Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1

Hey guys, JT here a surprising .1 issue review. I didn't expect a .1 for Ultimate Spidey and this one came out of nowhere really, here's hoping it's a good read and I didn't waste three bucks! Let's see shall we?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1

Summary: We kick things off seeing Reporter Betty Brant watching the amateur footage of the fight Miles had with his uncle, The Prowler, before his suit backfired and burned him into ashes.She overhears him say to Spider-Man "You're just like me." and mentions it the next day during a staff meeting with other reporters at the Daily Bugle, as well as her boss, J. Jonah Jameson. She comes to the conclusion that the Prowler amped up when the new Spider-Man debuted and she thinks they may have been working together and may be related. Ben Urich asks if they've learned nothing from the Death of Peter Parker, and Jameson tells Betty to find out the facts before he brings her any more information on the story, as of now she just has bits and pieces of alleged info. Betty shows her tenacity by heading to the Police Station and getting The Prowler's file, she then heads to his now empty apartment, after he up and left one night and moved all his things, according to his landlord. After looking around, Betty finds a big dead Spider with the number 43 written on it before leaving. She heads to Roxxon Industries, and after being told to go to hell in a couple hilarious ways by Dr. Marcus, she shows him the dead Spider, which surprises him. He explains he was working on a project at Oscrop to duplicate Spider-Man's powers but it failed, and that spider probably escaped during a SHIELD raid. He and Betty both realize that the Spider could have given this new Spider-Man his powers as well, and Betty takes off with the Spider and Dr. Marcus yells at her to come back with it. After staking him out and getting a picture, Betty tells Jameson that she knows who the new Spdier-Man is, Jefferson Davis, the brother of the Prowler. Surprisingly, Jameson says he's not running the story. He says if he is Spider-Man, which he doesn't believe based on Betty's track record, then the town has one less hero and his family's lives are ruined, and all Betty wants is to make money. She tells Jameson she'll take her story elsewhere, and makes a few phone calls. She arrives home when suddenly she's confronted and impaled by.... VENOM?!

Thoughts: This issue was good until Betty's stupid discovery that Jefferson was Spider-Man. ANYONE can see that Spidey is a very slender, short person, and Miles is much shorter than his dad, so that alone should've tipped her off that Jefferson is not Spider-Man. I mean sure, you can't measure the guy but come on. Spider-Man was shorter than The Prowler! Anyway, I loved seeing Jameson stand up for Spider-Man, I don't know if the Ultimate Jameson has always been this great or if it happened after Peter's death like I suspect, but his reply to Betty was amazing. Also, any time someone calls out the fact Jameson has a Hitler mustache, I am a fan. And last but not least the surprise of Venom was great, I'm wondering what he's doing since he seems to be helping Spider-Man in a perverse way, and I'm also curious to see who this Ultimate Venom is, considering I'm kinda new to the Ultimate Universe.

Score: 7/10 

Robbie: How long have you lived in New York, Ms. Brant?
Betty: All my life.
Robbie: And am I the first person to tell you that not all African-American people are related?

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