Saturday, November 1, 2008

Birds of Prey #123

Overall- Oh baby! I've been waiting all month for this one! I can't wait for the confrontation between Babs and the Joker! Enough talk, I should shut up and read it already!

The initial confrontation between the Joker and Babs was a slight let down, because Joker had no clue as to WHO she was. Considering how many people Joker's killed, that really didn't surprise me. As much as I would have loved to see Babs beat the hell out of the Joker from her chair, the scene played out in the most sensible way possible, with Babs just calmly answering Joker's questions in a way that would cause him to look elsewhere.

Knowing that Joker is involved, Babs has to turn to her one time nemesis, the Calculator, for help. Calculator is hesitant, but agrees to Babs plans. Babs also tricks Calculator into thinking that Oracle is actually Infinity.

Calculator arranges a meeting where he will "deliver" the Birds of Prey to the Silicon Syndicate, but is actually planning to trap the Syndicate for the Birds. Meanwhile, the Syndicate decides to call all available resources into the airport to meet the Calculator and his "captive" Birds.

Unfortunately, the Joker finally realizes that it was Barbara Gordon he ran into earlier, and decided he wanted to go back to her location, so he can send her head back home to Gotham... Oh man! Not another cliffhanger with Babs and the Joker! The wait last month was almost more then I could take! This time it will be even worse!

This issue was very good. I liked the background on the scummy Syndicate, as well as the stuff with Joker. Another MAJOR plus was that Misfit was relegated to the background and only spoke 2 letters! If that happened every issue, I'd be overjoyed! This issue, based on that last fact as well as everything else gets a 7 1/2 out of 10

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