Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick Hits: 2/1/11

Before I get into the Quick Hits, I just wanted to say that there's a chance my normal New Comic Day post won't be up on Wednesday, since there looks to be a pretty good size winter storm heading into my neck of the woods. If my school happens to close, there's NO way I'll be heading to the comic book store. If I'm stuck going to school anyway, then I'll probably head to the comic book store, depending on the roads naturally. But rest easy X-Maniacs, I'll make sure to post a few reviews and should have the NCD post up for Thursday if worst comes to worst. But of course this is all dependent on the weather, and really, who knows what the weather will do between now and Wednesday. Okay, that wraps up the weather report, let's get to the meat of this post.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #19:

Summary: Hush and his mafia buddies “persuade” Dr. Death to help them in their bid for revenge against Bruce Wayne and Batman. Most of this comic centered around one of the members of Hush's mafia telling a story from his youth about the first time he met the Joker. Oh, and Bedbug was spying on Batman and Catwoman while they made out.

Thoughts: This comic was pretty much an extended Joker story, which I was okay with. Sure, I would have liked to have seen Hush take center stage(since this IS his storyline!), and possibly move his plan forward, but the Joker flashback story was good, old Joker-ific fun. As for the Bedbug scene... I've got nothin'.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Hey, it could have been worse, that could have been a crowbar.

Justice League of America #52:

Summary: Still trapped in a green forcefield and not doing very well against the awesome powers of the Omega Man, the JLA and the Crime Syndicate of America decide to put their differences aside and team-up to beat their mutual foe. However, the Omega Man kills Power Ring(the Crime Syndicate's version of Green Lantern)and basically mops the floor with the two teams. Ultraman(the CSA's version of Superman)decides to join with Omega, as does Supergirl, who is still acting kind of evil, leaving Batman(Dick Grayson)no choice but to quit the battle and bow before Omega Man.

Thoughts: First off, no Congorilla here!!! That's a great start! The story was good, although the ending was kind of a letdown... I mean really, like Bats would surrender THAT easily?! We all KNOW he must have something planned. Other then that, this was a pretty good action oriented story, probably my favorite issue of this series in quite some time.

Score: 7 out of 10.Get back to the Marvel Universe, Onslaught!!!

Justice League of America #53:

Summary: Unsurprisingly, the Crime Syndicate of America betrays the JLA to Omega Man, who never really trusted the JLA to begin with. Supergirl then double-crosses the Omega Man and the CSA, revealing she wasn't really evil. And then the JLA turn on the Omega Man and the CSA by revealing that the machine that was supposed to free the Omega Man from the forcefield surrounding Washington DC was actually going to send them to another dimension. With the Omega Man and CSA gone, *sigh* Congorilla and some other damn, dirty ape manage to break the forcefield, freeing the JLA.

Thoughts: Well this issue took a big step backwards! It was simply a bunch of characters predictably betraying each other, and then that damn, dirty ape saving the day. Hell, thy name is this comic book.

Score: 5 out of 10.Hey, it's Congorilla! That means an automatic deduction of 1/2 from the final score...

Batman and Robin #19:

Summary: Absence reveals that she didn't really cut up Bruce Wayne's former girlfriends and wasn't planning on harming Vicki Vale as Batman(Dick Grayson)and Robin confront her. However, they wind up getting gassed by Absence,who then put them in a hokey, 1970's style deathtrap. After toying with the heroes for a while, Absence tells the Dynamic Duo that she was never planning on harming them, and that her plan had been to simply distract them so some goons she had hired could kill the men who shot her, giving her that big hole in her head. With the men who ruined her life dead, she shoots herself in the head and falls out a window. However, upon arriving outside, the Dynamic Duo find no body, meaning Absence tricked them yet again.

Thoughts: I have to admit, I enjoyed this story way more than I expected to. Absence grew on me, and the swerve at the end, when she revealed that she only wanted to distract Bats and Robin was sheer genius. I honestly didn't see that coming. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of Absence in the future.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Nothing says Batman like a crazy deathtrap!

