Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Random Scan of the Week!

From Avengers/JLA #4(2003).


  1. This series is just like a total geek-out, isn't it?

  2. With ALL the powers Supes has, he really wants a shield? Are you kidding me? I could see Bruce saying that but Supes saying it was just odd...

  3. Oh yeah Kello, it sure was... I still say it was THE best cross-company EVER. Sure it's not like there were a lot of other choices, but my point still stands!

    I don't know, I think Supes REALLY could use something like Cap's shield. I mean think about it, he could block those pesky Kryptonite rays Lex is always tossing at him, plus I'd definitely bet that Supes wishes he had that shield back when he was fighting Doomsday for the first time! At least he wouldn't have been blocking all of Doomsday's fists with his face! Of course I'm a huge Captain America fan, so I AM a bit biased...

  4. Lmao @ blocking those punches with his face. Leave it to you to make me change my mind on something.

  5. My favorite section of this page is Martian Manhunter. Lol. I mean he's such the multi-tasker. That was just awesome.

    And X, supes with a shield? I just can't see it. Makes him look like a (No offense to Captain America, speaking of him, does he have any powers? Just curious) If anything he needs a Green Lantern ring to make a shield appear. I can't see Supes lugging a shield around all the time. lol.

  6. I'm glad I won you over JT!

    As for Cap, he's a slightly above average human(thanks to the Super-Soldier Serum). Strategically he rivals Batman, and when it comes to straight-up hand to hand fighting, he's unmatched. He's more like Batman then Superman in the powers department Falisha, but he'd be slightly stronger, faster, more agile, etc then Bats. Supes with a GL ring?!? That would be like overkill! That's like killing a fly with a bazooka!

  7. Lol @ Killing a fly with a bazooka. Wouldn't Supes with a GL ring just be our favorite Daxamite GL, Sodam Yat?

  8. Lmao @ overkill. So I was going a bit over the edge on that one but it would be awesome. Can you imagine, he would be UNSTOPPABLE! Doomsday got nothing on Supes with a GL ring! lol

    And it sounds like Cap is a pretty cool guy. I know this may not be on the same level but he's pretty awesome in Super Hero Squad, which I kid you not is my favorite cartoon to watch EVERY morning at 8:30. lol.

    But I do ask, in Super Hero Squad they portray Silver Surfer as the cliche California guy surfer who says "dude" an awful lot and a bit on the ditsy side, is he really like that in the comics? (See this is where you can wear that King of Comics crown) lol.

  9. I'd even give Supes the edge over Soman w/ a GL ring, JT... But you know how my Superman worship works...

    Oh Falihsa, don't tell me you watch the Squadies... UGH!!! :p I've tried to watch a few episodes, but it usually causes me to just stare at the TV in disbelief! And no, the Silver Surfer is most definitely not like that in the comics. He's more of the... I guess Hamlet sort of melancholy hero in the comics. He does go on and on about the Power Cosmic though...

  10. Lmao. Yes I do watch it from time to time, for two people, Hulk and that Egg looking guy. They crack me up. lol. And I was hoping he wasn't that ditsy. lol. He just goes on rambling about some of the most random stuff sometimes lol. Silver Surfer sounds like a pretty cool guy, I liked Hamlet. lol.

  11. You liked Hamlet? Awesome! Last Spring I took a Shakespeare course mainly because of how much I love that story! As bizarre as it might seem, I'm a pretty big fan of the Bard... Well, except for the sonnets... I don't like those at all!

  12. Liking Shakespeare is not weird. Or if it is, that would make me weird too. :) I have The Norton Shakespeare, which includes his complete work, and I love it. My favorites are Hamlet, King Lear, and Henry V.

    You know what IS weird? Liking The Faerie Queen. :P

  13. I'm also apart of the Hamlet fan club... I also love Othello and a few other classic tales. Who would've thought Comic Nerds would like Hamlet? :P

  14. I wish they did offer a Shakespeare course at Eastern. We only touched some Shakespeare in my literature class and a couple plays in creative writing.

