Sunday, November 2, 2008

Final Crisis:Revelations #2

Overall- I'm still a little lost here, but at least some of the things going on here are coming into focus. The Spectre is prevented from killing the Question, by Radiant(?) God's spirit of mercy.

Meanwhile, the Order of the Stone stabs Vandal Savage with a magical spear, which somehow transforms him into Cain, the God of the Order. Cain declares to his followers that he will now kill the Spectre.

As the Spectre and Radiant debate the Question's fate, the anti-life equation is unleashed upon the Earth, and the three are attacked by Darkseid's slaves. Radiant manages to get Question out of harms way, but Question is soon attacked by her one time lover, Batwoman, who has been overtaken by the anti-life equation.

Like I said, things were coming together in this comic, but I was still confused about some of the story. I imagine that everything will be answered shortly... One quick thought though, how the hell did Vandal Savage have a working laptop on an island in the middle of nowhere!?!?! Anyway, this issue warrants a 5 out of 10 again.

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