Friday, July 24, 2009

X-Factor #46

Ah, it's time for me to check out my favorite X-book, X-Factor. While the other X-books have really suffered after the whole asinine "No More Mutants" decree, X-Factor has been consistently good. Why is that? The answer is simple, Peter David. Peter is one of the greatest comic book writers of all time. That's right, OF ALL TIME! I don't think there is any comic writer out there today who can mix the serious with the hilarious(although Dan Slott is close). Well I could go on and on talking about Peter's great works(the first X-Factor series, the second X-Factor series, Captain Marvel series 4 and 5, Young Justice, Spyboy and Aquaman just to name a few)but instead I should probably throw out a review of this month's X-Factor.

-We open with the two villains behind the current storyarc arguing about which one of them should deal with Madrox. Dr. Falcone(who is 80 years in the future)tells Cortex(who's in the present)to kill Jamie already, while Cortex tells Falcone that since Jamie is in the future, it's his responsibility to wipe Jamie out. Cortex leaves for parts unknown while Falcone gets booted out of the White House by some of the President's security... OOOK...

-The Cortex possessed Monet is still battling Darwin, who is trying to protect Lenore(an ex-mutant). After Monet tosses Darwin away, she heads back to Lenore's apartment to finish killing her.

-In the future, Layla, Ruby and Jamie are meeting with Dr. Doom(who is REALLY old!). Doom explains that quite some time ago he managed to create "Doomlocks" which allows cybernetic beings to alter the future of their own timeline, as opposed to creating a divergent timeline... Wow, that sure came out confusing... Um, let me try that again using Doom's explanation. If you went back in time and killed Hitler before WWII, when you returned to the present nothing would be different. However, another alternate dimension would be created where Hitler was killed before WWII. Get it? No? Well, at least I tried! Getting back to the story, by using Doomlocks, a cybernetic organism(ie. Cortex)could go into the past and affect it, changing their future.

-As the trio try to wrap their minds around Doom's science talk, a flock(or is it gaggle?)of Sentinels break into Doom's home and prepare to attack.

-Back in the past, Siryn arrives at Lenore's apartment and attacks Cortex-Monet. While the two women are battling in the skies, the flock of Sentinels from the future suddenly pop up in front of them and attack.

-Back in the future, the trio of heroes are trying to figure out where the hell the Sentinels disappeared to. They get their answer in the form of Trevor Fitzroy(!!!)who appears to be a member of the Summers Rebellion, much to Jamie's shock.

What do I say about this issue... Hmm... I loved it! It had everything, a great story, good artwork, action, adventure and of course, humor. Maybe it was just me, but Peter's quips in this issue seemed to be particularly funny. Where do I even begin? The scene with Valerie Cooper and Siryn was hilarious, Cortex had some great lines("Now to dispose of Lenore Wilkinson... And her offspring... And her little dog too."), Old Doom was a barrel of laughs("Genuflect, I say! Kneel before Victor Von Doom!")and even the stuff with Dr. Falcone was funny, although I will admit that I was a bit confused by his scenes. What was up with the disappearing Shaw?

This story is really starting to come together now, with each issue revealing a little bit more about both Cortex and Dr. Falcone, as well as their agendas. Cortex is obviously imbued with Doomlocks, and has gone back in time to eliminate certain individuals who would seem to trouble Falcone. Obviously the offspring of Lenore must be very problematic to Falcone in the future. I wonder who Lenore's children are and what they're responsible for? All in all, I'm really enjoying this storyline, and this issue once again proves why I call X-Factor the best X-book on the market today, bar none! For a score, I'll give this issue a 9 out of 10. As usual, great work by the esteemed Mr. David!

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