    Shakespeare was the man. I wonder if they have any good stuff at the library. Lol.

    And JT I'm not a nerd. :) Just an avid comic reader.

  15. Huh, I've got to say, I'm pretty surprised to see that we all seem to enjoy the writing of both Shakespeare AND comic books... I wonder if there is a support group for people like us! :p

  16. I think you're already reading it. :)

  17. I gotta agree with Marc there.

    And Falisha you are SO a nerd, it's okay you're in good company.

  18. Lmao. JT, no I don't think I am. :) More of a geek, I think. :D

  19. HA! Welcome to X-Man's Comic Blog, AKA the Shakespeare/comic book support group!

    I for one am most definitely a geek. I have no shame in admitting that!

  20. "The geek shall inherit the earth.." That's the quote right? :P

  21. I think that should be the official quote of this blog!

  22. I second that, make it so X, make it So!


    Hmm, well, now what???

  24. Um.... how about. MEN CALL ME.... MAGNETO!!! *Dramatic music*

    That always makes things better right?

  25. Well I guess it does for Magneto, right?

  26. Yeah, kinda only works for him. And maybe a bum who believes he is Magneto...

  27. And probably the Ultimate Warrior!


  29. You know, the best part of that was the fact that you used all caps... For some reason, that's how I see Warrior talking, in all caps.

  30. Same here. I really picture him sitting at his computer screen yelling and ranting about Vince McMahon using all caps and like 40 exclamation marks. That's how I wanna spend my 50's. :P Lol

  31. Ha!!! And you know he'd be sitting there typing with just two fingers! "NOW WHERE IS THE LETTER "U" AGAIN!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

  32. Lol man that just starts off awful if you can't find the letter U. I picture him just giving up, going to Kinkos and threatening someone into typing it for him.

  33. Lol man that just starts off awful if you can't find the letter U. I picture him just giving up, going to Kinkos and threatening someone into typing it for him.

  34. Warrior walks into Kinkos.

    Clerk: *takes LONG look at Warrior* Umm, can I help you sir?


    Clerk: Umm sir, can you please STOP yelling!

    Warrior: WHO'S YELLING!?!

    Clerk: YOU AR-... I mean, you are...


    Clerk: OK, you want to know what, to get you out of here I'll do it. Where are your papers?

    Warrior: PAPERS!?! MY WORDS COME FROM MY HANDS!!! SEE!!! *Warrior shows blank hands*

    Clerk: Umm, there's no writing there...


    Clerk:.........They don't pay me enough to deal with this crap, I quit! *Clerk leaves*


    Wow, that just went on WAY too long!!! You can always tell when I'm getting tired, because I begin to slowly lose my mind!

  35. Lmao. A freaking plus. That was HILARIOUS. Words come from my hands!! Can you please stop yelling....who's yelling? YOU AR...lmao. Everything about that was amazingly funny. I bow to you sir, because thatw as VINTAGE Ultimate Warrior craziness.

  36. Why thank you, thank you! *takes bow* Glad you got some enjoyment out of that. When I go off on a tear like that, it's usually REALLY bad, so I'm glad you enjoyed my fun with Warrior... Now let's both hope he doesn't find out!

  37. If he finds out you better hit him with ya car, like that old woman. Okay, lol my bad, I shouldn't have went their. But yeah he'd destroy us and stand over us and laugh maniacally before cutting a promo on us of ULTIMATE proportions.

  38. What's the use of hitting him with a car? He'd just stand there and no-sell it, and possibly press slam it... The better bet would be to run from him until he gets winded. I used to laugh at the way he'd run out to the ring like a maniac, shake the ring ropes, act crazy and then be TOTALLY spent by the time the match got underway!

  39. Lol @ no-sell it and press slam it. Classic. The sad thing about him shaking the ropes is you can grab them (from ,y experience) VERY lightly and still shake them hard. Yet he SQUEEZES them with ALL his might and just tires himself out even more!

