Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dark Wolverine #76

Although this is Dark Wolverine #76, this is actually the second issue of this series. And the title character isn't actually Wolverine, it's his son, Daken... Oh Marvel, you bunch of tricky bastards! Anyway, I'm a big fan of Daken, and I did enjoy the last issue. This issue is written by the tandem of Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu.

-This issue opens with a Dark Avengers meeting(Dark Avengers Assemble???). Osborn basically tells the team that they are not to confront the Fantastic Four unless he tells them to. After several complaints from the team, Osborn angrily dismisses them. As they are leaving the room, Daken makes some brownie points with Moonstone by calling her a brilliant woman, something an egomaniac like Karla eats right up. Osborn stops Daken from leaving and accuses him of firing one of Bullseye's arrows into the Human Torch's leg(which happened last issue). Daken denies it and when Osborn asks why Bullseye would be stupid enough to attack a member of the Fantastic Four, Daken responds by telling Osborn that Bullseye is obviously trying to set Osborn up for a fall.

-From there Daken strolls right into the Baxter Building and manages to bypass all of their security measures, picking a fight with the Thing in one of Mr. Fantastic's labs. After a gay joke about Ben and the Human Torch, Ben puts Daken's head through the floor to the surprise of the team. Johnny manages to stop Ben from going any further and Ben apologizes to Daken, who also makes peace by apologizing as well. Awww...

-While Daken is inside, Osborn lands on the roof of a building near the Baxter Building and catches Bullseye recording the outside of the building with a camera. Osborn asks what the hell Bullseye was doing and he tells Osborn that he was following Daken and that he caught him entering the Baxter Building.

-Reed asks why Daken was in his building and Daken tells him that he doesn't want to be a member of the Dark Avengers anymore, because he doesn't want to become something he's not. The members of the FF are skeptical about how honest Daken was being, and they point out that he had to know what he was getting into before he joined up with Osborn. Daken responds by telling the team he made a mistake joining up with Osborn, and that he only wanted to see what it was like being his father. He continues by saying he doesn't want to be one of Osborn's lackey's anymore, but that he can't just leave Osborn's team without facing some serious repercussions. Daken tells the FF that Osborn is setting up a confrontation between the two teams, and that he wants to work for the FF as an inside man.

-Reed(reluctantly)decides to work with Daken, and Osborn texts Daken asking what he was doing in the Baxter Building. The FF asks if there's a problem, and Daken tells them he must have been followed, and that he needs it to look like they had a big fight, explaining that if they don't, Osborn will realize something is wrong. Daken secretly texts Osborn, and tells him to be ready with Bullseye's camera. Before Osborn can figure out what Daken meant by that, Daken goes flying out of the Baxter Building, landing in the street. Thing walks out of the building and hurls insults down at Daken's battered body while Osborn gleefully records the entire spectacle.

This is such a good comic! I love what Daniel and Marjorie are doing here. Daken with a few simple words and actions is managing to turn everybody against one another. First he causes Bullseye to hate his guts, then he sets Bullseye up against the FF, which brings the Dark Avengers into direct conflict with the FF, something Osborn didn't want to happen. He then sows the seeds of malcontent between Moonstone and Osborn, as he turns Osborn's attentions towards Bullseye. Next he sets the FF directly against Osborn by claiming Osborn was aggressively plotting against them, while making Osborn think the FF was provoking him! Beautiful! All Daken does is rock the boat, which makes for some great comic books. For a score, I'll give this comic an 8 1/2 out of 10. Wolverine may be more popular, but if you were to ask me, I'd say that Daken is WAY more interesting.

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