Detective Comics #873:

Summary: Having had his cover blown, Batman(Dick Grayson)barely manages to escape from the Dealer's demented auction house. After taking some time to recuperate, and with some top notch sleuthing from Oracle, Bats traces the Dealer down just as he is making his escape from a Gotham airfield. Bats catches the Dealer's plane and dumps most of the Dealer's macabre merchandise. The Dealer injects himself with a combination of the Man-Bat serum and some Venom and attacks Bats, but is beaten down. The Dealer does manage to toss a crate at Bats, which knocks him out of the plane just as the plane explodes. Later on, Bats searches the wreckage and naturally finds no bodies.

Thoughts: This was pretty much the embodiment of a perfectly acceptable comic book. It wasn't great, it wasn't awful, it just was. Will I remember this story a few days from now? Probably not, but it was an okay way to kill a few minutes.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.My thoughts exactly.

Deadpool #32:

Summary: Deadpool learns that he was being framed for killing a weapon expert and is attacked by an intergalactic bounty hunter named Macho Gomez. Pool manages to rid himself of Gomez and tracks down the weapon expert he was being accused of killing. The weapon expert gives Pool a sob story about why he framed him(something about the government and extraterrestrial technology)and begs him to kill Macho for the safety of his family. Pool agrees, and after some fighting manages to blow Macho up. From there, Deadpool steals Macho's flying car and heads into space to be a mercenary again.

Thoughts: While there were some funny moments here(I laughed when Deadpool thought to himself that this was only a one and done story), there really weren't enough funny parts here for me to really recommend this comic. It was okay, but where Daniel Way is involved, I tend to expect better than simply okay. I'm fine with Pool deciding to give up being a hero to become a merc again, and I'm also expecting good things as Pool travels through space.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.So are my reviews!

Avengers #9:

Summary: This issue shows us how the Hood escaped prison, as well as how he learned about the Infinity Gem Black Bolt had hid. The Illuminati also are forced to reveal their existence to the Avengers, which leaves Steve Rogers infuriated since he felt Iron Man had betrayed his trust(again). With the Hood already in possession of two Infinity gems, the heroes decide to try to gather the other four gems before the Hood could get them and become a god.

Thoughts: WAAAAAAY too much talking here, and not nearly enough doing. For some comics and writers that's fine, but when Brian Michael Bendis decides to do a story with no action and lots of dialogue, look out! Basically Steve Rogers and Iron Man argued while about 20 Avengers stood around talking at the same time... Here's hoping next issue gives us less random Avengers, LESS dialogue and more action!

Score: 6 out of 10.You can tell it's a Bendis comic by the fact that 76 different characters are talking on the same page at the same time!

Wolverine #5:

Summary: Still trapped in Hell, Wolverine meets up with his father, who tells Wolvie that he was proud of the way he had lived his life. This surprises Wolvie, but before he can really think about what his father was getting at, Sabretooth ends up with the sword which denoted him the new king of Hell. Wolvie attacks Tooth, beats him and them cuts him into pieces with the sword, becoming the king of Hell in the process. Wolvie's father tells Wolvie that they could rule Hell together, which causes Wolvie to throw the sword away, much to his father's rage. From there, Wolvie slashes his evil father in the face and along with Puck begins to make the long climb out of Hell. Back on Earth, Mystique, the two Ghost Riders and Daimon Hellstrom capture Possessed Wolverine and cast a spell on him, sending the demon that had possessed Wolvie's body back to Hell, while returning Wolvie's soul back to his body. Wolvie flips out a bit, and is confronted by the X-Men.

Thoughts: I was kind of disappointed by this one... I can't help but feel it could have/should have been better. I was really enjoying Possessed Wolvie's antics, so I'm sad to see him banished with so little fanfare. As for Wolvie's meeting with his father in Hell, it didn't really have much meaning to me because it's been like 5, 6 years since I've read Wolverine: Origin. So while I enjoyed most of Wolvie's time in Hell, his interactions with his father and Possessed Wolvie's defeat put a bit of a damper on this story for me.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.How many times has Wolvie decapitated Sabretooth now?!


  1. Wait, I'm confused, are your reviews just Bad or Ass? :P Ho Yeah! But yeah, I'm wondering where DP goes from here, I did like seeing him interact with the other Marvel heroes though. I vote they just bring back Outlaw, I miss her.

    "Hey, it could have been worse, that could have been a crowbar." He was still trying weapons out, little did he know how close he was.

