Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Random Scan of the Week!

Before I bust out what should be a VERY random scan to begin/end the week(sorry, but to me the week starts on Monday!), a few quick words. I fully expect to be totally buried with schoolwork this week, with a(BIG)paper due on Thursday, an exam on Wednesday and a quiz on Friday, so things may be a bit lax review-wise around here this week... However, I will definitely post SOMETHING everyday, even if it's just a random scan, and as always I'll respond to every comment I get. Speaking of comments, you guys set a new record, as I have 26(!!!)comments to check out before hitting the hay tonight, so thanks for that! You know I love comments! Getting back on track though, I'm expecting my comic book shipment to arrive tomorrow, and if it gets here like it's supposed to, I'll definitely put up a review for Brightest Day #0 tomorrow night. If the package doesn't arrive tomorrow, it'll be a random scan tomorrow night and the Brightest Day review on Tuesday. So yeah, that review will be up one of these days, it's up to the postal service to decide which! All right, I'd better get going, I've got to check out the blogs I follow and respond to those comments. Until next time, Long Live The Legion!From The Ray #2(March 1992).

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