Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flashback Friday: May 21st

Get ready for a blast from the past, it's time for Flashback Friday! JT won the contest to give me an intro for this post, so thank you JT! The check is in the mail... Really, it is... Anyway, it's already Saturday, and I haven't even started this post yet... Yes everybody, procrastination, thy name is X! With that said, I'm going to cut the intro WAY short so I can try to get this post up before I fall asleep.

Robin #4(April 1991): Tim Drake, who is still training for the Robin spot, gets some training help from Lady Shiva(and really, who better to learn fighting techniques from?)and King Snake gets his deadly Nazi plague. As a loyal(but insane)citizen of the United Kingdom, Snake wants to unleash the plague in Hong Kong before it gets handed over to the Chinese. By the end of this issue, Tim, Shiva and Tim's friend the ex-DEA agent have tracked Snake down and are preparing to invade his penthouse stronghold. Score: 7 out of 10.

Robin #5(May 1991): Tim, Shiva and the DEA guy break into Snake's penthouse building and try to prevent him from unleashing his plague. Snake winds up killing the DEA agent, but Tim surprisingly manages to defeat King Snake in one-on-one combat. Snake ends up falling out the window, presumably to his death. With Snake out of the picture, Tim destroys the plague and burns all of Snake's dirty money, because as we all know, burning stuff is cool!!! Score: 7 out of 10.

Batman #465(July 1991): The real notable thing about this comic is this issue was the first time Tim(as Robin)and Batman went out on patrol together. Bats was still somewhat overly cautious with Tim due to Jason Todd's death still being fresh on his mind, but all in all, things turn out well for Bats and his new Boy Wonder. Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.

Batman #466(Aug. 1991): Much like the issue before this one, this issue dealt with an early Batman and Tim Drake Robin story. The two try to capture some mobsters, they run into gangs, and Batman is over-protective of Tim. Score: 7 out of 10.

Batman #467(Aug 1991): King Snake's gang(the Ghost Dragons)from the Robin mini-series turn up in Gotham City and wind up scoring lots of illegal guns. After watching how they were operating, Tim believes that King Snake was somehow still alive, while Bats refuses to believe Tim's words, figuring somebody else was calling the shots for the Ghost Dragons. Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.

Batman #468(Sept. 1991): So it turns out Tim was right and King Snake did indeed survive his fall in Hong Kong, and is now obsessed with getting revenge on the Boy Wonder. With Snake and his gang obsessed with getting their hands on Tim, Batman decides to hold him back, refusing to allow Tim to help on the Ghost Dragon case, which kept putting Bats in constant jeopardy. Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.

Batman #469(Sept. 1991): Batman manages to track down King Snake, and the two battle one-on-one. Bats manages to defeat King Snake, but nearly gets his head blown off by one of Snake's men, if not for the timely arrival of Tim. Instead of thanking Tim for making the save, Bats yells at him for disobeying his orders and getting involved in the case... Ah Batman.... Score: 7 out of 10.

Batman #470(Oct. 1991): Batman and Robin go after Maxi Zeus, who was given some sort of godly artifact by the Cheetah to hold on to. Tim is still growing into the Robin role here, which leads to some miscommunication between him and Bats, but in the end the Dynamic Duo manage to defeat the inept Zeus and his gang and reclaim the artifact. Score: 7 out of 10.

Wonder Woman #109(May 1996): Wonder Woman winds up having to face off against the Flash, who is acting uncharacteristically insane. Flash runs through WW's city(Gateway City)destroying things, and acting aloof, which leads to a WW/Flash showdown. WW eventually manages to snare the Flash with her lasso and unmasks him, only to discover that it is a young man who she is unfamiliar with. Before the “Flash” can be taken to prison, he explodes into a bunch of white dust... Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.

