Friday, November 16, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #697

Wow, we are a scant three issues away from Spidey #700!  JT and I are gonna have fun deciding which one of us gets the honor of doing THAT review!  As always, I'm expecting great things from this issue, as we begin the final countdown to #700...

Amazing Spider-Man #697:

Summary: Peter Parker and Max Modell manage to get to into Norman Osborn's Goblin Vault, mainly due to the fact that the two Hobgoblins chasing after them couldn't seem to work together.  Hobby #1(Roderick Kingsley) warns the two scientists to come out of the Vault since he had a bunch of explosives following Hobby #2's(Phil Urich) girlfriend and Peter's friend, Norah Winters.  Hobby #2 is fine with that...  HA!  Peter decides to don one of the Spidey costumes that Osborn had been using for target practice in his Vault and tells Max that he would hold off the two Hobgoblins with a combination of Spidey equipment and Green Goblin tech, while Max gets to Norah.  With that, Spidey attacks the two bickering Hobgoblins and Max sets the self-destruct in the Vault before rushing off.  Spidey manages to keep the Goblins occupied long enough for the self-destruct to destroy all of Osborn's toys, while Max rescues Norah.  With his spider-sense acting up all issue long(due to Kingpin's spider-jammers), Spidey takes that opportunity to make good an escape from the Goblins, while Hobby #1 zaps Hobby #2 with some electricity, causing the both of them to tumble into the river.  When the two emerge, Hobby #1 says that he wouldn't kill Hobby #2, provided Hobby #2 gave him a cut of his Hobgoblin money.  Hobby #2, not having much of a choice, agrees.  From there, we learn that Norman Osborn had disappeared from his hospital bed, ending this issue.

Thoughts: Thank you, Dan Slott!  Norman Osborn belongs in a Spider-Man comic, hassling Spider-Man!  Not going toe-to-toe with the freaking Avengers(Bendis!!)!!!  If Norman IS indeed up and about(which would make sense as we roll towards #700), I'm glad it looks like he'll be back where he belongs.  As for this issue, it was good.  It wasn't great, probably because I'm so amped up for the next few issues leading into Spidey #700, that I just wanted this storyline to conclude.  But yeah, with this story out of the way, all roads now lead to issue #700, and it should be a hell of a great trip!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
amazing spider-man #697
Can't all of you Goblins just get along???

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  1. Goblins getting along? Never happening, ever.
    They just hate each other so much, and not just these two all of them in general, they see how insane they actually are by looking at other goblins and they all hate Osborn cause odds are its his fault they're like this to begin with.