Friday, July 10, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #38

I honestly wasn't planning on posting anything tonight. After putting my list of villains up(which you can conveniently find here)and rearranging my comic book collection(that took me a legit two hours, and I'm still not done!!!), I was just going to read a few other blogs I follow and call it a night. Then the mail came and GLC #38 arrived... This has easily been one of my favorite comics month in and month out, so how could I NOT read it? This issue is written by Peter Tomasi and drawn by Patrick Gleason.

-The Green Lanterns who were on Oa during the destruction of the Battery Shell are completely frozen, until Kilowog manages to get the Lanterns moving on search and rescue operations.

-Soranik, tries to remove Sinestro's mark from her face but proves unable to. Although she doesn't want to believe it, she confides that she DOES believe Sinistro's claims that he is indeed her birth father.

-The Daxamites begin to rout Mongul's Sinestro Corps and Mongul decides to pull up stakes and abandon Daxam. Before he leaves though, Mongul ominously announces plans to conquer a planet that would give the Sinestro Corps a home as well as a symbol of their power. Hmm...

-The rest of the Guardians return from Okaara to find Oa stripped of Battery Shell. The Guardians are none to happy about this development, and they order the Alpha Lanterns to begin secretly executing the captured Sinistro Corps members who were involved in the Sciencell breakouts.

-Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner get wind of what the Alpha Lanterns were up to and stand between the shackled prisoners and the Alpha Lanterns. Kyle tells the Alphas that the Green Lantern Corps has never killed unarmed prisoners before and that they won't begin to now. Guy and Kyle continue to complain about the fact that the executions are being carried out in secret, which prompts Scar and the rest of the Guardians to transport the Alphas, Guy and Kyle, and the prisoners to the surface, where the Guardians announce the executions will be public.

-Kyle tries to state why the Corps shouldn't go down this path, but Scar explains that the GLC must be all will and no heart. The Guardians then transport the pair back home to Earth and proceed with the now public executions. This issue then ends with an asteroid in Sector 666 exploding and hundreds of Black Lantern rings being sent out into the cosmos.

This issue was a bit of a letdown to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but this issue felt more like a clean-up/set-up issue instead of the conclusion to an awesome six-part storyline. For example, after the events of last issue, I figured the jig was up when it came to Scar and the Guardians. I mean, she was responsible for the destruction of the Battery Shell, but the Guardians were STILL oblivious to her actions! How stupid are the little blue guys??? They really believe the destruction was from the Sceincell riots, and not some outside force?

I was also kind of bummed by the fact that the stuff occurring on Daxam was only given two pages... I was enjoying the battle for Daxam and I was hoping for more, not just a page of Mongul stating he was leaving... For a score, I'll give this issue a 9 out of 10. Yes, after all those complaints I still gave this comic a 9. Don't get me wrong, this was a very good comic. Probably better than like 85% of the stuff I'll wind up reading all month. However this issue was a bit of a step back from the 10's I've been giving this series in recent months. With all that said though, I'd still recommend this issue highly.


  1. Haha, I hope you were planning to check out my blog tonight! I might be going on sabbatical at the end of the month.

    Anyway, I don't read Green Lantern Corps. That's kind of ironic, seeing that I'm a big Green Lantern fan. I just don't care about any of the characters in Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan will forever be the greatest Green Lantern!

    But this is a great review, and I definitely enjoyed reading it!

  2. Heh, you know Robert, I've been checking out your blog like every night, but I can't comment on the books you've reviewed just yet. I'm still waiting on my copies of the new GL, Justice League, Batman/Robin and Cap: Reborn! Once I read these books, I'll(FINALLY)be able to check out your thoughts on them. *Sigh* That's the trouble with not having a good comic book shop in my area... Having to wait an extra week or more for new books to arrive by mail. Once I read those books though, I'm sure I'll be commenting over at your blog!

    I'd definitely recommend giving GLC a shot, Robert. I've honestly enjoyed this series as much as the main GL book, and I say that as HUGE Geoff Johns fan.

  3. Haha, there's no rush, X-Man. Heck, I'm just grateful that you even take the time to look at my blog!

    A buddy of mine has all of the recent issues of Green Lantern Corps, so I'll probably give them a read in the coming days. And I think I'll have to start picking up GLC if I want the full Blackest Night experience!

  4. Same here man. I'm always happy to see some new comments on my blog.

    I hope you enjoy those comics Robert, GLC has been one of those series that has really surprised me by how much I enjoy it. With how awesome Blackest Night is shaping up, I get the feeling that I'll be spending an inordinate amount of money on DC books in the coming months... Blast that Geoff Johns and his splendid storytelling!