Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Walking Dead #105

Last review for ol' X this week, and it's the always good Walking Dead.  Let's get to it.

Walking Dead #105

Summary: So last issue Carl killed a bunch of Saviors but ended up getting captured by an amused Negan, who thought the whole, killing a whole shit-ton of his men thing was a bad-ass move on Carl's part.  With that, Negan takes Carl around the Savior's encampment and shows him the sights and sounds.  He makes Carl take the bandaging off his face and is horrified to see what was underneath, and then makes Carl sing a song to him and Lucille...  His baseball bat.  Also important to note is that Negan's baseball bat does not have female genitalia   Anywho, Carl gets to meet all of Negan's wives and sees what happens to Negan's wives when they cheat on him, the man they cheated with ends up getting half his face melted with an iron.  And that's the gist of this one, as it ends with Negan trying to figure out what to do with Carl.

Thoughts: Yes, Negan is a monumental psychotic asshole.  That's the main thing we learn from this issue.  We also see what was under Carl's bandaging for the first time since he was shot and it is a gruesome sight.  I have to say, I really don't give Charlie Adlard enough credit for the work he does on this comic.  So I think I will now.  He does a great job with the art on this comic.  There, done.  This was a TOUGH issue to score, actually...  I'm sure I mentioned the way I score a comic book before, but I'll get into it again.  Usually when I read a comic, once I close the back cover I'll have a score in mind.  I'll usually think on the number for about a minute, adjust it up or down a 1/2 point or so, and presto, instant score.  After I closed this issue up, no number was forthcoming...  Which is very unusual...  Even now, as I write the final words of this post, I'm STILL not sure what to do score-wise with this issue...  It was a good comic, it furthered the story, or at least furthered Negan as crazy and kind of softened Carl's character a bit, so I guess it was more about character development than story...  Actually, this issue actually reminded me(us?) that Carl IS still just a kid.  That was really nice to see and is something that I know I oftentimes forget.  And the art was solid as always...  Huh...  Um, for a score let's go with a...

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.
walking dead #105
Man is Negan's death going to be satisfying as hell...  I really hope it's drawn out and gruesome myself.

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