  40. I honestly don't think Warrior could do anything lightly... That guy seemed to be going at 100 mph during his enterance!

  41. Alright here you go, most overrated. Rank them in order from least to most.

    Triple H
    Hulk Hogan
    Ultimate Warrior

  42. Hmm, this is actually harder then you might think... I mean, each guy has had a major run at the top of their respective company. As much as I don't like him, I'd probably leave Hogan off the list altogether. I mean, he may be a world-class scumbag who couldn't wrestle his way out of a paper bag, but you can't argue that he drew MILLIONS of dollars for the E back in the day, plus he was a huge part of WCW's success before it all blew up in his face. As a worker he sucked the big one, but you can't argue with his charisma or his political powerplays.

    OK, I'd put Batista at the bottom of the list. The guy is an awful face, but when he's playing the heel role, he's pretty damn good. The guy just looks like a monster heel, and when he is a heel, the crowd seems more into him then when he's trying to be a preening face. I know I used to enjoy heel Batista WAY more then the horribly boring face Batista. Keep him heel, and he's not that overrated.

    Next I'll go with Cena. Personally, I can't stand the guy's work. His promos would actually annoy me to the point where I'd want to throw something at my TV, and his attempts to be the Rock are just sad. I think he's a pretty good worker and all, but his promos annoy the hell out of me. I honestly think there are other people of the E's roster who could do way more with Cena's monster push then Cena.

    Next I'll go with Triple H. The guy was flat out, off the wall awesome back around 1999-2001 or so, but you have to wonder if it wasn't for his relationship with the McMahons, would he really still be seen as a perminent threat at the top of the card? He sucks as a face(unless he's doing the DX thing from 14(!!!)years ago), and he always winds up coming out of every feud looking WAY smarter then his opponent. HHH always seems to stick himself where the power is, first with the Clique, then with Steph. The guy's a world class brown-noser.

    Second is Goldberg. If not for his monster push, he'd have never have become anything special. Once he lost that first time, his mystique was gone. Plus he was wretched in the ring, to the point of being down right dangerous... Just ask Bret Hart about that...

    And finally, I'm picking your friend and mine, the Ultimate Warrior as the most over-rated wrestler out of that list. He was a sub-par worker, his promos sounded like a junkie muttering to them self on a street corner, and even after getting the huge rub from Hogan(which was UNHEARD of back in the day), he totally dropped the ball so badly that Vince actually had to go crawling back to Hogan to rescue the company from Warrior's terrible title reign. So he couldn't work, his mic skills were awful, and even after beating Hogan CLEAN, he still couldn't rally the fans behind him... Yeah, Warrior was WAAAAAY over-rated!

    Jeez JT, look at all of this writing you made me do! I do have school in the morning you know! :-) Anyway, now you've seen my list, so I've got to ask to see your choices.

  43. Agreed, I will say Hogan saved the business and made it cool back in the day but I gotta say, he's overrated in terms of Drawing now. I mean he's been around so long everything is watered down/ That's why the crowd pops for Austin and Rock because they make rare appearances, meanwhile you can't get rid of Hogan.

    Agreed, I love heel Batista. He's not a great worker, but he's definitely not the worst. And he can't sell at all but the guy does work his ass off.

    I also hate Cena's promos but thats more on them not letting him be him. His old stuff, pre-WWE Title was great, heel and face. Once again he's nowhere near the best but he embodies a superstar, he works hard as hell and has great matches with the right people. Also he's a company go through and through, puts over whoever they tell him, and always plays a good face, even when the crowd is booing him senseless.

    One again agreed. Trips was the best heel in the company before his first quad injury, and one of the best workers. He's definitely aligned himself with power but at the same time, the guy does go all out. He doesn't HAVE to wrestle, he can sit back and get paid to do backstage stuff and no one would fault him after two torn quads and he still goes out and gives the crowd their money worth. He is BRUTALLY bad as a face but, as a heel he's one of the best.

