Friday, April 23, 2010

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2(of 3)

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2(of 3): Writers: Sterling Gates & James Robinson. Pencils: Pete Woods & Travis Moore
Last Issue: 9 out of 10.

This issue gets started with Alura and Gen. Zod arguing over who has the right to lead New Krypton during a time of war. In the end, Alura wins out, but Zod makes it plainly clear that the conversation was far from over. Superboy, Supergirl and one of the Legions(I don't know which anymore...)try to break onto Brainiac's ship to assist Superman and Mon-El, but prove unable to. While they are trying to figure out a course of action, Brainiac 5 arrives from the future and offers to assist the group of heroes. Meanwhile, Supes and Mon-El are trying to battle through Brainiac and his robot army, but prove unable to, as the robots drag Mon away, which leaves Supes alone with Brainiac. Brainiac tries to get a hold of one of the bottled cities that Mon-El had disconnected from Brainiac's ship, but Supes beats him to it, so Brainiac teleports to another part of his ship along with his many other bottled cities. SB, SG and the Legion manage to gain entrance to Brainiac's ship(thanks to Brainiac 5)and decide to split up in order to locate Supes and Mon. One of the groups of Legionaries manage to find Supes, and they inform him that if Brainiac isn't defeated the future the Legionaries had come from would cease to exist. While Supes and the Legion are having their pow-wow, Brainiac begins the process and bottling up Kandor, and with no members of the Super-clan there to stop him, he succeeds in shrinking and bottling the Kryptonian city(again). Thanks to the telepathic member of the Legion, Supes gets wind of what was happening, and he rushes outside Brainiac's ship just in time to watch the city get pulled in to the underside of the ship. Before Supes can get back into the ship, he is hit by a blast of red sunlight, and he begins to tumble helplessly back towards New Krypton. This issue ends with Lex Luthor and Brainiac looking into the bottled city of Kandor smugly, while Gen. Zod stands inside the shrunken city, proudly proclaiming that Brainiac had lost.

I definitely enjoyed reading this comic. It was fast-paced and made sense for the most part. I could nit-pick about a few things(such as Brainiac 5 arriving from the future just in time to help the heroes break onto Brainiac's ship), but instead I'll simply say that once again this comic has exceeded my expectations, so bravo. With the endgame drawing ever closer, I'm very curious as to how the whole saga of Kandor/New Krypton will conclude.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Brianiac went up like 25 coolness points by knocking his own robots out of the way in order to attack Superman!

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