Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Random Scan of the Week!

Not very Easter-y, but it sure is random... From New X-Men #143(Aug. 2003).


  1. New X-Men is far and away my favorite superhero story published in the last ten years. "Assault on Weapon Plus" was especially significant for me since it was the first time that I really enjoyed Chris Bachalo's art since his work on Generation X in the mid-90s. So long story short, I definitely approve of this scan!

  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! I know I give Grant Morrison a lot of crap over his work on Batman, but he was a GENIUS on New X-Men! I said it before and I'll say it again, it was Grant's New X work that brought me back into comics more then anything else. He took a franchise that desperately needed a shake-up and gave it just that. Sure, it wasn't all great, but MOST of it was. I actually enjoyed Grant's Marvel work WAY more then his DC work. His Marvel Boy was a pretty awesome little mini-series as well.

    Hey, if you have them, how about doing a few New X-Men trades over at "With Great Power..."?

  3. So much greatness in New X-Men: Xorn. The silent issue. The black bug room. "A is for atom." Mer-Max. The entirety of New X-Men #150. I could go on and on...

    In addition to the original issues, I have the New X-Men Omnibus, which collects all of the trades. According to eBay that thing goes for a few hundred dollars now, but I never intend to part with it. And yeah, I'll probably post a review of it at some point. :)

  4. "And yeah, I'll probably post a review of it at some point." GREAT! I can't wait for that. To this day, the way the Xorn/Magneto reveal went down is one of my favorite scenes EVER. Grant just did a masterful job setting that scene, and I NEVER saw it coming!

    I have two Hardcovers, 4 trades and then the rest in loose issues. So I have the full run, just in a bunch of different ways. So what did you think about the way Marvel retconned almost everything Grant did in his run practically the moment he left for DC?

  5. >:(

    Yeah, that's my thoughts on all that. hahaha

    The third hardcover went out of print within weeks, so I'm not surprised you didn't get it...practically no one did. That thing was regularly selling for a hundred dollars before they announced the Omnibus, and it might that high now too since the Omnibus is out of print as well.

    I loved the Xorn/Magneto reveal as well...took me totally by surprise as well. I remember submitting a "best of the year" ballot to Wizard Magazine that year, and I marked that as my favorite moment. I believe I voted for New X-Men whenever it was an option, and Ultimate Spider-Man when that wasn't possible...any other choices I think I just left blank. :P

  6. " >:( " Well put!

    New X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man(when it was still good)... Ah the good old days! Now the X-Men are a shell of their former glory and Ultimate Spider-Man is just sort of hanging around...

  7. the only positive thing here is fantomex... otherwise Cyclops was written as a little bitch, Wolverine was a mongrel idiot & both hang out in the hellfire club. & Sabretooth was in the club , yeah the same guy that gave them so much shit over the years & nearly killed them or their friends... Morrison just uses him for a dick joke.& the " heroes" do jackshit to attack a fucking murderer! dude , this ain't a highschool bully THIS IS A TRUE BLOOD KILLER! GET HIM! DO YOUR JOB FOR FUCK SAKE! O h & Scott shilling with Shaw...this is as nonsensical as his pairing with Emma, Oh & Shaw is a telepath... because Moronson is a"genius"!
    Also can someone explain HOW the hell he made Emma, Hank & Scott better? Beast is apparently not the badass, wise , optimistic intellectual bruiser we've known all those years or in the cartoon, No for Grant, he's a junkie little bitch who in the future will be possessed by...sigh...a sentient bacteria (thank for Tieri, at least he made John Sublime worth a damn...) to cosplay as Apocalypse ( & EN SABAH NUR SHALL SUE THEIR HIDES FOR THIS INSULT TO HIS AWESOMENESS!) & be decapitated by Deadpool's lipless cousin dressed as Fantomex...& this run is great! Greatly stupid, wretched & mean-spirited mind you but it's great on its own right!