    Hell I would've put Goldberg as number one just for injuring Bret. The guy was horrible, the streak was useless, I mean beating guys like Hugh Morris? Really? Whatever. Definitely my number one for most overrated and rumor is their putting him in the WWE HOF because their low on big names. Hell use HBK or The Rock.

    Lol I agree with EVERY one of your reasons. But as bad as Warrior is, and blown up, as stupid, as horrendously bad on the mic, the guy still delivered on the big stage. His matches aren't classic and he's no Savage or Steamboat but one thing he's NEVER done, is injure anyone. Goldberg has. And for him to be thought of when someone thinks of Austin, and Rock, and World Championship Wrestling is just horrible. There is no way that man should have EVER been allowed to wrestle let alone be a champion or be called one of the best by people. Definitely the most overrated.

    Also Rhyno has a WAY better spear for the record...

  44. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't fault you with Goldberg at all. Hell, you've actually managed to win me over. Although I'd probably have him and Warrior as 1a and 1b, because I just can't forgive Warrior's terrible title reign. I think of they ever got into a ring together, the very universe would wind up collapsing onto itself!

  45. Lol @ 1a and 1b, they can be co champs like Jericho and Chyna were. Speaking of ring collapse remember Lesnar and Brock?

    Also, new question, top three feuds of all time, but you can't include HBK, Rock, Austin or Triple H. GO!

  46. "Speaking of ring collapse remember Lesnar and Brock?" Wha-huh!?!

    Well first off is easily the Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales! I mean that was just off the charts EPIC! Oh, wait, I thought we were doing the WORST feuds of all-time!

    OK, let's see... By removing those 4 guys you're forcing me to go retro I see... Before I get started, I'm going to give honorable mention to Jake Roberts and Randy Savage, simply because that feud freaked me out as a kid! As for non-WWF/E stuff, I'd say Raven vs Tommy Dreamer and Raven vs Sandman were some pretty amazing feuds in ECW. The stuff Raven was doing back in like 1995 was just insane!

    #3- The beginning of the Taker/Kane stuff was pretty good, because they were teasing Kane as Taker's evil/deformed brother for so long, and they really slow burned the match between the two of them. Kane was a flat out monster when he first debut. I can remember how he'd pop up during jobber matches and just murder the losers in an attempt to get Taker's attention. Sure the match wasn't great, but the build was. Plus I still chuckle at Vince's call during that Hell in the Cell match between Taker and HBK when Kane first appeared... "That's gotta be... That's gotta be KANE!!!" Classic!

    #2-I guess I'm going to stick with Taker and go with Taker and Mankind. They also seemed to feud forever, and it led to some WEIRD matches... Boiler Room brawl. Buried Alive Match. And of course the infamous Hell in the Cell match that pretty much made Mick Foley into a huge star.

    #1- Bret and Owen Hart. They probably feuded on and off for a good 3 years before they finally buried the hatchet. The way Owen turned on Bret, to the AWESOME matches they had with each other(one of the best Mania matches ever, as well as maybe the best steel cage match EVER!)makes that easily my favorite non HHH/HBK/Austin/Rock feud.

    Jeez, it's not really easy picking without those top 4 guys. What about you JT? I'd guess you'd have a lot more recent stuff.

  47. Lmao, I meant Lesnar and Big Show, thats how you know I was sleepy dude.

    Lol man oh Man, I've heard stories about the horrors of that feud. Scarecrow and Sinestro got nothing on that!

    Good call on the Savage/Roberts feud, definitely agree there, and Tommy's feuds were really good in ECW, they seemed so real instead of such stupid reasons. I still think Heyman is the best booker around.

    Lol THATS GOTTA BE KANE!!!! I agree with you, excellent feud, and then when Taker wouldn't find Kane, that made it even more awesome.

    That boiler room brawl was pretty good considering how stupid it is, and yeah that Fall of the HIAC cemented Foldey in the books forever. I'm shocked the dude can still walk.

