Monday, November 12, 2012

Iron Man #1

One more X review for the week, this time it's the Marvel Now! edition of Iron Man.  Kieron Gillen is taking over the writing duties of this series with the Now! relaunch, which should lead to some good stories.  Let's see where Gillen decides to do with Tony Stark.

Iron Man #1: 

Summary: This issue kicks of in earnest with Maya Hansen being killed by her creation, Extremis.  However, before her death, Maya manages to get a message to Tony to warn him that Extremis was out.  It turns out that AIM had gotten their hands on the Extremis tech and were selling the technology to anybody willing to pay.  And since Extremis could turn an ordinary person into a insanely powerful killer, it's in Tony's best interest to take AIM down and confiscate all the Extremis tech out there.  Tony crashes the resort where AIM was trying to sell the Extremis tech, and ends up battling against some Extremis enhanced AIM agents. After taking down the agents, Tony forces the head of this branch of AIM to tell him how many Extremis kits he had sold.  The AIM leader tells Tony 4 kits were out there, which leads us rather nicely into our next issue.

Thoughts: So far so good.  This was a good start for the Marvel Now! Iron Man series.  We have a good story, some new threats for Tony, all born from an old threat to Tony.  Basically, this was everything you'd want from an Iron Man comic.  We may be only one issue in, but I think it's safe to say Tony Stark is in good hands going forward.

Score: 8 out of 10.
iron man #1
Now THAT is what ALL AIM agents should look like!


  1. I agree in the sense that Gillen wrote a pretty solid first issue, but MAN was the art terrible. That alone was enough to discourage me from buying future issues... unless Land is replaced soon.

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    2. I disagree whole-heartedly. I think Land is a fantastic artist and should continue on Iron Man.