Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Comic Day! December 26th edition.

We are heading towards the end of the year, which means the 5th annual Untitled X's (and JT's) Year End Awards Post!!!  So huzzah to that.  And hey, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for another edition of New Comic Day, and yes, we have to give a huzzah for that as well!  I am the recently returned X, who needs to thank JT for picking up my slack last week.  I'll probably have one more bad week coming up soon, which means I'll be leaning on JT once more, and then I should be good to go, hopefully for the rest of my life.  But that's still a few weeks away and I have a few things to talk about before then.  First order of business...  JT and I have been discussing things happening here at the blog our past few conversations and have decided to make some small changes to the way things work.  Most of you won't notice anything, so no worries, but after the recent spoiler garbage, it was time to make a slight change...  Secondly, and more importantly, the year end post!  That will be up, posted and ready to go on December 31st at 8PM.  So the same time I post all of my reviews.  JT and I aren't gonna post anything on January 1st, so there's plenty of time to check that out.  I always have a blast typing that post, and with JT here this year, it should be that much better.  Okay, with the housekeeping out of the way, on to this week and the comic books I'll be picking up...  Amazing Spider-Man #700, Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, Deathmatch #1.  And that's it?!?  What the HELL is THAT?!?  Wow...  I'll be reviewing Spidey #700 this week, in two posts.  Thursday I'll take on the main story, and on Saturday I'll tackle the back-up stories.  So Thursday and Saturday are my review days(with Monday being the Year Ender) this week.  Annnnnnd that'll do it.  We've covered a lot here, and I think it's time for JT to put in his two cents for the week.  As for me?  X out!  That's right, X out, MY saying!  Damn that thieving JT!!!

Thanks for that super post X and I'm glad you're feeling better buddy, and I'm glad to help pick up the slack here. Now that the best has been saved for last, it's JT Time. As X said the Fifth Annual unnamed awards are coming up, and I'm excited to be apart of them for the first time ever, so be sure to come check those out on the last day of the year. Since X hit all the major points I'll just jump to my reviews for this week. I plan on picking up Amazing Spider-Man #700, Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, Justice League #15 and Deathmatch #1. My two review days this week are Friday and Sunday, and I'll be reviewing Avenging Spider-Man on Friday and Justice League on Sunday. But that's it for me, I'll be back Friday with my first review of the week, so until next time, JT out! Yes... I'm STILL saying it, do something sucka!


  1. Justice League (and Aquaman) were both awesome. But JT unless you're somehow just gonna be relying on reviews of Aquaman, how're you gonna get through the crossover?

  2. You know Caz, that's a good question. I'm honestly not sure, I'll have to read Aquaman first and see how that plays out, and maybe I'll mention that in my opening paragraph, but tbh I can see myself not reviewing this whole crossover since there's so much Batman related stuff and other books, I'm really just reviewing Justice League because this was a slow week.