Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick Hits: Marvel Edition.

Well, I did three DC reviews yesterday, so it's only fair to tackle three Marvel comics today, right? The DC books set the bar pretty low, with the high score being an 8 and the low score being a 2. Can these Marvel books top that? Man, I'd sure hope so, for my sake!

Amazing Spider-Man #653:

Summary: Under siege from Alistair Smythe, John Jameson manages to avoid being blown up in his spacecraft thanks to a surprise(and secret)assist from Dr. Octopus. With John safe, Spider-Man falls from the craft, where he is attacked by a free-falling Scorpion. The New Avengers arrive on the scene and get rid of Scorpion, while mopping up some of the forces Smythe had sent to terrorize J. Jonah Jameson. Spidey, Mockingbird and Thing rush out to protect Jameson's wife(as well as Aunt May), while a few other New Avengers save Robbie Robertson. While battling Smythe's forces, Spidey realizes that the villains were using a spider-sense, so he heads to his storage facility(as Peter Parker)to find a device that would block the villain's spider-senses. As he emerges from storage, his fellow scientist confronts him, wanting to ask Peter a few questions about his relationship with Spidey.

Thoughts: Before I say anything else, allow me to state this... My GOD is that New Avengers line-up atrocious!!! What the HELL was Bendis thinking when he put that team together! Sorry, but the Heroes for Hire do NOT make a good team of Avengers! I mean that team is NEARLY as bad as James Robinson's JLA line-up, and he has a talking gorilla on his team!!! Awful... However, this issue WASN'T awful. It was good. Not great or anything, but it was good, clean, Spidey-rific fun. You had Spidey battling Scorpion, Spidey fighting some Spider-Slayers, and Peter Parker being confronted about his relationship to Spider-Man. What more could you ask for? Sure, the Dr. Octopus scene was kind of weird, but that seems to be setting up for future storylines, so I'll overlook it for now. I will say that being forced to see Squirrel Girl did deduct 1/2 from the final score... Sorry, but I HATE that thing!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Worst Avengers Team EVER!!!!!

Invincible Iron Man #500.1:

Summary: This is an easy one to summarize! Basically Tony Stark heads to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and tells his life story... Kind of. He does make sure not to reveal his secret identity or anything like that(you still see what Tony is talking about during the flashback sequences). He tries to get Pepper Potts to go out with him(which is when he learns that he had slept with Pepper a while back)and after a rebuke, Tony goes out with a woman from the AA meeting. And that's pretty much that.

Thoughts: I thought this was a really good way of doing a Tony Stark origin story. It wasn't one of those tried and true comic book gimmicks where the hero sits down and tells his story to a fellow hero, somebody reads it off of a computer or something along those lines, it was Tony cryptically telling his own story to a roomful of strangers. Besides enjoying the way this comic was laid out, I liked the way Matt Fraction showed that while Tony has been sober for a while now, he does still have to battle the demon in the bottle. The thought that Tony regularly attends AA meetings really helped to humanize Tony a bit more for me, so kudos for that.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.You see that? Being a billionaire super-hero isn't all flowers and sunshine!

Deadpool/Cable #26:

Summary: With Cable dead, Deadpool decides to head to the country Cable ran, Rumekistan(you all remember Rumekistan from Cable/Deadpool, right?), to throw a party for his fallen friend. Unfortunately for DP, when he goes to talk to the president of the country, the president explains that he had NO idea who this Cable character was, and then has DP tossed in jail fearing he was an insurgent. DP naturally escapes, gets drunk and then gets captured by the president's forces. The president demands to know why DP was in Rumekistan, and after hearing DP's story, the president explains that he was in the wrong country, as Rumekistan had suffered a civil war and split up. DP decides to help the president with his terrorist problems(since that's what Cable would have done), and DP swiftly defeats the terrorist forces. Before leaving, DP makes sure the people of New Rumekistan thought Cable had saved them, and the people throw a party in Cable's honor.

