Saturday, May 8, 2010

Siege: Loki #1

Hey X-Maniacs, happy weekend! I've got me three new reviews to post tonight, all of them Marvels and all of them Siege x-overs. I'll probably have a few more Marvel reviews to post on Monday, and then I'll go and do a few DC reviews. But that's later, back to the here and now. I'm in a pretty good mood today since I only have one more week of school, and then it's six weeks of blissful nothingness. So expect things to be a bit on the slow side on the blog next week(finals and papers and such), before I can really pick up some steam the following week. Well, I'm not on vacation yet, so let me get to these reviews so I can finish reading the final chapter of my American History book.

Siege: Loki #1: Writer: Kieron Gillen. Pencils: Jamie McKelvie.

Review: This issue gets started with Loki explaining(to himself I guess)why he feels the need to destroy Asgard during Siege. Basically he's annoyed that although the Asgardians have escaped the cycle of Ragnarok, they are still trapped in the roles they had always held. Thor is still noble, Balder is still good, Loki is still Loki, etc, and Loki is sick of it all. As such he begins to manipulate events and people in order to guarantee the deaths of his fellow Asgardians, while assuring himself immortality. As such, he drives Norman Osborn crazy via Osborn's Green Goblin mask(which Osborn believes was talking to him), manipulates Doom into allowing the Asgardians to live in Latveria for a time, makes a deal with long dead Asgardian cannibals, hands the cannibals over to Mephisto in exchange for a little piece of Hell for dead Asgardians to go to during their afterlife, and then sells that plot of Hell over to Hela in exchange for Hela's guarantee that she would never take Loki into the afterlife, basically allowing him immortality on top of his regular advanced Asgardian lifespan. And that's basically this comic in a nutshell.

What I Thought: Meh. I was looking forward to reading this comic since Loki has been pretty conspicuous in his absence during Siege, and I was interested in seeing what he was up to. After discovering what he had been planning, I've got to say I was pretty underwhelmed. So Loki basically wanted to gain immortality on top of his immortality and then kill all of the other Asgardians... I was hoping for a little bit more from Loki, but as it was, this wasn't an unbearable comic...

Score: 7 out of 10.Note to self: When in Hell, don't call the devil generous.

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