Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mighty Avengers #35

After some thought, I've decided to go back to the way I used to post reviews, that being one review per post. That way if there's a certain comic review you're looking for, it should be a lot easier to find it as opposed to having to sift through as many as 5 other reviews per post to find it. I figure that'll make things a little bit easier for you, my beloved readers. Yeah, that's right, I'm kissing up again! So everything will be as it always was, except I'll only have an introduction with my first post of the night, the other posts will be straight up reviews, so while Mighty Avengers is going to get an intro, Superman(which I'll be posting next)won't. There we go, I think I've adequately explained things, so with that, let's get to the reviews!

Mighty Avengers #35:Writer: Dan Slott. Pencils: Khoi Pham.
Last Issue: 7 1/2 out of 10.

This issue begins with two agents from GRAMPA(which is some kind of global security outfit)heading to the Infinite Avengers Mansion to tell Pym that his Mighty Avengers were no longer associated with GRAMPA, all thanks to Pym butting heads with Norman Osborn a few issues back. Pym seemingly could care less, since the Mighty Avengers disbanded after the last issue, and he's been spending his time trying to get Jocasta back online. While this is going down, Ultron is reassembled by the billions of Jocasta clones he managed to take over, and he begins to slowly take over the computer systems of the Infinite Avengers Mansion. Pym discovers from the agents of GRAMPA what had been going down in Asgard(during Siege), and when Captain America calls Pym to see if Pym would be willing to assist Cap's Avengers as they head into battle against Osborn and his HAMMER forces, Pym bluntly turns Cap down. After finishing up with Cap, Pym manages to reawaken Jocasta, revealing to her the he had created human-like arms and legs for her... DAMN is Pym crazy! Anyway, Pym hooks Jocasta back up the the mainframe of the Infinite Avengers Mansion servers, and she immediately panics, telling Pym to disconnect her from the mainframe before it was too late. Before Pym can ask what was wrong, Ultron appears on all of Pym's computer screens and announces that he plans to delete Pym. HA! Pym and company decide to make a break for it, but run into the billions of Jocasta robots Ultron had taken command of. Pym and his allies manage to escape the Jocastas by shrinking down and leaving a hologram of Pym and company behind. Pym and co make it to the main lab of Infinite Avengers Mansion, and Pym shrinks down his teleportation technology, hiding it in Jocasta, so that it wouldn't fall into the metal hands of Ultron. However, with the teleportational device not hooked up, Pym and company have trapped themselves inside Infinite Avengers Mansion with Ultron. The agents of GRAMPA decide to try their luck outside the Mansion, but find themselves in some sort of extra-dimensional void. This issue ends with Pym revealing that the dimension Infinite Avengers Mansion was located in was the same one Thor banished the Wasp to at the end of the Secret Invasion farce.

Well, there was some good here, as well as some bad. The good was ULTRON! Ultron is my favorite Avengers villain, and seeing him(yes, HIM!)back in all his unholy, robotic glory made me very happy. You don't know how glad I am to see that this comic seems to have rid us of that female Ultron garbage the Dread Lord gave us back during the beginning of this series. However, the non-Ultron stuff was a bit flat. Pym giving Jocasta human arms and legs was pretty creepy, as was the fact that he was hanging around in the dimension his ex-wife had been banished to. The next issue should be the final one for this series(I think), and it should also have the final(until the next time)battle between Pym and his maniacal robot son, Ultron. Whatever happens, I'm just hoping that the next issue doesn't see the return of the Wasp...

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Woo-hoo, it's the return of the ORIGINAL Ultron!!!


  1. Why does one of the robots have a bun do while the rest have long straight hair?
    And since when has the Wasp been dead?

    Man I haven't really paid much attention to Marvel stuff, save Dark Avengers and Runaways...

  2. She died at the end of Secret Invasion, and until I read this post I was under the impression that she was still dead. Apparently there's a whole bunch of alternate reality garbage tied into it, and considering I've never much cared for the Wasp anyway, that just makes the whole thing even more stupid.

  3. Uuuuuurgh... seriously? Comics can never have characters who don't go through stupid crap like that. I mean, seriously? This stuff just sounds stupid - try explaining it to a non-comic reader. They'd just say what are you smoking?

  4. I had to laugh when I read your initial comment Nagash... Like Marc said, Wasp died in Secret Invasion. I can distinctly remember reading your review for SI, so I guess that x-over was SO horrible you just blocked all memory of it from your mind. I can TOTALLY understand that!

    As for the alternate dimension stuff... I'd say Marc's explanation for it all is as good as any! I thought she was dead, seems she's not. Or she is. Kind of? Bah, I give up!

  5. What's Secret Invasion again? ;)

    I suppose it's at least clear what happened, we just don't care cause it was associated with a terrible series?

  6. "What's Secret Invasion again?" Something I'm still trying to forget!

    I don't even know if it was that clear... I thought Wasp died, but now it looks like she was shunted by Thor to another dimension... I don't really care enough to pull out the comic to find out for sure though!

  7. It's as easy as bashing your head multiple times against a wall

    Maybe that's the angle they're going for. They know we're not gonna look at it, so they'll jus claim whatever ;)

  8. I tried that, but I just ended up with a headache... Although afterwards some of the stuff that happened in SI did make a little bit more sense...

    Ha, good point! That story was so awful, the other writers may just figure, "Nobody cares anyway, so we'll just do whatever we want!"