Thoughts: Hey, for a comic I expected nothing from, and wasn't even going to pick up, this was seriously great! You had plenty of humorous moments(which every Deadpool comic needs), a good, believable and funny story(only DP would wander into the WRONG Rumekistan!), and did a great job showing that DP does indeed have a sensitive side. The flashback sequences fit into the story perfectly and didn't seem out of place, and the final scene was very well done. I really have no complaints here at all. For a little throwaway story, Duane Swierczynski did a wonderful job.

Score: 9 out of 10.I love how sneaky Pool looks standing behind Cap here.


  1. Looks like some nice comics, I actually read that Cable/Deadpool the other day and also enjoyed it. Deadpool was his usual hilarious self, and him putting on a wig, calling out Cable's love of pouches, and calling himself Cable-Pool made me crack up. Nice reviews X.

  2. Wait, I'm confused...why is there a new issues of Cable/Deadpool? Cable's been dead for a few years, and that series was over even longer ago than that. Or is this just another case of Marvel messing with series titles and numbering? Jeez, it's enough to give me an aneurysm...

    And I'm glad you're back on board with Spidey and enjoying Amazing these days! And yes, that New Avengers line-up is indeed horrible. Personally, I don't even see the need for that comic in the first place.

  3. ok its your opinion and i mean no disrepect to it
    but what exactly is so wrong with the new avengers team line-up?
    i mean do you not like the characters in general or just as a team? and whitch ever why

  4. I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with the roster itself, but it makes little sense to me to have Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones (Luke Cage's wife) on a team calling itself "Avengers" when Marvel already has a book called Heroes for Hire.

    I don't have any problem with those characters though; in the end, I guess it's just semantics. But Ms. Marvel? She can just plain GTFO in my opinion.

  5. JT, I literally expected NOTHING from that Deadpool/Cable comic. That's probably one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. It honestly shocked me.

    The official title of the series is actually Deadpool/Cable(as opposed to Cable/Deadpool), Marc. On top of that I think this was actually the second issue of Deadpool/Cable, 'cause I think #25 was the first... Why? I have no clue... You know how Marvel is when it comes to numbering things, especially DP books!

    No problem, Movieartman. I'm glad you actually asked like a normal human being! You'd be surprised by how many people would automatically go into attack mode over a comment like that! For me the New Avengers team ISN'T an Avengers team, it seems more like the old Heroes for Hire series... Besides Mockingbird and Ms. Marvel(who I never liked!), there are no classic Avengers. I've always seen Dr. Strange and Spidey as loner-type heroes, Thing will always be a member of the FF, not an Avenger in my book, Jewel is only there because she's Bendis's creation, Wolverine is on too many teams as it is and Luke Cage and Iron Fist have always been more street level heroes than cosmic/Avenger level heroes in my eyes. It's like Bendis simply took a bunch of random heroes, picked them out of a hat and threw them together. Avengers is full of classic Avengers characters(Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America)while the same is true of Secret Avengers(Steve Rogers, Black Widow, Beast). As a long-time Avengers fan, New Avengers is just too far away from the stories and characters I love.

  6. no problem
    just curious
    its definatly my least fav avengers team
    (love secret avengers)
    and i havent been reading new avengers but i probley gonna start soon sense the art in the next sagas gonna be done by mike deado jr (misspelled sorry)
    love his art and also thers gonna be some big secret nick furys kept hidden gonna get revealed
    so well see
    oh and marc whats wrong with miss marvel ??????

  7. Ah, well you definitely can't go wrong with Secret Avengers! Right now I'm slightly more of a fan of Avengers, but Secret Avengers is a VERY close #2.

  8. My problem with Ms. Marvel is that I've never read a story that was better because she was in it. At best, she's a mediocre character who's only occasionally distracting; at worst, she's just plain annoying. That's not to say there's never been a good story with her in it, just that she's never MADE a story good in my opinion.