Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Siege: Captain America #1

Three new reviews tonight! See, I told you that I'd start getting back in the swing of things soon! One DC and two Marvels, but expect to see a lot more Marvels then DCs over the course of the next couple of nights, since I have way more Marvel comics to read then DC books. Alright, enough talking for now, I should probably get to work here.

Siege: Captain America #1: Writer: Christos Gage Artist: Federico Dallocchio.

Review: I'm going to breeze through this review, because nothing of any real note happened here. After the fall of Asgard, Steve Rogers(or Cap 1 if you prefer)digs out of the rubble thanks to being shielded by... well, by his shield. That's what it's for, right? After coming to, he immediately begins to worry about Bucky, who he hopes survived the crash, since Bucky didn't have the shield. Cap 1 manages to come across Bucky, who is laying motionless with a c-list villain named Crossfire holding a gun on the prone Bucky. Crossfire spots Cap 1 and Bucky reveals that he was playing possum and the two Caps take the hapless villain down with ease. Later on, the two Caps come across a family who wound up getting caught too close to the fall of Asgard. The two parents beg the Caps to find their two daughters, and the Caps wind up discovering the girls, who are being held hostage by yet another c-list villain, Razorfist. Since Razorfist is holding his knife-arms to the girl's throats, the Caps can't make a move, however, one of the girls elbows Razorfist, allowing her sister to get away, while Razorfist slashes the girl across the neck. Cap 1 rushes to the injured girl, while Bucky goes after Razorfist in an attempt to draw his attention away from Cap 1 and the girl. The two fight for a while(probably longer then they should have since Razorfist is a loser and Bucky is a fighting dynamo), and after Cap 1 manages to stabilize the girl, the two Caps take down Razorfist. This issue ends with the Caps heading back towards the wreckage of Asgard to take part in the final battle.

What I Thought: This was the very definition of good, clean, harmless comic book fun. Nothing of any major importance happened(unless you're a Crossfire fan, and if so I pity you...), the story was solid, as was the dialogue and the art. Granted, Bucky's drawn out battle with Razorfist left me a bit disturbed(it's frigging Razorfist for god's sake, the guy's the very definition of cannon-fodder!!!), but everything else fit nicely. Christos seemed to have the dynamic between Cap 1 and Bucky down well enough, so there were no complaints there. With the exception of the Bucky/Razorfist fight, I had no complaints whatsoever.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Jeez, when you have a tough time taking down Razorfist, it's probably time to call it quits...


  1. I loved this review and agree with every single part of it, especially the parts that totally debase Razorfist. Bravo, my friend.

  2. I completely agree with you guys about Razorfist. The guy's got knives for hands, for crying out loud...shouldn't he be even easier to take down than just some regular guy who happens to have two knives (or even swords)? I mean, at least an average guy with a knife has the option of putting down the knife and using a gun or something...Razorfist can't even pick his nose without maiming himself.

  3. Why thank you Kello, that is indeed high praise coming from you! How can't I be happy when somebody says they agreed with my every word! :-)

    As for Razorfist, I'm glad we're all of a like mind about him, because he does indeed suck... He's been kicking around since the 80's(I can remember him having a run-in with Hawkeye in an old issue of Avengers Spotlight), and he's always been pretty inept. That's why his appearance here was so strange to me... I mean, like Marc said, the guy simply has two knives for hands, while Bucky has Cap's shield AND a gun! That really should have been a no contest if ever there was one.