Wonder Woman #110(June 1996): This time, a young and aloof Sinestro attacks Gateway City, so WW has to attempt to take him down. WW knows for a fact that Sinestro is dead, so she isn't quite sure what to make of this “Sinestro”. Much like Flash from last issue, “Sinestro” never says a word and just seems bent on mindless destruction. WW(along with some help from Champion)finally manages to capture “Sinestro”, but much like last issue, “Sinestro” explodes in white power when captured. We learn that some computer program was creating these menaces, not realizing the danger. Oh, and this issue ends with the computer creating Doomsday! Score: 8 out of 10.

Wonder Woman #111(July 1996): Fake Doomsday takes to the streets of Gateway City and stomps a mudhole into WW. We also learn that some mad scientist had put the brainwaves of his dead son into the computers at his lab, and that the kid's brainwaves were creating the fake heroes and villains from the past few issues thinking he was simply playing a video game. Also in this issue we have Cassie Sandsmark dressing up as Wonder Girl for the first time. Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.

Wonder Woman #112(Aug. 1996): Once again Champion comes to WW's aid, but not even the combined powers of WW and Champion are enough to stop Doomsday. The mad scientist, realizing that his experiment had caused all of the destruction in Gateway City, decides to overload his computer systems, which causes Doomsday to mutate to the point where his bone growths grow out of control. WW takes this opportunity to smash “Doomsday” and destroy it. The cops arrive and arrest the scientist, which ends his threat. Score: 6 out of 10.

That's all of the old reviews I have to post this week. I was pretty Tim Drake heavy this week it seems... I'll try to mix things up a little bit for next week's post. Thanks for reading, and remember, tomorrow night is a new installment of the Best of the Rest. So until next time, Long Live Barkspawn!!!


  1. 7's and 6's ruled Flashback Friday tonight, and Long Live Barkspawn was excellent lol. You're the man for that one. I'd like to read those Wonder Woman issues, and Tim's series seems like it started off pretty interesting.

    And the checks in the mail? you don't have my address!!!! Damn! :P

  2. Yeah, nothing really spectacular this week. But nothing awful either, so that was good I guess. The WW stuff could have been so much better, especially since it was WW vs Doomsday, but the ending was just SO lame...

    I figured you'd like the Barkspawn ref. I wonder if anybody else will get it...

    Umm, I sent the check to Jason Todd in Gotham City. That's correct, right?

  3. Gotham City Police Department, yes sir, I do need another Red hood Costume and more black hair dye. :P

  4. Ha! I'll see what I can do about getting that black hair dye sent to you.

  5. Lol thanks, everyone keeps calling me Toddald McDonald. :P

  6. "Tim believes that King Snake was somehow still alive, while Bats refuses to believe Tim's words, figuring somebody else was calling the shots for the Ghost Dragons.
    Batman #468(Sept. 1991): So it turns out Tim was right and King Snake did indeed survive his fall in Hong Kong, "

    When are people going to start believing Tim Drake when he says stuff?! Heroes always seem to come to the conclusion that "Tim Drake was right"

  7. Ha! I didn't even notice that, but you're 100% right Kello! From this moment forward, I think Tim Drake should be consulted about EVERYTHING since he ALWAYS seems to be right!

  8. Maybe because Tim's a jinx? I'd be hard pressed to believe the guy with the worst luck in all of the comic books!

  9. But JT, he's ALWAYS right it seems! Even about something as outlandish as him believing that Batman was still alive even though he was blasted into a cape and some dusty old bones! I mean, sure, everybody who gets too close to him usually suffers some horrible fate, but still, the guy is always right!

  10. "Dusty Old Bones, Dusty old Bones, can't catch me Dusty old bones!" - King of The Hill

    Maybe that's the price that comes with being a Jinx? You're always right but no one ever believes ya?

  11. Scary, you read my mind again JT! Once I typed "Dusty old bones", my first thought was that annoying little kid from KotH! "Dusty old bones, dusty old bones, full of green dust!" Hank: "Green dust???" HA!!!

    Hmm, a very valid point JT... Poor Timmy is like the boy who cried jinx... Then again, forget I said that, it doesn't even make any sense! :P

  12. Lmmfao! I KNEW IT! I was treading lightly since you don't watch alot of tv but I KNEW that was KOTH. Hank: Full of green dust?! Bwahhh! Man thats classic.

