Saturday, May 8, 2010

Siege: Young Avengers #1

Siege: Young Avengers #1: Writer: Sean McKeever. Pencils: Mahmud Asrar.

Review: We get this story started with Hulkling and Wiccan overlooking the wreckage that was Asgard. It turns out that Wiccan was a bit of a Norse Mythology buff, and as such, seeing Asgard in such a sorry state has left him depressed and despondent. Nonetheless, the two head off to see if they could find the rest of there teammates/other survivors. Eventually they run into Wiccan's twin brother, Speed, who has been racing around Asgard at top speed taking the injured out of the rubble and bringing them to safety. Speed leaves and Wiccan continues to wallow in self-pity. Meanwhile, Patriot and Hawkeye(the female Young Avenger one)are buried under tons of rubble which has left Patriot indecisive, since he is afraid to do anything that would risk the roof caving in. Back on the surface, Hulkling and Wiccan run into the Wrecking Crew, who are pillaging the throne room of the fallen Asgard. This pisses Wiccan off, so he breaks off his search for survivors and goes after the Crew. After a bit of a battle, the two Young Avengers manage to take down the Wrecking Crew, which lifts Wiccan's spirits. Back underground, Hawkeye grows tired of Patriot's indecisiveness and begins to slowly tunnel her way out. This spurs Patriot to help, and before you know it the two are on their way to the surface. Speed gives up his search for survivors after not finding anybody to help, and is ready to call it quits when he gets a pep-talk from Ronin(the former Hawkeye), which gives him a renewed vigor to see what he can do to help. Patriot and Hawkeye make it to the surface and run into Wiccan and Hulkling, who then bump into Speed, and together, the five young heroes decide to head towards the site of the big final battle to give the Avengers a hand.

What I Thought: Ah, the Young Avengers... I am a huge fan of the Young Avengers, I was from the first issue of their all too short series, all the way through whatever sporadic comics they've popped up in over the years. So it should go without saying that I was REALLY looking forward to reading this comic... Unfortunately, it just never lived up to my high expectations. For me, as a huge YA fan, it was just lacking. The characters were whiny and indecisive, and the story was pretty thin. While I was happy to actually see/read about these characters, this comic definitely left me wanting a lot more...

Score: 6 out of 10.Can anybody explain why Clint bothers to put his mask back on in this scene? His ID is public knowledge as it is, so why even bother with the mask?


  1. Probably so he doesn't mess up his pretty boy good looks. :P Aim for the face is what I always say..

  2. Maybe it's protection, like a crash helmet or summin...

  3. I think he's just showing off in front of Speed a little. You know, a "you can believe me...I'm a real hero. See my mask??" sort of thing.

  4. I'm gonna go with it being habit. Either that or he thinks he looks cooler with the mask on...

    "Aim for the face is what I always say.." Now those are words to live by! :P