Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #17

Hey crew, JT here on the Sunday before Cyber Monday (I gotta buy a 3DS...) with my second review of the week, Ultimate Spider-Man. With Miles having taken on a few threats over the last year and a half, coming out on top, and becoming a member of the Ultimates, what's left for your miniature web-slinger? How about entering the battlefield to take on a bunch of HYDRA agents in War Machine super suits? So let's see how Miles deals with his latest obstacle in this issue of Ultimate Spider-Man.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #17

Summary: We start things off with Spider-Man in a field somewhere, obviously tired and hurt, walking somewhere when a SHIELD carrier flies above him, but he can't get their attention and is out of web fluid so he can't attach to it. We jump back four hours to see Hawkeye giving a speech about how he and the heroes have to stop the Americans that joined HYDRA, and how it's their job to end this, he also teams up Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, as he says it was a order from Captain America personally, which of course gets under the skin of Spider-Woman. As Miles experiences a war close-up, we see his Dad is being taken somewhere along with two other people that were arrested and thrown in the paddy wagon. The van is knocked over and the SHIELD agents are held at gunpoint by HYDRA agents, who free Miles and the other two prisoners, and ask if they wanna join. Miles' Dad contemplates it until the HYDRA agents kill the SHIELD agents in cold blood, leaving him stunned. Back on the battlefield, Spider-Woman repeatedly tells Miles to leave, but he stays and does his thing, which allows him to take out a few War Machine's, until Spider-Woman tells him to get out of there, which leads to Miles snapping and asking what her beef is with him. They decide to put a pin in the conversation when more War Machine's descend upon them, so we jump back over to Brooklyn and see Miles' mother arrive at the blockade trying to get home, but the SHIELD agents allow everyone to go past once the area has been marked as clear, so she heads inside and finds her husband, Jefferson, sitting on the couch holding an assault rifle (I think, I'm not good with guns.) and she asks if he's okay, but then starts to cry as she asks where he got that gun. Back with Miles, Spider-Woman offers Miles a thousand bucks to just go home, saying this is too dangerous for him, but Miles wants to help. The War Machine's take their attack from the Spider's and pursue Captain America as he flies overhead, and Miles webs one of the WM's to tag along. While oon top of the War Machine, Miles covers the pilot's eyes which causes them to crash into Giant-Woman's shoulder, and they both fall to the ground below. Miles hits the ground and passes out, and awakes hours later in the field, hurt and walking home, ending this issue where it began.
Thoughts: This was a fine issue. I liked that Miles wanted to stick around and help but Spider-Woman wanted him to leave, thinking he'd end up like Peter. Considering there's been almost twenty issues you forget how green and new to this Miles is, so it makes sense for her to worry about him, even when he is handling his own. I also really enjoyed Hawkeye's opening speech, but I just like Hawkeye in general, so yeah. The stuff with Miles' dad was weird though, I mean, I guess their hinting that he joined HYDRA or something but his dad has been a pretty odd character, I guess I could see him joining HYDRA since he's anti-vigilante/mutant and whatnot, and it would add another dimension of awkwardness between him and Miles, but the look on his face when the SHIELD agents were killed did not look like a man who'd turn around and say "I'm in!" All in all this was a good issue, I'm interested in what happens from here with Miles and his father.

Score: 7/10 

Hawkeye: And Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, you two stick together. You are a tag team.

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