Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A slight change of plans...

I was fully intending on doing reviews for REBELS(which wasn't nearly as good as it usually is...)and Streets of Gotham tonight, but unfortunately I had TOTALLY forgotten about my Accounting homework, and that's going to have to take precedence over doing those reviews. So, no reviews tonight, instead I'll post a random comic scan, respond to comments and that's going to have to do it for tonight... Tomorrow I'll have my Comic Gazing post up, plus at least one new review(probably). All right, I really don't have the time to drag this out any longer, so here's the scan, and I am out of here!Hey check it out, some very early Mark Bagley artwork! From New Warriors #25(July 1992).


  1. Tisk Tisk X, for shame!! You haven't done that homework. Lol. I'm one to talk, I procrastinate on purpose with homework. Lol. Anyways, no need for much explaination sir! Get that work done sir. We'll be here for the next set of reviews. At least I will.

    *sits in lawn chair outside of X -Man's Comic Blog*


    Don't work too hard.

  2. Yeah, I was burning the midnight oil last night Falisha... I can't wait to get to sleep tonight! Accounting homework can be a REAL drag!

    Hmm, if this blog was an actual physical place, I wonder what the outside of it would look like... I see it as a place surrounded by a lot of overgrown weeds...

  3. I see it as a tiny hut I keep in the backyard of my blog :D Lmao, but no, really It'd be awesome if our blogs were like, real places.

  4. My blog would be the bomb!!! :) decorated and full of fun!! :)

  5. Nah, who am I kidding, my blog would look like the inside of a padded room in Arkham! :D