to her destination under her own power. Back with Dox, he is brought to the desolate planet of Rann by Adam Strange and Sardath, Adam's father-in-law and the former ruler of the dead world. Dox looks around the dead world and tells Adam and Sardath that he'll be able to return life to Rann, provided he is given the largest Zeta-beam Sardath can create. On Kalanor, the homeworld of Despero, Starro kneels chained in an arena full of bloodthirsty Kalanorians(?), while Despero struts over with a very large sword. Before Despero can behead Starro for his crimes, Starro's top two lieutenants, Storm-Daughter and Smite arrive on the scene and rescue the fallen Conqueror before Despero can exact his revenge. This issue ends with Starfire making it to the former spot of Tamarian and crying over the destruction of her homeworld. However, while Starfire looks on in shock, another planet appears in the very spot that Tamarian once occupied, leading Starfire to hope that it was her lost world somehow returned.

What I Thought: Usually this comic is the highlight of my month, but this issue fell rather flat for me... For one, there was not NEARLY enough Dox in this issue! Just two measly scenes for one of my favorite DC characters??? Bah! I also thought the rescue of Starro was kind of unnecessary... He's been around for what seems like this entire series, I'd have been fine with him being beheaded, which could have led to Storm-Daughter and Smite going around attacking Despero and Dox for their parts in the death of their master. Another thing that really bugged me was the fact the Dox's son, Brainiac 3/Lyrl Dox didn't appear at all in this comic! It seemed that with the Starro storyline coming to an end Lyrl would be taking up the role of Dox's number one threat, but I guess not. The Starfire parts were inoffensive for the most part, but as a character, I still can't stand her. I truly feel she is one of the most boring characters around, and this issue really didn't do much to change that. Her only drawing point seems to be the fact that she is rather well endowed and that she wears little clothing... Maybe if I was still a prepubescent kid that would do it for me, but sorry, senseless TnA isn't really what I'd consider character development... Yes, I know that Rome wasn't built in a day, but I was hoping for maybe some sort of drastic character change for Starfire... Oh well, I guess there's always next issue.

Score: 7 out of 10.Now THAT is a sword!


  1. I had a brief flick through of this one, and all I could see was Starfire's tits. It seems, just like every other comic she's in, that's the selling point. A rubbish selling point, especially when I prefer the design from the TV series...

  2. Yeah Nagash, that's really all she has... No character, nothing interesting, just a HUGE rack!