Monday, November 3, 2008

Blasted School Work!

As the college semester begins to wind down, the amount of school work begins to ratcheted up, and my comic book reading always suffers! For example, I have a 6 page Technical Writing Report due by the end of the term. As the topic for my report, I'm going to try to use comic book collecting! When the professor was asking for ideas in class last week, I threw out the idea of a paper on comic collecting and he seemed receptive to the idea.

So, I've written up what I'd base the paper on, and hopefully, with my fingers crossed, he'll approve the topic tomorrow. I could write a paper on comic collecting in my sleep!!! If that doesn't pan out though, I'll have to write a report on some agonizingly boring subject... Here's hoping I can parlay my knowledge of comic books into a paper I can't imagine I'd get less then an "A+" on!

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