Sunday, July 5, 2009

A weekly feature sounds nice.

I've got absolutely nothing to talk about here. So why even bother posting? Because I've posted something for the past 7 months straight now, and I fully intend on continuing that streak until I'm either dead or in the madhouse, whichever one comes first(Probably the madhouse...). Just so this post isn't a total waste(only a semi-waste), I think I'll throw out some ideas I have about adding a new feature to this blog. If anybody reads this post(I'll be shocked and impressed if anybody does!)hopefully they can give me a few comments on what idea(if any)they like.

My first idea was to just grab a couple of random comics from my ever growing comic book collection and do a quick review/write-up about them. For example, maybe I'd randomly review Uncanny X-Men #305 or The Flash #93, and then hope to get some comments from people who many have read one of those comics back in the day. This would be a good way to start some conversations about comic book stories gone by.

Idea number two is to do random lists about comic book related stuff. You see, I love lists. Yes, that's a weird thing to say, but it's the sad truth. I could do lists on favorite comic book characters, favorite writers, worst comic books of the 90's, etc. Any readers(or my other personalities)could then chime in on whether they agree or disagree with where I've listed their favorite/least favorite stuff.

Idea number three is to look at some major comic book storylines/events and give some background/thoughts on them. I could probably fill up three or four posts talking about "The Age of Apocalypse", "Identity Crisis", "Secret Wars" or dozens of other comic book events. With any luck, I could drum up some conversations with folks who want to discuss their favorite/least favorite storylines/events.

Idea number four consists of me profiling comic book characters. I'd probably stick with lesser known characters, I've always been partial to c-list heroes/villains. Anybody can be a fan of Wolverine, but how many people would proudly call themselves fans of Bolt? I'd be all to happy to spotlight some really obscure(but deserving)characters.

I'm favorably inclined towards ideas #1 or 2, but I could easily be swayed towards any of the other ideas. Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated as always. It's always nice to know there are actual living people somewhere out there reading my jumbled, unhinged thoughts!


  1. I like Idea Numbers 2 and 4 the best. Although, I also think it would be really cool if a few writers in our comic book blogging circle could get together and do like a podcast or some sort of "comic chat" as a weekly feature. Don't ask how we could do this, but hey, it sounds like a good idea.

  2. I think I like idea #2 the best. Lists are quick, fun, and often create a lot of debate.

    I think your reviews give plenty of background on storylines already, and profiles of characters can be found on a lot of other sites (not to say you couldn't make them great as well). Ah, the beauty of letting wikipedia do the work for you...

    I always like when two characters are pitted against each other for some reason. I thought about this when writing about costumes. Instead of writing about a lot of the costumes I liked or hated, I should have just compared two characters in-depth and asked people which they liked better. That seems like it could be an interesting feature.

  3. Yeah Robert, that's pretty much exactly the type of thing I'd love to do, and the reason I'm thinking about a weekly feature deal to jumpstart some good ol' comic book jabbering.

    Your ideas may actually have some legs too. Maybe we could(somehow)get a few other like-minded comic book bloggers together to do a weekly post on something CB related where everybody could join in... A roundtable discussion or something. It's definitely worth a thought!

  4. Ah yes Kello, a VS sort of feature... That's a really good idea actually, and one I may wind up stealing from you! :)

    So far #2 seems like the favorite. Maybe over the course of this week, I'll try out a few of these ideas(time permiting of course)to see which one comes to me the easiest.