Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Comic Gazing for: 3/10/10

It's another Wednesday, so you know what that means! Oh, you don't? Well then, allow me to fill you in, it's time for my longest running regularly scheduled weekly post, Comic Gazing! What comics will I be picking up this week? Will it be more then the abysmal 4 new books that I picked up last week? Will I be happy with the books I wind up buying? Does anybody care? All of these questions and more will be answered during the following post! Oh, and before I forget, there's a STRONG possibility(and you know it's strong because I put it in all caps!)that I won't have the time to post any new reviews tomorrow. I've got a History midterm tomorrow, and two papers due on Friday, so to be honest, I probably shouldn't even be spending time blogging right now! Anyway, if I don't post a review tomorrow, I'll just throw out the newest craze in the blogging community, that's right X-Maniacs, I'll post a BONUS Random Scan of the Week!!! Wow, it's like Christmas in March! Alrighty, enough idiocy, let's get to the funny books I'll be purchasing this week.

Action Comics #887: Ugh, I've been pretty down on this series for a couple of months now, and I'll be honest with you, I don't really expect that to change with this issue... Hopefully I'll be proven wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.

Batgirl #8: The good news is that I LOVES me some Batgirl! This is definitely one of the best comics coming out of DC, so I'm oh so pleased to see a new issue is out. The bad news is that this issue is involved with a crossover with Red Robin, which is a comic I refuse to read until Chris Yost is no longer writing it... So although I'm psyched that a new Batgirl is coming out, I'm bummed that I'll only be reading half the story.

Batman & Robin #10: As utterly bizarre as it may sound, I actually liked the last two issues of this series! Well, maybe "liked" is overstating things a bit... Let's just say it was better then any other issue of this series to date and leave it at that. With that said, I'm sure this issue will go back to being a major disappointment to me, but hey, maybe Grant Morrison will shock me for three issues in a row!

Justice League: Rise and Fall Special #1: I haven't read Cry for Justice #7 yet, and this is the aftermath to that mini, so I really don't have too much to say about this issue until I get my hands on Cry #7...

REBELS #14: Woooo-Hooooo!!!! This series is my FAVORITE current DC comic right now, so I CAN NOT wait to read this! This issue wraps up the storyline that has been running through this series since issue #1, so to say I'm excited about this comic is a true understatement! Without a doubt, I'll be reading this comic before I read any other book I order.

Secret Six #19: Although I've always been a really big fan of Gail Simone's work, this series has been middling at best to me... With Cheshire coming back this issue, I'm hoping this series reverts back to its awesome early days, but sadly I've just about given up on this comic.

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1: Since I did enjoy the World of New Krypton maxi-series, I'm kind of looking forward to this one. For those of you who don't know what this is all about, Brainiac has come to New Krypton looking to put the Kryptonians back in the bottle they escaped from. I for one am very interested to see where DC is going to go with the whole New Krypton concept after this storyline.

Dark X-Men #5: This is sadly the conclusion to the mini-series that returned my all-time favorite comic book character to life. I'm hoping that X-Man gets to remain alive at the conclusion of this mini, although realistically, I don't really see a place for Nate in the current Marvel Universe... Whatever happens though, I have thoroughly enjoyed this mini, and will be eagerly anticipating getting my hands on this issue.

And that's it for this week... So the final tally is 7 DC comics to 1 Marvel. Using some fancy mathematics I have figured out that I'm only buying 8 new comics this week... What gives these last two weeks??? Usually I'm ordering 14-18 new books a week, the past two weeks I've ordered a grand total of 12 books... Very, very strange... For the record, the three books I'm most looking forward to this week would be, REBELS #14, Dark X-Men #5 & Batgirl #8. That's my thoughts on this week's new releases, what will you guys be picking up? Let me know, and Long Live the Legion!


  1. 7 DC to 1 Marvel. That sounds like an excellent ratio!

