Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Invincible #98

Hola X-Maniacs, JT here with my final review of the comic week, and it's ending with Invincible #98. This is the beginning of the "Death of Everyone" storyline. So let's see how exactly Everyone dies!

Invincible #98

Summary: We kick things off Mark, now healed and wearing his Blue and Black Invincible suit, telling Bulletproof that he thinks he should continue to be Invincible in his classic suit, and he appreciates his help. He tells him that it will give Mark more time to focus on the big picture, and free him up to do more good, and Zandale agrees to continue being Invincible. From there Mark visits Dinosaurus, who tells him he didn't know if Mark was going to return to full power, if he didn'the wouldn't have done what he's done. Mark asks him what he's done, and Dinosaurus says he's run calculations and millions must die in order for billions to survive. Mark attacks him, demanding he tells him what city he's endangered, and he says Los Angeles, so Mark flies to L.A. with his super speed to try to stop Dinosaurus' plans. From there we see Angstrom Levy (?!?!?!) living on a planet that he's helped turn into a Utopia by grabbing things from countless dimensions to help them for saving his life, so they grant Angstrom his freedom, which will of course lead to revenge against Mark Grayson. Back in L.A., Mark calls Cecil and tells him about Dinosaurus' plans, which Cecil says the blame is on Mark's head if anything happens, since he broke him out of jail. Mark says that's fine but there are more important matters, so Cecil sends the Guardians of the Globe to L.A. to help Mark search for Dinosaurus' evil plan. While flying in the sewers Mark comes across one of the bombs Dinosaurus planted and calls Cecil for help, so they send Robot there to look at it. After some time he realizes it's not a bomb but a machine that uses sonic beams to cause an Earthquake. Robot and the rest of the Guardians start destroying the multiple machine's placed around the city as Mark confronts Dinosaurus, but Dinosaurus says this was all just a distraction from his real plan. It seems Dinosaurus has blown up the polar ice caps, which causes everywhere from New York to Paris to Japan to become overcome by flooding, leading Mark to the realization that Dinosaurus' plan was to kill everyone.
Thoughts: This issue.... was... odd. I don't understand it... I mean, Bulletproof clearly wanted to be his own man and not in his brother's shadow, so why would he continue to take another guy's Legacy? That was weird to me, then the fact Dinosaurus planned on flooding the planet is just... absurd... I mean... why? And it really makes me hate Mark more than anything else because he broke the guy out, and now he's upset that he's going to the extreme. You KNOW he's an eco-terrorist. He already obliterated Las Vegas! And lastly... you're flooding a planet, that has Viltrumite's living on it... so is he planning to make it so only the super-powered people and the Viltrumite's live there? I just didn't understand why any of the people here made the choices they did... Well Angstrom Levy popped up here, so that was awesome.

Score: 4/10 

Angstrom Levy: I must have my revenge! I've have waited long enough!


  1. First off holy shit Invincible review!

    "Bulletproof clearly wanted to be his own man and not in his brother's shadow, so why would he continue to take another guy's Legacy?" I wasn't looking too much into it like that but since you pointed that out, JT, I do think it's kinda weird.

    And I don't hate Mark but geez he's starting to look like a complete jackass. I really cant wait to see how Cecil and the Guardians react to knowing that this is all basically his fault.

  2. Haha, glad you were happy to see Invincible pop up here. And that was one of the main things bothering me about Bulletproof after the origin issue. I mean, he wants to be his own man, not be in anyone's shadow or anything, so to take over as Invincible, in the classic costume instead of even taking the Black and Blue one just seemed off to me.

    Right? He's becoming SO unlikable. I mean, he used to be my favorite character for a bit, and this was my favorite series but after the Viltrumite War it seems like all he does is screw up. Can't stop Dinosaurus...releases him from prison against everyone's protests, gets scourge'd, whines about losing his powers and the fact he apparently sucks in bed without them... gets them back, only to have the Dinosaurus thing blow up in his face.

  3. I enjoy the characters not being perfect and making mistakes, even though they're trying to do the right thing. That is why I don't mind characters coming off as unlikable.

    If I wanted to read a comic where every hero has to be likable I can go read something from DC or Marvel.

  4. I guess I get what you're saying but I don't think they go in with the idea of "Let's make Mark REALLY unlikable" unless they plan on killing him, and if so that's not the right way to go about it, don't have a fun, relatable, likable character for over 90 issues then make him a dick just for the sake of making him a dick. Peter's made tons of mistakes but it's never made him unlikable really...

    And DC and Marvel don't make everyone likable, Red Hood isn't really catered to make likable, neither is Punisher, Cyclops and his crew and I'm assuming Superior Spider-Man, you either like em or you don't.