Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comic Gazing for: 3/17/10

Happy St. Paddy's Day X-Maniacs! To be honest with you, I didn't even know it was St. Patrick's Day until I was in school, and everybody was wearing green... I on the other hand was wearing my Black Lantern t-shirt... Anyway, before I get to what comics I'll be picking up this week(and it better be A LOT!)good news! My LEGION comics came in the mail, and I am DYING to start reading them! The only problem is that I just started reading the Hawkman series from the 2000's... I may just read both series at the same time, because like I said, I am really looking forward to those LEGION books. Seeing as that REBELS is probably among my top 3 favorite monthly books, and that the LEGION series was the precursor to REBELS, it's going to be really tough to stay away from it. Believe it or not, Vril Dox is probably my second or third favorite comic character, which is pretty amazing considering I hadn't even heard of the character a few months ago. All right, I think my obligatory, "Gush about the REBELS series" part of this post is over, let's see what's coming out this week.

Batman #697: If you've been reading this blog of mine with any regularity, you probably know that Tony Daniel's run on Batman has been a big disappointment to me, especially on the heels of his really good Battle for the Cowl mini. However, instead of dreading this comic as I usually do, I'm actually looking forward to it. Why? Because we're supposedly going to find out the identity of Black Mask. I have a few guesses as to who it is(it seems REALLY obvious...), but I guess I'll find out for sure whenever this comic makes it to me.

Booster Gold #30: If this issue is as strong as the last issue was, this comic should be awesome! One big gripe though, I REALLY don't want to read about the fake Blue Beetle in the back-up story... When is DC going to drop this Second Feature idea?

Green Arrow #31: Now this is something I'm definitely looking forward to. Whenever GA gets a major storyline in the DCU, I'm happy!

Green Lantern Corps #46: This is the very last Blackest Night x-over issue for this series, AND it's double-sized! I have to say, I'm looking forward to the end of Blackest Night, so this series can disconnect from BN and start pumping out the awesome stories it had been before the BN x-over took over.

Supergirl #51: Being unable to stay away from Superman x-over stories, I'm picking this one up since it follows the whole Brainiac invading New Krypton stuff.

Titans #23: Strangely, the solicit for this one seems to insinuate that Roy Harper(Red Arrow/Arsenal)is being spotlighted... That should be interesting, seeing as that DC decided to maim him in Cry for Justice!!! Grrr...

Dark Avengers #15: Since I plan on reading Dark Avengers #14 tonight, I really don't have anything to say about this issue yet.

Guardians of the Galaxy #24: Whoops, here's another series I've fallen a month back on... I'll have to dig out GotG #23 and give it a read...

Nova #35: The last issue did the near impossible, make the Sphinx somewhat interesting to me, so I'm intrigued to see what he does next to Nova and the time lost heroes... Oh yeah, and I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that this leads to Namorita returning to the mainstream Marvel U, even though I know that's doubtful at best.

Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #5: I'm not reading this mini until I've collected all of the parts, so I really don't have anything to say about it...

Siege #3: Well well well, it's the penultimate part to the SHOCKINGLY good Siege storyline! BENDIS is putting together his best story since the beginning of the House of M event(imo), so here's hoping he continues the good work, and doesn't revert back to the Dread Lord of comics...

Wolverine Origins #45: Now this is a comic I'm definitely looking forward to! Daniel Way has been building towards a final showdown between Logan and Romulus, and with each passing issue we're getting closer and closer to Wolvie's endgame against his long-time(kind of...)nemesis. I can't wait to see what happens in this one.

X-Men Legacy #234: Well this one is a little bittersweet for me... The very first comic I ever brought was X-Men #1, and over the years I've managed to pick up all 233 X-Men comics that came before this one... That long streak comes to an end with this issue. My subscription to this series is up after this comic, and with how AWFUL Mike Carey's entire X-Men run has been, it is with a heavy heart I say good-bye to this series. I can't believe Carey's run has lasted as long as it has(some 40 issues!), and instead of waiting for a new writer to take over, I'm finally cutting the cord. Once there is finally a writer change I'll be back, but until then, I'll stick with Uncanny and Astonishing.

