Friday, December 21, 2012

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #18

Hey blog fans, JT here for day numero dos of X-Man's Comic Blog, starring JT! Today's review is the latest issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. After the last issue Miles was left along in a desert, trying to make his way back home. Same thing happened to Aquaman a year ago, anyway, let's get to it shall we?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #18

Summary: In this issue, Miles wanders the desert until he runs into Giant Woman, who proceeds to lay the smackdown on him. Miles, not wanting to hit a girl since he knows his mom wouldn't like it, eventually decides he has no choice and lays out Giant Woman. Miles, a teenage boy, lands on the stomach of a knocked out giant woman, and before things can get weird (teenage boy, giant woman, very close to... her upper mountains), Spider-Woman shows up with a few army guys and they save Miles, as Spider-Woman is proud of him, hailing him as the guy that saved President Captain America, which he did in the last issue and has now become big news, She takes him back to the city, telling him he needs more training but she's proud of him, and he should go home to his family, and she says she's very jealous that he has the chance to do that. Miles asks about her, and she says she promises to tell him some day, but not today. Back with Miles' parents, his dad tells his wife what happened with S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, and how HYDRA murdered the SHIELD agents in front of him then gave him a gun and offered him a spot. Apparently, Jefferson then killed the HYDRA agents, and since people saw, he ran home, so now he's afraid he may have ruined his families lives. Miles' mom is shocked, but still curious where Miles is, so they head to Ganke's house and ask him. Before Ganke can answer, Miles shows up, saying he was held by SHIELD at location until they deemed it safe enough for him to leave. Miles mom hugs him and Miles asks his dad if he's okay. Miles' mother says he's had a big day, and he fought some terrorists. Miles says how cool that is, as Jefferson looks worried and the issue ends.
Thoughts: This was a interesting issue. It was cool seeing Miles fight Giant Woman, and I laughed at his comments on him finding I kind of got to fight a giant woman, as well as him staring at her breasts when he knocked her out... I mean he's a teenager, what teenage boy WOULDN'T have done that?! The stuff with Miles' dad is weird though, it has to go somewhere, I'd imagine maybe he's lying and he did join HYDRA? Either way, I'm slightly interested now. I do like the relation between Miles and Jessica Drew, and now that she's not standing over him saying how inept he is over and over, I'm looking forward to seeing how she takes over as his mentor.

Score: 7.5/10 

Giant Woman: I think it's Spider-Man. He's not what you think he'd be at all...
Miles (thinking): Whatever, racist. Or she's talking about that I'm a kid.

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