    Lol The boy who cried Jinx?! In the immortal words of Hank Hill "H-what?"

  13. Dude, KotH is one of the FEW non-sporting event things that I'll actually watch. Every night from 10-11 I'm parked in front of my TV to watch! Hank's reaction to that kid using "Green dust" still makes me smile to this day...

    Is this gonna be our new thing, quoting Hank Hill, because just so you know, I'd be fine with that! :P

  14. Lmao I feel you bro, tell me you saw the new episodes this week?! The one with Joseph learning about Sex was my favorite. I love King of The Hill so much, Nagash says it's not funny at all so maybe you can help me prove him wrong haha.

    I'm down if you are, lol I'm gonna comment on your stuff like "I heard Wolverine killed Fiddy men!!!!"

  15. Ha, I did catch that episode. That was one of the FEW ones I hadn't seen before. As for Nagash and KotH, I'll be honest with you, I used to HATE that show! Seriously! Then a few years ago I started catching the reruns in syndication, and I became a HUGE fan, to the point where I can quote large portions of each episode. I think KotH is kind of an acquired taste. If you watch it enough, it'll start to grow on you.

    HA! The "Fiddy men" line is def one of my favorites... But then again, Cotton is prob my favorite character, so that explains that.

  16. That's cause it was new :P Lol they showed all new never before seen eps last week at 10:30. Funny thing is, I was the same way so I guess you're right. And I can also quote almost any episode, especially Season 6, I have that DVD and I've watched that ragged. "Thats my purse, I don't know you!!!!"

    I can see why, that little dude is hilarious. "I finally respect you, Mr. Tojo."

  17. I've seen a few of those episodes on Fox before, so I don't know what Cartoon Network was getting at when they said they were never before seen episodes! Maybe on CN they were never before seen, but I KNOW I'd seen a few of them! That "Bobby goes nuts" episode is DEF one of my favorites...

    Man, I HATED when Cotton died! But I was laughing at the part where the guy was cooking the food and Cotton's sitting there watching him REALLY hardwhile saying, "You look like one of the fiddy men I killed... Or did I???" Yeah, once Cotton got written off, I knew the show was just about finished.

  18. I watched em on Fox and the only one they showed last week on Cartoon Network that I'd seen was the one where Bobby was grilling, so who knows?

    Lmmfao.... OR DID I? That shit had me laughing for DAYS man...that was awesome. Yeah I figured he'd come back since he told Hank he could stop his heart, so I figured he'd pop up one day but I guess not. Poor Dale never found out about Redcorn.

  19. I swear I saw all of 'em but maybe two, the Joseph one and maybe one other, but hey, they were practically new to me, so I was cool with it.

    Hell, just reading that line had me laughing right now! That was full-out, 100% classic Cotton. I don't think there was a single episode he was in that I didn't enjoy.

    As for Dale, I think I'm kind of glad he never found out about Redcorn and Nancy... For all of Dale's MANY faults, he was a great father to Joseph, and if he learned that Joseph wasn't his, who knows how their relationship would have changed.

  20. Same, I hated how Hank's Mom wasn't her original voice but I LOVED him calling her an idiot.

    "Listen up ya whores, I'll be back next summer so don't be jackin up yer prices! I'll be stayin at Hank Hill's House... Hank, Hank's wife." Lmmfao, I love how he STILL doesn't call her Peggy.

    Agreed, Dale is crazy as hell, he really really is, but he's an amazing father, hell sometimes better than Hank. Oh, remember Joseph got huge over the summer, kissed Connie, Kissed Minh, got socked in the nose? Lmao I loved that, almost as much as "Bobby Goes Nuts."

    And just for laughter "Look at him, as tall as Mount Fuji! And Michiko's sweet sweet face."

  21. Yeah, that episode with Hank's mom kind of annoyed me because she was SO different from all of her past appearances. It was like they had completely forgot how her characater used to be...

