Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nightwing #70

Overall- I actually wasn't planning on reading this tonight, but since it was the last issue written by Chuck Dixon, I figured I'd read it and then prepare to read Devin Grayson's very controversial run on the Nightwing series starting tomorrow.

Wellll, I guess I should have read the Nightwing 80 page giant before I read this issue, huh? This issue seems to spring from the events of the 80 page giant, which is right now staring at me mockingly. Dammit! I hate when I read comic books out of order... I can't comment at all on this comic because I have no idea as to who any of the characters were. I guess I'll have to read the 80 page giant first, then I'll re-read this issue to see if it was any good... For now, I can't score this comic. GRRRR...

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