Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thunderbolts #1

Unlike Avengers #1, this is a book I'm actually looking forward to.  Dan Way as the writer, and an interesting bunch of characters here.  I'm not sure how a character like the Punisher will work in this book, but removing character logic, this line-up looks sweet!  Let's delve into things and see what we've got.

Thunderbolts #1

Summary: We kick off with Punisher, having been captured in a warehouse, being met by Thunderbolt Ross(the Red Hulk).  Ross wants the Punisher to join a team he was putting together, a team that understood that you couldn't simply lock criminals away, you had to cut them out of society.  From there, we see Ross approaching Venom, Deadpool(who does have a history of enlisting in government projects), and Elektra.  Back with Punisher, Ross tells him that there were about 400 mobsters heading to his location and that he had to decide quickly.  Ross offers Punisher an escape route, but since it's Punisher, he wants to confront and kill the mass of mobsters heading his way.  With that, Ross Hulks out and the two decimate the mobsters, ending this issue.

Thoughts:  Now this?  This was SO much better than Avengers!  The story made sense, it was a fast, easy read, in other words, it was everything Avengers wasn't.  I really don't have a huge attachment to Hulk, or the Hulk-related characters(with the exception of She-Hulk), and as such have never had a problem with Ross as the Red Hulk.  My one complaint would have been that he wasn't Avengers material(which is kind of a moot point now since EVERYBODY is Avengers material nowadays apparently), but this?  Ross leading a group of soldiers and mercenaries against villains?  This is the perfect spot for him.  Even Punisher joining made sense...  Or at least as much sense as Punisher on any team COULD make sense.  I still don't see Punisher working with the likes of Elektra and Deadpool, but the soldier in him may be willing to listen to Ross...  For a time.  Anyway, I think this book could be a HUGE sleeper title, and I look forward to seeing how long it takes before Punisher is trying to kill his teammates.

Score: 8 out of 10.
thunderbolts #1
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  1. Really liking the cast and think this comic has potential. Also does Deadpool have his healing factor back?? When did that happen, last I checked in on him it was still gone.