    Fantastic pick again, and I agree, that's probably my best cage match too. I think those two had such wonderful chemistry that it just worked. As for my picks without duplicating yours I'd go...

    3. First off I'll go Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk. I don't think you were watching but excellent feud. Starts with Punk cashing in on Jeff, but staying face while beating him for the belt, then he wrestles Jeff and Jeff rakes his eye, Punk kicks the ref claiming to be blinded and gets DQ'd. He keeps the eye injury going weeks until they team up, Jeff looks for a tag and Punk looks away rubbing his eye, later Punk looks for the hot tag and Jeff falls off the apron rubbing his eye. Punk turns heel, gets on Jeff for using drugs and being suspended twice, and has some classic matches with him including a 4* ladder match. Amazingly good feud.

    2. Jericho vs. Chris Benoit. Excellent matches, amazingly good promo's by Jericho and they always stole the show. Even when they started teaming up and won the tag titles it was always an unspoken tension and respect between those two, definitely one of my all time favorite feuds, if not based on just matches alone.

    1. Edge vs. Kurt Angle, because they stole the show everytime they wrestled, had amazing chemistry, and it made Kurt bald. It also made Edge a star, and gave us the You Suck chant to Kurt's music which we know he couldn't get rid of. So yeah, those are my three picks, it's hard without the four I excluding and those are just off the top of my head.

  48. Woooo, Giant Gonzalez and Taker was just atrocious! I mean, even as a little kid I knew it was awful, and as I got older and smarter, I was stunned at just how hideous their matches were! If nothing else, you have to respect Taker for putting up with that crap!

    The Tommy/Raven stuff was good, but some of the Raven/Sandman stuff was EVEN better! It went so far that Raven winds up corrupting Sandman's young son, and the kid tries to beat his father with the kendo stick! I'm telling ya, Heyman was a good 5-10 years ahead of his time!

    Mmm, I did indeed like the Edge/Kurt feud. Of course the hair match was a bit of a farce, because I think EVERYBODY knew who was going to wind up winning THAT match! But yeah, the rest of that feud was pretty sweet, and Kurt def took Edge and made him look like a main eventer.

  49. Yeah Taker definitely gets my respect. For being such a loyal guy he's put up with alot of terrible stuff. Giant Gonzalez, fake Taker, wrestling The Great Khali, Putting Lesnar over...

    Man I didn't know that. Heyman is such a genius, I'll never understand why the WWE let him go. I LOVED him on commentary with Jim Ross too, they were so great together.

    Funny thing is, I read Edge's book, and he said when he got to the arena Vince and Shane told him Kurt was winning that match. He didn't believe them then like 4 hours passed and it was an hour til show time and he was all worried then they told him he was going over and they were joking. Lol I can imagine how he felt.

  50. Man, that Taker list could keep going too... It seemed like every freakish character would inevitably wind up in a feud with Taker. If you were really fat or really tall, you were all but certain to be wrestling Taker at some point... Kamala, King Kong Bundy(about 15 years past his prime), Yokozuna, and so on... Man was Taker lumped with a bunch of crap!

    I'm not sure how much you know about the old ECW, JT, but you should see if You Tube has some of the Raven/Sandman stuff there. It was a pretty intense feud. And yes, Heyman>>>>>King in the announce position. But then again, King is pretty much a shell of himself now anyway...

    HA, that's awesome! Man, Edge must have been freaking out!

  51. Yep, Mark Henry, That God awful Nathan Jones, the feud with Papa Shango. Haha, Taker sure gets his share of crap feuds.

    Definitely dude, I' gonna look it up on youtube, as a matter of fact I need to watch that Rise and Fall of ECW DVD. I got like 8 DVD's in the last two months I haven't even watched yet, plus all those summerslam dvd's.

    Right? I know he had to think he was going over then to get there and have Vince say, nah you're gonna be bald. Lol, he said in his book his head has lumps so he'd look like Uncle Fester from the Addams family.