7 Marvel's to 6 DC's! How about that, Marvel has FINALLY taken the top spot back from DC in the battle for my money! So, is this a one week glitch, or is this a sign of things to come? I guess I'll find out next week... How's that for a cliffhanger! Yeah I agree, not very good...

The top three comics I'll be looking forward to reading this week would be: Siege #3, Green Arrow #31 & Green Lantern Corps #46. Well, that's it for this week, as always, Long Live The Legion!


  1. Man that's tough news about dropping the X-Men series, but I totally understand. I always think you should pick substance over brand loyalty though, because some day down the road you'll be able to go back and pick up those issues for cheap (a.k.a what they're actually worth).

    I know you skip spoilers, so I have to ask- have you you heard about the way they're going to change the Green Lantern Corps book after Blackest Night?

  2. Yeah, the completionist in me wants to keep picking up the books, even if I don't read 'em, but like you said, most likely I'll be able to snag the ones I need down the road from eBay cheap to complete/continue my collection.

    Hmm, no I haven't heard any news on the GLC series Kello... I've got to ask though, is it good news or bad news?


    There's just going to be a lot of changes, so I'll let you read that article. I think it sounds like a bad thing, but I know you like Bedard's writing on REBELS. I just liked GLC starring Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner.

  4. Well, I usually do avoid spoilers, but after seeing what you had written, I decided to make an exception. I'm actually QUITE pleased with what I read, as I really like Kyle, I became a bit of a Stewart fan after reading GL #49, and I like Ganthet A LOT more then any of the rest of those smurfs... Plus Tony Bedard is one of the VERY few writers I'd be OK with replacing Peter's awesome run on this series.

    With that said, I've got to wonder what that means for Guy... I'm still hopeful that he's going to remain a dual Red/Green Lantern and possibly get his own series. I know I'd buy a Red lantern: Guy Gardner series!

  5. Batman was, er, weird... I can't remember who I said who be Black Mask, but, well, I'll have to wait until you've read it.
    And we have a Catgirl again

    I really gotta catch up on the future plans, I know nothing about what's happening to GLC etc. Any news on Detective Comics then? I'm not looking forward to Batman taking the spotlight in it again?

  6. I wasn't gonna say anything but since Nagash let the Cat(girl) out of the bag. I HATED that comic SO much... It was such a letdown. I'm so tempted to not even review it.

  7. Oh boy, I definitely wasn't expecting much from Batman, but it sure seems like it was WAY worse then anything I was imagining! Yikes, if it was so bad you don't even want to review it JT, I'm REALLY worried!

    For the most part Nagash, I don't know much about any future plans for most of the books I read. I'm pretty notorious when it comes to avoiding spoilers.

  8. It wasn't so much of a bag as a wow, they're doing that now? Again? (sortof). And I preferred the Carrie Kelly Catgirl costume anyway. This one doesn't really work.
    Least I didn't say who Black Mask is, eh? ;)

    Yeah, I'm not so keen on spoilers, like to just read em. But sometimes you do, mostly by accident. Do like to know the plans for writers etc though.
    But, just for the record, Wikipedia is saying shit: "Meanwhile, a possessed Pixie teleports herself to the Wyngarde mansion, where Lady Mastermind is fighting with Martinique. She refers to both as her sisters, implying that Jason Wyngarde is her father." No, her mother teleported to the mansion. They look nothing alike. Unless that story really is that screwy.

  9. Yeah, so far I've managed to completely avoid any Black Mask spoilers... So far...

    Ha, well I hate to say it, but what do you expect with Wikipedia Nagash? Hell, practically anybody can put anything up on there!

  10. Well I won't spoil that for you

    Yeah, you'd hope editors would change it. I mean, I would, but laziness prevails ;)

  11. I guess with Wikipedia, the editors are probably SO busy fixing more controversal/politically heated stuff, that comic stuff manages to leak through.

    Before I got this blog up and running, I was seriously thinking about spending most of my time writing character bios and fact checking comic stuff at Wiki. But then this blog put an end to those thoughts!

  12. Who knows? Maybe they're jus lazy like me :D

    Yes, well, editing Wikipedia is for saddos anyway ;) Comic blogging is for geeks/nerds :D

  13. I used to edit Wikipedia during a computer class I had once, since I would finish my work in about 5 minutes and then have the rest of the class to do whatever I wanted. This was about 5 years ago though, so a lot of what I did has been changed since then.