    Everybody is raving about REBELS, but it looks so boring. That Starro preview they were running didn't help either. BUT, because you like it X-Man, I'm guessing it's pretty good.

  2. X-Man, I understand that you hate Chris Yost, but since your total is running low for the last two weeks, you might as well just pick-up the Red Robin series that crosses over with Batgirl just so you can read the entire story. I think it just might be worth your money...then again, I could be wrong.

  3. Yeah, REBELS doesn't look so good to me. Flicked through em and just been meh to them...
    We're somewhat matching with our comic choices this week, but I'm only buying 7 total, with 1 of them from Marvel.
    BTW, I picked up Green Hornet 1 from Dynamite (who I'd never heard of before). It's by Kevin Smith, and it was quite good. Classic Smith humour, and there's Alex Ross covers involved.

    Batgirl #8 (everyone agrees this is an awesome series, so, you know, what more can I say here until I read it?)

    Batman and Robin #10 (wow, he's really plowed through these issues, after delaying a couple, he then just went a brought one every week it seemed)

    Batman: Widening Gyre #5 (OK, just a few Bat related comics this week. He really is the X-Men of DC Comics for number of different issues out, eh?)

    Human Target #2 (I enjoyed the first one, so this oughta be a good un too)

    Justice League: The Rise and Fall Special (I'm still unsure of what to make of the Cry For Justice ending, so, you know, this will be, er, interesting...)

    Red Robin #10 (Urgh, do I have to?)

    Pixie Strikes Back #2 (The last one was weird, and hopefully this one will explain more. And can we already retcon out who her father is, before it even happens? ;))

    Your word for me today was squerse, which sounds really quite weird...

  4. I surprisingly liked Red Robin 10 I think its worth the read, especially since Yost is freaking done man.


    Starting with June’s RED ROBIN #13, writer Fabian Nicieza will step in as the new regular writer, joining series artist Marcus To for what will certainly prove to be an extension of the wild ride Red Robin’s been on so far.

  5. I dunno, I didn't really like it. Or Batgirl actually... It was just, I dunno, I don't really see where this story is going, nor is it that enthralling. And I don't like either of this artists. Talent is just nyeh, and whoever did Red Robin just makes everyone look so, I don't know, flat.

    Or Pixie Strikes Back (a complete mess really. I have no idea really what's going on, I mean, I can guess, but nobody seems to act like themselves, and dammit, why'd it have to be true? Grumble grumble).

    Human Target was enjoyable, as was Batman & Robin (Damian was much less annoying this issue, though, is Barbatos something that's been mentioned before, and since when was there a Wayne Family Cemetery? Not a fan of this Andy Clark fellow's work...)

    Rise and Fall was alright, but it's a setup issue. Art was meh... Which leaves Widening Gyre, which was enjoyable, still don't like Walt's art though...

  6. I read Batman & Robin today, which i grabbed because of the Bruce Wayne return begins here thing and I was surprisingly very into it. I loved it, hell I would've given it a 9 if I reviewed it.

  7. Sweet, look at all the comments from you guys! Awesome! First off, before I say anything else, I have to say a HUGE thank you to JT for breaking the Yost/Red Robin news to me... That is by far the best comic releated news I've heard so far this year! Oh, and I'm pretty psyched to hear Fabian is getting the Red Robin book. I grew up on his x-work, and his Cable/Deadpool work was almost universally great/hilarious stuff. Sure, the DC work he's been responsible for that I've read hasn't exactly been great, but I'd take him over Yost ANY day! Hell, I'd take a monkey at a typewriter over Yost to be honest...

    Besides that, I'd definitely recommend REBELS to ANYBODY. It has grown into my favorite DC book. The current storyline(which is going on 14 parts)may be kind of daunting to get into at this point, but I'd really recommend getting the trade/back issues if you can, it's well worth it. As for the previews, I don't think there has been a preview in a DC comic that has wowed me yet, Kello... To be honest, I don't even know why they bother to run 'em, cause I usually either skip them altogether or simply glance through them. I'd say pretty much the same thing to you as well, Nagash. The story is so encompassing it's hard to really fall into it by simply flicking through the pages. I'll be the first to admit that the first few issues didn't exactly bowl me over, but as the Starro story has rolled onward, I've been nothing but impressed(obviously!) OK, I think that's enough pimping of REBELS for one night...

