Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dark Avengers #6

Here's another BENDIS written masterpiece!

-Osborn meets with the Cabal(that's what those Dark Reign bad guys are called, right?)and demands that Namor takes care of the Atlantian terrorists who attacked Los Angeles the previous issue. Namor is enraged that Osborn has the nerve to demand anything of him, and after some harsh words, Osborn storms away.

-Osborn then meets with the Dark Avengers(minus Marvel Boy, who is missing)and orders the Sentry to hunt down the Atlantian terrorists and kill all but one of them. Sentry is shocked by this order, but Osborn tells Sentry that he doesn't want the Setry to preform this deed, instead he wants the Void(Sentry's evil alter-ego)to do the job. Sentry becomes the Void and does as he is commanded, bringing the sole survivor of the terrorists back to Avengers Tower where the Atalantian is fed to Venom for some reason.

-This issue ends with Osborn demanding to know what Moonstone said/did to cause Marvel Boy to run from the team, but he receives no answer. Osborn then storms away, goes to a secret lab in Avengers Tower and collapses to the floor while the voice of the Green Goblin tells him he's still around.

Huh, once again, this was a pretty good issue. What the hell, BENDIS? I'm really quite surprised that the same guy can be responsible for the abortion that is the New Avengers, while simultaneously putting out Dark Avengers, which is actually turning out to be a pretty decent series. So, the Sentry is crazy, Bullseye and Venom are crazy, and Osborn is(FINALLY)showing signs of cracking up. With Osborn seemingly headed back to the green and purple of the Goblin, I wonder what that means for the Dark Avengers. We all know that eventually Osborn's Dark Reign is going to collapse like a house of cards, but when that happens, what will become of this increasingly enjoyable comic?

Whatever the future holds, I hope Marvel Boy is a part of it. After Moonstone revealed that the Dark Avengers are a team of villains to him, Noh-Varr left the team, heading off to parts unknown. It would be nice if Noh-Varr became a full fledged hero in the Marvel Universe, but I'm not holding my breath. I still get the feeling my favorite Kree from an alternate future is marked for death. I'm also a bit confused as to why nobody seems to remember that Noh-Varr was a Kree terrorist who attacked New York on more than one occasion. He's not really dressed differently, or hiding his identity, so I'm kind of baffled as to why the public seemingly has no problem with him. Anyway, for a score, I'm going to give this comic a respectable 7 out of 10. If BENDIS keeps up the good work, I'm going to have to stop ragging on him.

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