Sunday, November 2, 2008

Green Arrow (series 2[?]) #33

Overall- I really enjoyed this comic book. I guess that's no surprise, because I really like the characters of Oliver Queen and Roy Harper. This comic deals with Ollie and Roy's last mission together, while Roy was still Speedy, after the whole Roy/heroin issue. Man, was Roy pissed at Ollie during this mission, and rightfully so. After Roy and Ollie beat the bad guy's, Roy quits their partnership, and out of spite, Ollie blows up the Arrowcar(God, do I love that name!).

Anyway, in the present, Mia, alerts Ollie to the fact that someone is claiming to have the Arrowcar, and is selling it on an online auction. Ollie acts like he doesn't care, but he does some detective work and finds out that it is really the Arrowcar. Mia and some f-list villain named the Scavenger both bid on the Arrowcar, but they both lose out to a certain Bat-billionaire from Gotham City.

Bats, of course leaves the Arrowcar for Ollie, and as Ollie and Mia go to pick it up, Scavenger attacks. Scavenger, being an f-level villain is defeated in quick order, and Ollie drives the Arrowcar home... or not. The Arrowcar breaks down, and rather then allowing it to fall into the wrong hands, Ollie blows it up, this time for good. After returning home, Ollie gives Roy a call to reminisce about the Arrowcar, as well as the better times he had with Roy.

As always, I loved the interaction between Roy and Ollie, especially after Roy kicking his heroin addiction, with no help from Ollie. Roy was just nasty to Ollie, and deep down, Ollie knew he deserved Roy's wraith. The relationship between Ollie and Roy is one of the deepest and multifaceted ones in all of comic books, and whenever it is explored, I am very happy. This comic gets a 7 1/2 out of 10 from me.

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