Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nightwing #67

Overall- This issue deals with the fire at Lockhaven penitentiary, as well as the escape of three of Nightwing's rogues. Torque, Nite-Wing and Shrike manage to escape the burning prison, with Torque and Nite-Wing working in unison, while Shrike makes his escape unaided.

Nightwing has to deal with the man-monster who inadvertently started the fire at the prison, Amygdala. While, Dick has speed and intelligence on Amygdala, the big guy is way more powerful then Dick, and prone to severe mood swings.

Dick mainly tries to reason with Amygdala, but when reasoning fails, Dick tries to subdue him with force... Bad move. Amygdala winds up nearly breaking Dick's ribs, and almost kills Dick by flinging him into a wall. Luckily for Dick, Amygdala has a mood swing which causes him to feel badly for possibly killing Dick. After a good cry, Amygdala falls asleep and Dick is able to restrain him.

That was the issue in a nut shell. Personally, I wasn't to fond of this issue, mainly thanks to the kind of ridiculous way Amygdala was defeated... He cried himself to sleep?!?!?! Not my idea of a great end to a battle. As for a score, I'd give this issue a 4 1/2 out of 10.

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