Monday, May 31, 2010

Batgirl #10

Hey there X-Maniacs, which is better then Red Readers just so you know :P, I only have one review for tonight, but it's a GOOD one! Well, the comic, not really the review itself... Since I do feel kind of bad about only posting one review, I'm also going to post a bonus Random Scan! I'm fully expecting things to be back to normal around here going forward, so expect two or three reviews up tomorrow, followed by Comic Gazing for Wednesday, as I slowly get back into the swing of things. Well that's all I have to say I think... On to the review!

Batgirl #10: Writer: Bryan Q Miller. Pencils: Lee Garbett & Pere Perez.
Last Issue: 9 1/2 out of 10.

Review: This issue opens up with the Calculator explaining to his dead son that he was planning on capturing Oracle as revenge for Oracle taking his daughter from him. Meanwhile, Oracle tells Batgirl that since Calculator had managed to get his hands on one of Darkseid's “Obey Darkseid, drink Sprite!” helmets, she was shutting down all of her computers and dropping all communitarian with Batgirl, since she didn't want Calculator going after Batgirl when he came after Oracle. Needless to say, Batgirl finds these measures extreme, but Oracle's mind is made up and she shuts down all communication with Batgirl. The following day, Detective Gage(who's maybe/kind of/sort of dating Barbara Gordon)drops by Babs office at Gotham University, only to find that Babs wasn't there. Being a detective, Gage begins to poke around the office while waiting and discovers some clippings from a recent Batgirl case. Stephanie Brown walks in and tries to flirt with Gage like she does when she's Batgirl, however it doesn't exactly go smoothly, and Gage decides to leave, asking Steph to tell Babs that he stopped by... HA! Next up, Oracle sends Calculator's daughter, Wendy, to a safe-house, and Calculator fires up the satellite that was connected to the Darkseid helmet. Calculator's helmet transforms anybody in Gotham who was either looking at any sort of technology or at an image of Oracle into a brainwashed zombie slave of his. With his plan now fully in motion, Calculator orders all of his computer zombies to hunt down and capture Oracle, and to kill anybody who got in the way. With that, Oracle, who was teaching class at the time is attacked by several students, but she manages to beat them away and escapes the classroom, where she is met by Batgirl, who had seen one of her fellow students transform into a computer zombie, and figured that Babs would need some help. The two women manage to escape the building, only to run into a SWARM of hundreds of computer zombies(including Commissioner Gordon), who immediately try to get at Babs. Babs and Batgirl try valiantly to fight off the overwhelming odds, but they are quickly overrun, which leads Babs to tell Batgirl to save herself. After pinning Babs to the ground, the computer zombies vomit some sort of nanites onto Babs which encases her in a solid mass of... zombie vomit? Okay then... Batgirl sees what was happening to Babs and tries to assist her mentor, but is halted by Manbat, Catwoman and Huntress, all of whom were computer zombies.

What I Thought: What can I say here besides this comic was great? It really was. The creepy stuff with Calculator and the corpse of his son, the relationship between Babs and Steph, the funny dialogue between Steph and Detective Gage, the cliffhanger ending, everything was just SO well done! Nothing I say can do it any justice, so why even try? You should definitely give this series a shot, it's really that good!

Score: 10 out of 10. Hey, check it out, a perfect score! This is only the seventh perfect score of the year from me(out of over one hundred reviews), and the second Batgirl comic to achieve that honor.Who knew Calculator was such an awesome villain?


  1. A perfect score, eh? Well I'll just have to see what this comic's all about then. Does it rely very heavily on what's going on in any other books? Like, would I be good to go if I just read from issue #1 onward?

  2. Lmao how DARE you make fun of my Red I'm gonna have Hulk Hogan sue you :P

    Anyway I loved this issue as well, as readers of, that's, will remember I have it a 9/10 so we're on the same wave length. I don't think there's been an issue of Batgirl I haven't liked yet.

  3. No, I don't think it does Marc. It only crossed over with Red Robin for an issue or two, but for the most part, it's pretty self-contained. JT's read it from the beginning as well, so if I'm wrong, I'm sure he'll correct me.

    HA!!! I love how shocked you seem at my audacity JT! That's right, I took a cheap shot... Brother!

  4. You're DAMN RIGHT I WILL!!!! But nah, it's pretty self contained, the Red Robin Cross over was one issue of Batgirl and three issues of Red Robin, but if ya decided not to get those you could always read the spoiler review at my blog.

    Lol I see we're not pulling punches eh, I'll remember this on my next Ratings and Rantings... Brother! :P

  5. Niiice review. This is like the ONLY current running comic that has kept me so interested and wanting more.

    Definitely deserved a 10. I wish all comics were this damn good. Lol.

  6. There ya go, me AND JT agree that Batgirl is pretty self-contained, so that means it DEFINITELY is! ;-)

    Ooo, does this mean war? Brother! :D

    Couldn't agree more Falisha. If I had to pick a favorite series of the year so far, it would either be Batgirl, Dark Wolverine or REBELS.

  7. Yes, we agree to disagree, tat we both agree. Does everyone agree?

    Oh yes, this is WAR!!!!... Brotha!!!

    And stop giving away future picks X... :P ;-)

  8. It did have that crossover with Batman and Robin where they crashed the Batmobile and never mentioned it again ;)
    So yeah, pretty self contained.

    It's definitely the best comic out at the mo, it's consistently good, funny, with some good thrills, nice art and great plots. Bryan Q Millar and Lee Garbett are definitely doing well here. Here's hoping DC give them so more to work with.

  9. "And stop giving away future picks X..." HA!!! Hmm, if that's the case, I should probably get a move on, shouldn't I?!?

    "Here's hoping DC give them so more to work with." Agreed 500%!