Sunday, November 2, 2008

Final Crisis:Revelations #3

Overall- OK, I'm not sure how Cain ties into Darkseid, neither is the Question who states as much, but Darkseid's minions seem to tolerate, if not obey Cain. That really puzzles me...

Anywho, this story deals with the Spectre, who has had his faith in God shattered by his inability to do anything to stop Darkseid's anti-life horde. Radiant is also beginning to doubt her own religious convictions. The Question? I'm not really sure why she's here... She's kind of along for the ride.

Anyway, Cain makes his way to the church the three main characters are hiding in and demands to battle Spectre, lest Cain kills all the people hiding within it's walls. The Spectre confronts Cain, but the battle ends poorly for the Spectre, as he is impaled with Cain's spear.

Overall, I think this series is starting to grow on me, although why Darkseid's minions were obeying Cain was puzzling. That made no sense. As for a score, I'll give this a 5 1/2 out of 10.

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