Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fantastic Four #1

So I decided to go with Fantastic Four #1 instead of Thor #1 for my last review of the week...  It was literally a toss-up, and FF came out on top.  But hey, I've already posted my thoughts on Thor #1 over at the Forum, so if you want to talk about that comic, shoot on over there!  With the gratuitous plug finished, let's dig into Matt Fraction's Fantastic Four!

Fantastic Four #1

Summary: We kick this issue off with Franklin Richards waking up with one of those nightmares he has.  He calls out for his mother, but she's galavanting around a few billion years ago with the rest of the Fantastic Four.  The FF are somehow in the mouth of a dinosaur, and the dinosaur manages to tear Mr. Fantastic's arm up really bad, which surprises the team since, being elastic and all, that isn't supposed to happen...  Reed manages to get the group back to the present where Franklin tells Sue that he doesn't want to go into space...  Reed heads to his lab and examines his arm, discovering that his molecules were breaking apart, and that he feared the same would happen to the rest of the FF.  After some thought, he decides to head off into the unknown universes to look for a cure, since there was no cure for the rate of molecular decay he was suffering in any of the known universes.  With that, Reed tells the team that he wanted to go off through time and space to show his children(Franklin and Val) the things they were learning about firsthand.  Sue remembers Franklin's plea of not wanting to go into space after his nightmare and questions if there's anything wrong with Reed.  Reed simply tells her to trust him...

Thoughts: Not bad.  This was an interesting start to this series, with a story(the FF could be dying due to molecular decay) that should hold my attention.  And as a plus, it was clearly written and not at all confusing, which is what caused me to drop the FF books when Jonathan Hickman was the writer.  So kudos to Matt Fraction for a strong start.  Honestly, with Reed holding this HUGE secret from the team, Sue knowing something was off and Franklin having a bad premonition, the next few issues should be a blast, especially when Reed's secret inevitably comes to light.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
fantastic Four #1
You know it's not good when the smartest man in the world says "uh-oh"...


  1. Thanks! I know Thor is going to be amazing, but I was much more on the fence for Fantastic Four. Looks like a promising beginning, though I have to say: I just don't like the Richards children. That being said, I'll be watching this title, and will start buying if Fraction can deliver the goods.

    I'd be even more keen on this series if it had an A-list artist on board. Bagley has always been ok, but I've never really been wowed by his work.

  2. No problemo, TRobb. Tbh, I can't stand the Richards kids either, especially Val. She's falling into that, "We have a problem! How do we solve it? I know, ask Val!" area. They already have Reed, they don't need his stuck up super-genius daughter pulling the same gimmick. I kind of wish it was just the four and Franklin, or if they did add another kid, she wasn't a super-genius already...