Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Comic Day! December 12th edition.

Hey there X-Maniacs, X here to welcome you to this week's New Comic Day post.  We are rapidly approaching the end of 2012, which means it's almost time for the FIFTH annual X's Untitled Year End Awards post!  This year with 100% more JT!  I can't believe this is gonna be the fifth year end awards post I've done...  I've been doing this blog for almost half a decade!!!  Crazy...  Expect some more on the year end post in the coming days/weeks.  But that's for later.  Right now it's time to see what I'll be picking up at the comic shop in a few...  Batman #15, Grifter #15, Superboy #15, Team 7 #3, Clone #2, Walking Dead #105, Amazing Spider-Man #699.1, Avengers Arena #1, Cable and X-Force #1, Dark Avengers #184, Fantastic Four #2, Iron Man #4, Ultimate X-Men #20, Winter Soldier #13, Scarlet Spider #12...  So a few books higher than what I usually take home in a week...  I will say one thing, since when did Marvel switch from the whole bi-monthly thing to putting books out on a weekly basis?!  First All-New X-Men last week, now Iron Man!?  Please Marvel, it's right around Christmastime!  I need SOME money for gifts!  The three books I'll be reviewing this week will be Avengers Arena #1(PLEASE don't suck.  Even though I'm sure you will...), Cable and X-Force #1 and Walking Dead #105.  I'll probably do them in that order, with my review days being Friday, Sunday and Tuesday this week.  And that's it for me.  Next up is that lovable little scamp JT and his comics for the week.  Until next time, X out.

Thanks for that awesome introduction X, I am that lovable scamp that is JT and this is my half of the NCD post! Like X said, the Year End Awards, or no one refers to it are rapidly approaching, and for the first time ever, I'll be contributing, which is pretty awesome considering I just happened to find this blog by pure chance about three years ago, now I'm a co-contributor and X is one of my best friends, zany eh? Anyway, this week's comic haul for me includes Batman #15, Batman and Robin #15, Walking Dead #105, Amazing Spider-Man #699.1, Avengers Arena #1, Iron Man #4, and Scarlet Spider #12. So with seven books, and X already reviewing two of them, you can expect me to review Batman, Batman and Robin and Amazing Spider-Man #699.1! My review days are Thursday, Saturday and Monday, and you can expect Batman #15's review this Thursday. Now, that's it for me, until next time, this is JT, signing off!


  1. I read Avengers Arena and I can already tell I am going to hate it.

    1. Yeah....... I've read that one too. I'll have the post up for Friday, but it's pretty much exactly what I expected. Which isn't something good.

  2. JT, what have you thought of the new Iron Man so far? Reviews have been overwhelmingly negative so far, but seeing as Gillen is my favorite comic writer (along with Waid and Remender), I have a hard time believing that the book is THAT bad. (No, I haven't read a single issue yet - I'm about a month or so behind). I think a chunk of the negative press has to be due to Greg Land on art-he sucks.

    Otherwise, looking forward to a different take on Cable and the X-Force. My expectations are super low for this series - though I'm interested to see what happens with Cable, now that he's cured and should be the most powerful telepath on the planet, Hopeless doesn't fill me with much hope. Especially since he's writing Hope, the terrible idea that has outlived her usefulness.

  3. Well Trobb, I've only read the first two issues so far (the other two are sitting right next to me) and I'm kinda conflicted. I like how Gillen is writing Stark, but some of the stuff is going over my head, as Stark is being written like a genius so needless to say I don't understand everything he's saying when he gets into Super genius mode, but I do like how the Extremis idea is being used. I enjoyed both issues, though, and Gillen seems to be throwing a bunch of ideas at Stark to see what works and what doesn't, but so far I've enjoyed it.