    HA! I love how Peggy was ALWAYS Hank's wife to Cotton, right to the end! Man, there are SO many episodes with Cotton that I frigging loved. I could sit here all day and just talk about Cotton episodes.

    I loved when Joseph planted one on Minh and he's like, "I thought you liked me!" And she standing there laughing and she's like, "Oh yeah, you rocked my world!"

    Cotton then going to spit in the face of the Japanese Emperor has also great...

  22. Exactly! I hate when a character just randomly changes (Hanks' Mom, Peggy's Mom) But ya know who will NEVER change? Dooley, "I can see your dad's junk..." Lmmfao

    Same man, Cotton was SO great. Remember he said "So I BEAT EM TO DEATH, WITH A PIECE OF FATTY!!!!" Man..just the idea of beating someone to death with SOMEONE ELSE, let alone someone named Fatty is great.

    Lmao, best line ever. She's like, Kahn's gonna get a kick out of this. In Jozeph's defense she did look pretty hot.

    I love how he went from wanting to spit in the Emperor's face, to years later becoming "El Presidente", Oh how times have changed.

  23. HA! Yeah, Dooley never changed at least. For a small time character, he had some pretty funny moments on that show too.

    Oh man, yeah, "I made it onto the island, but it was FULL of Tojos! And they were all spitting on the American flag!!" HA!!!!! Goddamn was Cotton frigging awesome!

    Yeah, but it was Minh's reaction that just sold the scene to me. She was so amused by the whole situation!

  24. Definitely, one of my favorites will always be the one where he walks outta the closet with the chick and is like "Joseph likes to watch..." The delivery was excellent."

    Lmao, man, If I EVER saw a group of "Tojo's" standing in a circle spitting on the American Flag I'd just be to perplexed to do anything, Cotton goes into Incredible Hulk mode and kills em with a piece of fatty. (Speaking of Hulk I LOVED how Daniel Way wrote him when he and Wolvie fought in Origins.)

    She wasn't even like...shocked. She just took it and laughed it off. Then was sarcastic about him rocking her world. That was great.

  25. And there was the time when Luanne was a born again virgin and was preaching about sex at the middle school and Dooley was like, "Keep talking." Ha, he's a good character! I really need to see if I can snag a few KotH DVD's.

    And the Cotton was like, "And it was a trap! And they blew my shins off!" Somehow I doubt that was the full story... That's like the one where Peggy is trying to help him get the burial plot at the veterens cemetary, and he was telling her about when he fought the nazzys and the tojos, and Peggy was like, "How could you have been in Munich and then a week later in the Pacific?" I think Cotton finally was like, "I guess I wasn't in Munich..." Then again, since he was cremated, why did he even need the plot at the cemetary?!?

  26. I remember that! Remember he ran away? Then came back at the little city meeting or whatever and was just like "I'm...Back." Lol

    Lmao... I forgot ALL about that, and you're right! Why did he need a cemetary plot if he was getting cremated?! Also, who aims for the shins when them ambush someone? You can shoot his shins off but NO one thought to kill him?!

  27. Dude, I kind of half remember Cotton telling the Fatty story and saying that he was shot 50(!)times in the back while he was still in the water, which is why the sharks came, and why he had to throw Fatty to them! Damn could Cotton tell some WILD stories!

    Exactly! They made it like it was such a big deal for Cotton to get that plot, and then he ended up having his ashes flushed... Weird...

  28. Lmao, I had to give em fatty! That's Topsy, Fatty, Brooklyn, Fat Brooklyn...

    You're right...maybe that's where GH will be buried? I can't get over the fact he named his second son GOOD Hank. "Well you burnt my burger, didn't ya BH!"

  29. That last line was frigging hilarious! Naming his son Good Hank was just awesome. Good Hank and Bad Hank...

  30. Lol so Hank's been demoted from Hank to Bad Hank, oh well, after forty years he had a hell of a good start to earn the name GH!