Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Random Scan of the Week!

That's right, this isn't a hoax or a bad dream, this is really THE Random Scan of the Week, ONE full day early!!! I know, this is just madness! I WAS going to introduce a new weekly feature tonight, but something came up, and before you knew it, it was well past midnight, and I wasn't planning on staying up all night doing a long post. So there ya go, that's why the RSotW is here tonight. Hopefully I'll find the time to put together a nice long post for tomorrow night, but no promises... As for tonight's scan, hows about the always weird Tim Drake and the deadly Lady Shiva?From Robin #4(April 1991).


  1. Lmao, Robin thought he was going to jump into a whole new world lol.

    Now that's funny.

  2. Glad ya liked it Falisha, I got a kick out of it when I read it.