Sunday, November 2, 2008

She-Hulk # 34

Overall- I didn't really like this comic... Now, as I've said multiple times, Peter David is one of my favorite writers. That fact aside, this comic really rubbed me the wrong way. The story here is that there was an earthquake in some country led by a cruel dictator.

The dictator, Darqon, won't allow the foreign aid his country has received to help the people, instead, claiming the quake was God's will, while pocketing all the foreign aid. The U.N. can't do anything, because China and Russia are politically friendly with Darqon.

So, She-Hulk decides to gather the Lady Liberators and go into the country to forcefully hand out the aid packages to the people effected by the earthquake. Darqon, upon learning that his country was under attack by foreign super-heroes calls Russia for help, and Russia sends the Winter Guard, Russia's government sponsored super team, to defend Darqon against the Liberators.

Now, my main gripe with this story was that it, and She-Hulk were WAY to preachy for me. David was obviously trying to tie this story into some modern day political events... The name of the made up country in the comic was Marinmer... Sound remotely familiar to a certain Southeast Asian country that also has a "president for life"? It should.

Anyway, I like to use comic books as a form of escapism. That's just me. This comic at times felt like it trying to make a political statement, as opposed to telling a good story. That bothered me. I'd prefer any political messages to stay in the editorial pages of the newspapers... Unless it's Oliver Queen making the statement, he always cracks me up. As for a score, I guess I'd give this comic a 2 1/2 out of 10. The sooner this storyline is over, the better.

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