Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cable and X-Force #1

Next up is Cable and X-Force #1...  I wonder why Cable had to get top billing here?  Why not just X-Force?  Is Cable REALLY as big a name now as he used to be back in the day?  All the cancelled Cable comics would tend to say otherwise...  Eh, whatever, let's check this one out.

Cable and X-Force #1

Summary: This issue mainly follows two characters, Cable(duh) and... ugh...  Our Former Lord and Savior, Hope.  Cable is hanging out with Forge under a junkyard, where Forge is helping Cable deal with the fact that he no longer has the TO Virus.  Meanwhile, Hope has been trying to track Cable down, so she decides to find Domino, whose luck powers should help with the search...  So she can easily find Domino, a mercenary  whose life depends on NOT being found unless she wants to be, but can't find Cable...  Yup...  Cable heads to Dr. Nemesis, and enlists him to help, since he has experience working on the brain and as such may be able to help with Cable's current issues.  While taking Nemesis back to his base, Cable bumps into Hope, who bitches at him about being left behind before the two embrace.  However, Hope gets a glimpse of a ship being destroyed after aping Cable's powers, while Cable passes out.  After getting inside, Forge and Nemesis try to figure out what was wrong with Cable, while Domino and Hope... watch TV?!  Cable wakes up annoyed and Domino and Hope are surprised to see the scene from Cable's mind, the ship being destroyed, happening live on TV.

Thoughts: This comic was... okay, I guess.  It never really did anything for me.  I'm not a big fan of any of the characters(sure, I thought Cable was cool as a kid, but then I grew up), and I downright hate Hope.  Why couldn't SHE be getting killed off in Avengers Arena?!  Hope is such an empty, uninteresting character...  She was brought around for ONE reason(the idiotic Mutant Messiah!!!! thing) but that's over now, so can't she crawl under a rock and die now?  Other than that, this comic just was.  It wasn't awful, it wasn't great, it didn't leave me psyched for the next issue, it was just a way to spend 5 minutes or so.  Eh, hopefully we ditch Hope, add Colossus and get a good story going here.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
cable and x-force #1
You see Cable in the bottom panel here? THAT'S how I feel whenever Our Former Lord and Savior Hope is in a comic I'm reading!!!


  1. So I take it as Cable's powerset fully unleashed as meaning it is slowly killing him as it Nate Grey before receiving the x-stabilizer tattoo. This may prove interesting because unlike his counter part who used his godlike gift unrestrained, Cable being wiser chooses to use such powers cautiously, especially after what happened in the pages of Cable & Deadpool. But that may be somewhat hard to do when such a power at times acts on it's own unintentionally. This happened to Xman all the time and it looks no different with Cable (ex. Seeing the possible or impending future that happened this issue). Nate Grey did similiar before the Blood Brothers crossover with Stryfe involving both he and Cable.

  2. Any explanation as to how Forge is alive and sane? I thought they killed him off in some stupid story in Astonishing X-Men.

    Glad to see I'm not missing much by skipping this series. It's a shame to see such potentially great characters like Forge, Cable, and Colossus wasted in this book.

  3. Incidentally the same genius behind this future award winning (and by award i mean rasberry) series is the same guy writing Avengers Arena. On the bright side looks like I'm gonna be saving money this year!

  4. Did you read issue #2? I felt like it got significantly better. I was pretty meh after the first issue, too, but Hopeless actually starts to go somewhere in issue #2.

    1. Yup... And I kind of read issue three(and by "read", I mean rapidly flipped through!), which was the issue I dropped this series. I dropped both this and Avengers Arena, both written by one Denis Hopeless. A more apropos name I've never heard! But yeah, I just never got into this series, JW... For whatever reason, it just never clicked for me, and for $4, it needs to click quickly!