Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #700. Part 2!

This is my final review of the week, but not my final post of the week...  No, that will be the MAMMOTH Year End post JT and I are currently putting the finishing touches on.  So the faster I get through this issue, the sooner I can finish up the Year End post.  Let's see what the back-up stories from this comic are all about...

Amazing Spider-Man #700(Final Issue):

Summary: First up, we see the official proclamation making Sunday, October 14th, 2012 Spider-Man Day in New York City.  That's pretty cool, actually.  Next up is a story set in a future written by former Spidey scribe, JM DeMatteis.  The story apparently shows us an elderly Peter Parker(under an assumed name) trying to bond with his pain in the ass great-grandson.  Old Man Pete eventually wins the brat over by regaling him with some Spidey stories from Peter's past.  The punk doesn't necessarily believe his great-grandfather until the old man takes the kid out to do some web-slinging, ending this one.  Next up is a Black Cat story by Jen Van Meter and Stephanie Buscema.  Black Cat and Spidey want to have a romantic evening  but Spidey is called away to battle a giant robot.  The mayor sends the cops after Spidey(?), so Black Cat runs interference and distracts the cops so Spidey can concentrate on the robot.  Black Cat leads the cops on a wild goose chase and gets back home before Spidey, and the two get to have their date.  Next all 700 Spidey covers, followed by an extra, super-long letters page with responses from none other than Stan "The Man" Lee himself!  That's followed by a mess of creative team members talking about the first Spidey comic they read, and that warps this one up.

Thoughts: Amazing Spider-Man #692 this comic was not!  ASM #692 had a fantastic main story(one of my favorite single issues of 2012), and also had a phenomenal back-up.  This issue?  Yeah, not so much...  The two back up stories weren't very good...  Like, at all.  The first one had some nasty fat kid in it, and the second one was a bizarre Black Cat story...  The hell?!  The letters page was cool, as I am now, and will forever be a HUGE fan of Stan Lee, and I enjoyed reading about the creative staff discussing their first Spidey moment.  It's something I'm sure all of us comic fans could do with no problem.  For me, the first Spidey book I ever got my hands on was a back issue, Amazing Spider-Man #356.  It was the middle of a six part story, I had NO idea what the hell was going on, but yeah, I was bit by the Spidey bug from that point onward.  So there's my own Spidey memory.  Besides the letters page, I also enjoyed the cover gallery.  Those are always fun to look through.  But honestly?  For a comic that cost as much as this one did, I'd have hoped for a bit more...  Or hell, at least one good to great back-up story!  For all the back-up stuff, I'd give it a 5 out of 10 for a score.  I gave the main story a 9 out of 10, so if we average those two numbers out, we get the overall score for this entire comic book.  And that score is...

Score: 7 out of 10.
amazing spider-man #700
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