Monday, April 12, 2010

Gotham City Sirens #10

I've got to start off this post by saying that I was very pleasantly surprised by all of the comments on this week's Random Scan. I definitely wasn't expecting that! The question now becomes, how do I top that pic next week?!? Well, at least I have 6 days to figure something out... Anyway, two new reviews on tap for tonight featuring some of DC's best female characters. Instead of babbling though, hows about I get started?

Gotham City Sirens #10: Writer: Paul Dini. Pencils: Andres Guinaldo.
Last Issue: 9 out of 10.

We kick things off with Dr. Aesop telling the captive Riddler exactly how he escaped what seemed like certain death at the hands(or guns)of Hush. After telling Riddler that, he explains that he framed the Sirens in order to get them to vacate their headquarters, since it seems it was his HQ first. While Aesop is spilling his guts to Riddler, the Sirens are listening from the skylight, and after they've heard enough, they spring into action, attacking Aesop and his army of women and animals. Needless to say, Aesop's forces are no match for the Sirens, so Aesop tries to make a break for it atop a bull. Seriously. Upon getting outside, he is corralled by the police, and after Riddler presents his evidence that it was Aesop who was responsible for the murder the Sirens were being blamed with to Commissioner Gordon, the Sirens are allowed to go back into their headquarters, even though Gordon and the police now knew where they were living. After the cops take Aesop away, the Sirens go to thank Riddler, but he is pretty miffed at them since they simply used him as bait to lure Aesop out. This issue ends with Riddler leaving the Sirens headquarters wondering to himself if he should bother remaining on the side of the angels, or whether he should head back to the darkside.

OK, first a confession(or three). Number one, I'm doing this review at school in one of the computer labs between classes, number two, I read this comic on Friday, and numero three, I don't have the comic readily available, so hopefully I didn't leave too much pertinent information out. Usually when I do my reviews, I either have the comic at hand, or it's still fresh on my mind. Anyway, I kind of enjoyed this comic... To an extent. I don't like(or get)Dr. Aesop, I mean, the guy exudes loser! He's an old man obsessed with fables... That's almost Mad Hatter bad! And to make things even worse, he was actually shown capable of beating Harley Quinn in a one on one fight... REALLY!?! I'm also not very fond of the fact that it seems like the Riddler is about to return to his evil roots, because I think the character is more interesting as a reformed villain as opposed to a gimmicky criminal. Other then those two gripes, I was fine with everything else in here, and I think the fact that Gordon and the cops now know where the Sirens are based could lead to some interesting stories down the road.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Look out, it's an old man with a cane!!!!!


  1. Lmao @ Oldman with a Cane. And now some things from my blog I'd like to point out over here, because YOUR blog gets WAAAAY more traffic :P

    "his motivation was quite possibly the dumbest I've ever heard. I mean of ALL the reasons to be upset, THAT one?! Also that whole stealing the other people's clothes routine is so old and played out I can't believe Dini even did it. (Not complaining about Harley in a dress though...) What was the point of it? Also how the hell does Aesop get all the way across the room in two seconds? One second he's opening a cell the next he's going all Barry Bonds on Selina's head."

  2. "because YOUR blog gets WAAAAY more traffic" I don't know about that JT. I think for the most part we have the same people checking out both of our blogs. Although I WILL take credit for whatever traffic you do get! :p

    "Also how the hell does Aesop get all the way across the room in two seconds?" That's a good question, although I still want to know how an old guy who was nearly pushing up daisies found the time to recuperate from what was probably multiple gunshot wounds AND master a style of stick fighting!

  3. Well you have more fans, so I wanna steal them whenever I can :D

    Also agreed. Dude had time to heal then attacked THREE women with a stick because he was mad they took his hide out?

  4. I just wish I knew where these fans were, cause it sure doesn't seem like they're here!

    I just can't get over the fact that #1, he's ultra old, and #2, he was able to floor Catwoman AND Harley(who are both damn good fighters)WITH A STICK!!!

  5. Lol well they liked you enough to push a button once and never ever come back :D

    Yep, both are awesome fighters, and he beat them with a stick. Maybe if they'd been wearing their skintight costumes to cut down on air friction instead of DRESSES they STOLE for NO REASON that wouldn't have happened ;)

  6. It's more about the quality than quantity of your followers, if you ask me. I originally found this blog through a link on Robot6, and the fact that the fine folks over there even know about this blog, much less take the time out to specifically mention and link to it, should speak volumes.

  7. Ha, I love that logic JT! I'm just going to blame the dresses and leave it at that!

    Hmph, you know what Marc? I think you're 100% right. It's the quality of the followers of this blog that's the most important, not the quantity. And quite frankly, I'm really happy about the quality of the fine folks who do leave comments on these blogs of mine. Thanks for setting me straight.

  8. Agreed 100% with Marc, I'd rather have the same 5 people visit my blog forever than a 1000 who just say.. "Nice article" or "this sux"