Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia #1

This is the start of the Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men x-over(duh!). Personally I hope the Dark Avengers wipe the floor with the X-Men. As a life-long X-Men fan, it's almost unbearable for me to read the current crop of X-Men comics. Prof. X blacklisted from the team, Cyclops and the White Queen in charge, the X-Men living in San Fransisco, it's all just so wrong! Well, I could go on and on about what's wrong and why I hate the current direction the X-books have gone, but instead, I'll save it for another day. This issue is written by Matt Fraction.

-This comic begins with a fight between Simon Trask and his Humanity Now! organization(who are proposing legislation that would make it illegal for mutants to procreate)and a few of the younger X-Men. The battle becomes a full scale riot, which leads to the police being called in and Beast(who was at the scene trying to maintain some order)being arrested.

-Day turns to night, and the riots continue, with mutants and pro-Humanity Now! forces clashing all over San Fran. Norman Osborn, as the high muckity muck of the Dark Avengers, as well as the head of HAMMER, decides to send the Dark Avengers to San Fran, in order to end the rioting and reestablish some control. Cyclops sends the X-Men out for the same reason.

-Needless to say, members of the two super-teams come into contact with each other, and in short order the fists are flying.

-Emma meets with Osborn is secret to find out why Osborn is interfering in mutant affairs(as per their agreement, he's supposed to stay out of mutant business)and Osborn explains that with Cyclops unable to keep things peaceful in the mutant community, he has no choice but to step in. Osborn then hands Emma a file which he calls "The Plan". This "Plan" is apparently a group of mutants who will operate in the same manner as the Dark Avengers, in other words, X-Men who will be taking their marching orders from Osborn, with Emma as the face of the group.

-From there, Osborn holds a press conference with Prof. Xavier, who rips Cyclops, calling him insane. Well, I've been saying that for the past 3 years now! But wait, before this issue comes to a close, we learn that Prof. X is actually locked in a prison somewhere, and that the man with Osborn is an impostor.

This was a very strong opening chapter in this x-over. Matt did a great job establishing the story, and the reason for the conflict between the X-Men and the Dark Avengers. While I liked this issue, I'm a bit confused as to where this storyline is going to go from here. On paper, the Dark Avengers should be able to wipe the floor with this incarnation of the X-Men. I mean, the Dark Avengers have both Ares AND the Sentry on their side! The X-Men just don't match up... Plus, we've got Emma possibly switching sides as well. I don't know how Matt is going to stretch this out another 5 parts, but as long as the rest of this x-over is as strong as the first issue, I'll happily be along for the ride. For a score, I'll go with a very strong 8 1/2 out of 10. Could this be the x-over that gets Emma off the X-Men and Prof. X back where he belongs(leading mutantkind)? I sure hope so.


  1. Yeah, I agree I want Emma off the team and the prof back. It just aint the same x-men otherwise. Emma has a lot of fans but she is a total back stabbing bitch of a character. Plus how many women telepaths are here in the marvel u? One less one wouldnt hurt. i say off her and be done with it.

  2. Once again I have to say I completely agree with you Matthew. How the hell can you have the X-Men without Prof X??? He literally puts the X in X-Men!

    I'm really tired of Emma now. When Grant Morrison(brilliantly)added her to the team, she really added some much needed spice as the other woman in Scott and Jean's relationship. With Jean gone(but not forgotten!)Emma is just a pain in the ass that really adds nothing to the team.

    I'm glad somebody else noticed that there were so many female telepaths running around the Marvel U! It's like for every 1 male telepath there's 3 or 4 female ones!