  2. I was actually going with what Deadpool actually said when comparing that scene to my reviews! :D Yeah, I'm still kind of undecided with DP becoming a merc again. I kind of liked the whole, "Hero that messes everything up" role that he was playing.

    HA! Joker must have went home that night and thought, "Well, this is close to what I'm looking for, but not quite it yet..."

  3. Lol damn you for not accepting my joke the way it was supposed to be perceived. So did I, I think they could've milked that for a while longer. Also I wanted to see him run into Daken again.

    Lol exactly, he's like "Back to the drawing board... not a cane, not a Bat, Pengy's got the umbrella... I'm close though!"

  4. Ouch, where did these bruises come from? Must have been all those quick hits!

    Thanks for keeping me apprised of the happenings in JLA. I'm still morbidly curious as to what's going on in that series, but I will never buy it again. It's that whole "train wreck" scenario. How bad can it get?

    What's up with Batman and Catwoman making out? Are they officially a couple now that Bruce is back?

    Hey did they cancel school? We got the day off for extremely cold temps. Take it easy pal!

  5. Well, I'm still confident in Dan Way, so hopefully he'll keep busting out awesome DP stories. Maybe this is what this series needs anyway. I mean the past two issues just haven't done it for me, maybe it was wise to change direction a bit. HA! I love the whole, "I'm close though" thing, JT. I can see Joker sitting there looking at his cane and wondering, "I need something that packs a good punch, but that's a bit smaller... Hmm....."

    Wow, never, Kello? Maybe someday, like 7 years from now JLA will get good again... Possibly? :P

    Yep, Bats and Cats are indeed a couple since Bats came back... Or at least that's what I think. When you have like 50 different Batman books written by 48 different writers sometimes it's hard to keep up with who's dating who!

    And they did indeed cancel school today(Wednesday). We actually got more ice than snow, which made the roads pretty bad. It was like 5 inches of snow, with an additional 1/2 inch or so of ice on top. In other words, it could have been worse, but it was still a mess.

  6. I could see that, I can only imagine how good Deadpool would be with Daniel's full attention. And since that's the main series it should definitely be good enough to try to get people to buy the others.

    Lol, yeah, I'm sure he narrowed it down to like a crowbar and a tire iron or something of that nature and decided with him beating Jason to death.

  7. You know, with how popular Deadpool has become lately as a character I was kind of expecting his comics to be selling in the top 20 or so. Would you believe that the two DP comics that came out in January were like #40 and 50?! How weird is that?! I never would have expected that.

    HA! So Joker had a crowbar, a tire iron and nightstick with him and was like, "Which one of these would be best to beat a Robin to death?" Too bad he didn't go with a steel chair or something, ala Rock and Mick Foley...

  8. I figured his popularoty has waned. It's been a while since that Wolvie movie so the non-regular readers have probably forgotten, and that leaves his core fans. I'd expect him to sell more when the movie comes out, whenever that is since the same dude playing Wade is playing Hal Jordan.

    Lmao, handcuff his hands behind his back and beat him to death with a chair in front of his family and friends....

  9. Yeah, it seems that way. I mean I was legit shocked to see DP's books had fallen so low... Maybe the over-exposure has something to do with it as well. I mean he has like 15 regular series, maybe they should cut it back to 1 or 2...

    HA!!! Well it would have been a really unique death, wouldn't have been?!

  10. Agreed, that's why so much of his stuff is getting cancelled. I expected DP Corps to be a joke, not to last for like ten damn issues.

    Haha right? Joker, beating Jason while wearing a track suit and sporting really big sideburns.

  11. Dude, I can't BELIEVE that DP Corps went on for so long!!! Like you, I thought that was a pure joke, you know, something that probably should have been released as a one-shot... NOT something that went ongoing! WEIRD!!

    Joker: "Come on kid, just say 'I quit' and I won't beat you to death!"
    Jason" "Go to hell!"
    Joker: Whack, whack, wham!!

  12. Exactly, I figured, oh this will last one arc at most. But they lasted like ten issues, PLUS the five prequel issues that surrounded DP recruiting Lady Deadpool, Headpool, Dogpool and Tito/Kid Deadpool.

    LMAO! The best part is the one time Jason finally uttered "I Quit", the 60 minute time limit had expired, and Joker won via explosion.