    Probably the biggest example of that is the page for Uncanny X-Men. I wrote basically the whole thing, but I just looked at it a few minutes ago and it's a complete mess that bears no resemblance to anything I did. It was clearly just written by some fanboys who take themselves way too seriously. That's the problem with a lot of comic book pages, and it's why I haven't bothered to create or edit them in years...fanboys just come in and mess up what you do no matter what.

  14. "Comic blogging is for geeks/nerds :D" Well then, there ain't nobody geekier(?)then me!

    "It was clearly just written by some fanboys who take themselves way too seriously." Huh, you know Marc, I had a conversation about this very thing a few months ago with another blogger... From what I can recall, during the Battle for the Cowl mini, on the discussion page for the "Batman" wiki page, the fanboys were just up in arms about something really simple like re-directing the Dick Grayson page to the Batman one... You had the Dick Grayson fans who were all for the idea, and were citing what was happening in the Cowl mini, while the Bruce Wayne fans were countering that most fans knew Bruce as Batman, and as such he should remain Batman(or some such business...). I was surprised(and somewhat amused)at how vehemently each side was arguing their points... It was like two Senators debating, just WAY sadder!

  15. Nerd fight! ;)

    Urgh, those people are idiots. Batman is whoever is wearing the mask. Duh... Dick Grayson is Batman atm. During Battle of the Cowl nobody was Batman really, because they hadn't embraced the mask yet...

  16. HA, I love your arguement of Batman is whoever is wearing the mask, Nagash. See, that makes sense to me, but the pro-Bruce Wayne nerds were arguing that most casual fans only knew Bruce as Batman, and as such, he should remain the main character on the Batman Wiki page. Man, fanboys will find the smallest things to fight over...

  17. Then they're idiots. Who is The Flash? Whoever wears the costume. Who is Green Lantern? Whoever wields the Power Ring. Who is [insert Marvel repeat name here, as I can't think of one :(]

    And anyway, that's factually innacurate, and so doesn't matter. Who was Batman at the time? Dick Grayson. So he is the main character. But it's not hard to just say "Batman is a costumed vigilante who dresses as a bat to make villains crap their pants (with varying length ears for just such occasions), who mostly patrols Gotham City. He was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The original Batman was Bruce Wayne, but following his 'death' at the hands (eyes) of Darkseid, his former ward (and possible lover) Dick Grayson has taken up the mantle".
    How hard was that?

  18. "The original Batman was Bruce Wayne, but following his 'death' at the hands (eyes) of Darkseid, his former ward (and possible lover) Dick Grayson has taken up the mantle" Nagash, you should go into writing, 'cause that line had me cracking up... It's funny 'cause it's probably true!

    See, I like that idea, but I'm sure the Dick Grayson AND Bruce Wayne fanboys would bitch about it, because there'd be a page for Batman(origin/history), Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. The Bruce fans wanted him to REMAIN the main character in the Batman page, while the Dick fans(Dick fans? hmm...)wanted him to take sole ownership of the Batman page. I guess the argument is that when a new fan clicks on the page, each side wants that new fan to join their side... Wow, I just went on about this for WAY too long!

  19. Aw, stop it, you'll make me blush :D
    But I would do some writing, but I need to learn to draw better, and to be better at writing on time. I'm like Kevin Smith when it comes to deadlines. Except I'm terrible at blogging too. And, you know, I don't say how often I bang my wife. He does that. ALOT. According to him anyway... That, and I don't have a wife ;) I'll do a webcomic at some point though

    Sod the fanboys. Fanboys are idiots. Facts are facts. Bruce Wayne was the first Batman, but he isn't the current Batman. Just do it like The Flashs page. Duh
    Ha. Dick fans. Heh heh :D

  20. Ouch, saying you're like Kevin Smith makes me think you often fall MONTHS behind your work! I hope you don't miss your deadlines by that much! :p

    A webcomic? Man I'd love to see that! Of course it'll probably be a few years from now, but still, I'd be happily waiting! ;-)

    "Sod the fanboys. Fanboys are idiots" Agreed!

  21. Lmao, I'm so childish I actually laughed at Dick fans... Anyway As you know Nagash I'm with X, I'd love to read your web comic as well, regardless of when ya finish, I'll be around.