Friday, November 2, 2012

A+X #1

I know this is a mini-series, but I'm not sure how many issues it's gonna run...  I'd guess 6?  Anyway, before I even get to this review, I'm going to say to check out X-Man's Comic Forum for various comic related(or even non-comic related) stuff.  Reviews, news, video games, movies, TV shows, you name it, it's going on over there.  So make sure you keep an eye open for the forum.  Without further ado, here's a quick look at the first of... um, a couple of A+X comics!

A+X #1

Summary: Two stories, which pair heroes from the X-Men and Avengers.  The first one is from 1943 and has Captain America and Bucky sent on a secret mission to deal with some sort of Nazi robots that were being built by a Atticus Trask...  Hmm, Trask, you say?  Cap and Bucky head over to Trask's secret base and discover a huge Sentinel.  From there. Cable pops out of the timestream and goes after Trask, complaining about Trask trying to ruin the timestream(or something like that).  Anyway, Cap and Bucky join the battle on Cable's side and they defeat Trask and his Sentinel.  Cable takes Trask back to the future  and Cap figures the allies will win the war since Cable was speaking English.  Next up, Wolverine and Hulk are ambushed in Avengers Tower by the Maestro and Old Wolverine.  The older Hulk and Wolvie bemoan the fact that their target isn't there, and end up getting knocked out of the Tower, at which time they head... You guessed it, back to the future!  Wolvie and Hulk are perplexed by that turn of events, and this one ends in the White House where a Red Hulk-looking guy yells at the two older heroes for not having succeeded in killing the Red Hulk.

Thoughts.  My first thought here was that this comic was WAAAAY too short to be a $3.99 comic!  It went by SO fast!  Besides that, the first story was way superior to the second, although neither one is what I'd call a must read.  This comic really didn't leave any kind of impact on me actually, because I can't even think of anything else to add!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
A+X #1
Yep, for those of you who can't get enough Sentinels, how about a Nazi Sentinel?!?


  1. I was actually surprised how much I liked this issue. I'm trying to cull some series to make room for the "Guardians of the Galaxy"/"Nova"/"Young Avengers" fiesta of awesome coming next year, so I figured that I'd be just getting this issue and leaving it. But, I really enjoyed both stories, particularly, like you said, the second one. I guess I'm keeping it for a while. I just wish it wasn't $3.99...

  2. First off, sorry for my recent lack of attention here at the blog, JW. A surprise hospital visit and surgery will do that. I meant to get back to you with that comment you left on the Cap post, but I can only keep my laptop on me for so long due to my recent trials and tribulations. I don't know if you've been there, but I'd recommend you check out the forum I set up, it's way easier to do stuff there, because it's more in and out than the blog(as I'm sure you know!).

    Anyway, on to your comment! I'm dropping a few books(Journey Into Mystery, Avengers Assemble and X-Men Legacy, plus a few more are on my maybe list), and not getting a few Marvel Now! titles(I was tempted to get FF after reading the Marvel Now! Point One, but I have to draw the line somewhere!). On the plus side, a lot of the new books(Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Avengers) are simply the same books I'm already getting, just under different names, so I don't think I'm adding TOO many books. But I really, REALLY need to try to get to my comic shop to change up my pull list soon. I've been lucky enough to get my brother to pick up my comics for me while I've been recuperating, but I have to tell the shop owner to drop those books(especially Legacy, which is coming up really soon), before I'm stuck with them...

    If you don't mind, I'm gonna answer your comment on the Point One issue here. X-Sanction was... Kind of annoying. If you want to see Cable out-fight and out-smart the likes of Captain America and Iron Man, then that's the mini for you. But man. Cable was written WAY too perfect for my tastes there. The Cap battle in particular was unforgivable. I don't want to ruin it in case you haven't read it, but I've never seen Cap act dumber during a battle... It was a frustrating read at times. And I'm a Cable fan! But Loeb took things too far in that one...

  3. Holy crap, man! I'm glad you're feeling better! I'll totally check out the forum. I hear you on the blog part. I'm feeling a little less overwhelmed now that I'm through my backlog of comics. But, during that period where I was trying to get through all those books, I started to feel like it was my job as opposed to something that I theoretically enjoyed doing!

    I'm definitely dropping Secret Avengers, Venom, and X-Men Legacy. (I'd also be dropping "Captain America and..." if it weren't being canceled.) n addition to all the Guardians/Nova/YA titles, I've got room for one more series under my budget. I'm trying to decide between Iron Man or Journey into Mystery. I've never collected either one, so any thoughts you have on them would be much appreciated!

  4. Ha, yeah. I'd suspected something was wrong, my doctor sent me to a specialist and after seeing him I was slated for surgery... In the SAME day! That was... something! Exactly. I mean I enjoy the blog, and having JT take up half the work has definitely helped, but some days, especially since I still have some therapy to get through, it's tough to keep the blog going. I look back at when I was in school and doing 100+ posts a month and I'm literally perplexed as to how I did it!

    Venom is teetering for me. I love the work Remender did with that character, but man has Bunn's issues been atrocious... I'll probably stick with it, at least until January, and hope it gets better. Cap and... would have been a REALLY easy drop, but since it's being canned, that saves me from having to drop it. I'm not interested in Legion AT ALL, so yeah, Legacy gets the boot too. Out of all the New Mutant characters they go with Legion?! Weird... I can't see that one lasting very long, even with the X-name attached to it. As for Secret Avengers, I was going to drop it, but when it gets it's Marvel Now! changes, it sounds like it could be REALLY good! I've heard the new Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Hawkeye(which is always a good thing for the both of us!), and Mockingbird(!!) are gonna be members. With that as the core I am SO ready for it. I may drop the book until then though, because it's been abysmal.

    As for the Journey/IM thing, personally, I'd go with Iron Man. Journey is going to be starring Lady Sif, who I have literally zero interest in. If it was Valkyrie, I'd give it a shot, but Lady Sif? That's a huge pass for me. I guess it depends on what you think about Sif and/or the new creative team taking over. But I figure Iron Man is the safer book out of those two, although it'll probably(but don't quote me 'cause I don't know what price point JiM will be at post Marvel Now!) be $1 more than JiM. Hope something in there helped!

  5. Thanks. I've always liked "Iron Man," but I've always been too invest in various other marquee characters that I just haven't had the space. But, I figure now's a good time to jump on board. (Of course, I hate saying that, because it seems to justify the whole renumbering strategy.)

    I didn't realize that Hawkeye and Mockingbird would be part of Secret Avengers. Tough call now. The problem is that I'm not digging the new Nick Fury/Agent Coulson situation. I'm going to have to think about it.

    I've just decided that I've had enough of Venom in a way similar to why Red Hood and the Outlaws is hanging by a thread. I think the character, but they keep insisting on using plots that don't seem to fit them. I mean, Red Hood had that weird All-Caste story followed by this space opera. I expected Venom to be all about Flash conducting espionage missions, like it was in the beginning, but it's been all demons and Hell lately and I'm just not into that. It's definitely a goner.

    I'm actually not all that excited about All-New X-Men, but I feel like it's one of those series that I should get, since it's bound to have stories relevant to the other X-books. The preview in the Marvel NOW! preview issue wasn't terrible, so I have some hope, I guess.

    Glad again that you're feeling better!