    I REALLY want to Cole, but I just can't bring myself around to buying anything Yost's name is connected to... If I buy something he's responsible for, it would feel like I've forgiven his actions in New X-Men, and I just can't forgive what he did there... Trust me, I want to, especially since I've really been enjoying the Batgirl series, but I just won't do it. I'll have to rely on spoilers instead.

    Too bad about the Pixie mini, Nagash, I know how that must be really annoying you. Maybe things will really pick up as the mini gets closer to its end... Hopefully!

    Huh, a lot of love for Batman and Robin... That's really good to hear/read. I placed my order yesterday, so I'm hoping to get my hands on these comics sometime around the middle of next week. Unfortunately I'm ordering from a place in Texas, and that's a pretty long distance away from me, which means I'll be waiting by my mailbox for quite a while... :-( Wow was this a long comment!

  8. Lol I was gonna post it at my blog but I'm like, X needs to know this ASAP. I was ecstatic when I found out Fabian was taking over. But yeah, I mean the last two issues Yost wrote were surprisingly good, he must have turned it up on his way out.

    That sucks, why'd you order your comics from Texas this time? Or is that just where they shipped them from? Whenever you do get Batman and Robin I'm sure you'll like it.

  9. "Lol I was gonna post it at my blog but I'm like, X needs to know this ASAP." You know me well, JT!

    Well, usually I order my comics from a place in NYC, which gets me my new books MUCH faster because of how close I still am to the Big Apple, but the NYC comic shop only offers free shipping on orders of $75 and over, while the Texas store gives free shipping on orders of $50 and up. Since the past two weeks were so light for me, I figured instead of waiting another week to reach the $75 mark, I'd just order from the Texas place since I'd already reached the $50 mark... I don't know if the way I typed that out makes ANY sense, but rest assured, in my head it actually does make sense!

  10. I got ya dude. Makes sense, instead of having to wait another week to place your order, you should get them sooner. Good thinking X.

  11. Wow, you actually understood all of that gibberish? More power to you, JT!

  12. Lol yeah I get ya bro. I've been deciphering your gibberish for a few months, and by gibberish I mean reviews. Lol jk but I couldn't let that one slide :P

  13. Hmm, it seems that over time I've slowly corroded your brain... Excellent...

  14. All i could think of was Mr. Burns from the Simpsons when i read that. So brainwash eh, are you a Skrull?

  15. A Skrull?!? God no! After that horrid Secret Invasion storyline(Thank you BENDIS!)I don't even want to THINK about Skrulls, let alone be one!

  16. Lol I know nothing about that storyline and I wanna keep it that way. It sounds like some stuff that bendis stole from the Animorph books.

  17. Animorph? I don't think I've ever heard of that before... I kind of wish I knew nothing about Secret Invasion...

  18. Really? It's a book series about these kids who touch some alien technology and they can turn into any animal they touch for like... 3 hours but if they stay in that form too long they can't change back human or something. And there was some alien...slug being implanted in people to brain wash them so it kinda reminds me of Skrulls. Anyway I read that back when I was like 9 or ten.

    So would you say thats the worst Marvel storyline of all time?

  19. Well now I know! :p

    Hmm, THE worst Marvel storyline EVER? Jeez, I really want to say Secret Invasion... World War Hulk was pretty awful too though... Secret Wars II was also a huge waste of time. I'm almost definitely overlooking something, but off the top of my head, yeah, IMO, Secret Invasion is probably the worst Marvel storyline I've ever had the misfortune of reading.

  20. Haha, just clicked on this comment section and saw the Animorph comparison! That's exactly what I thought going into Secret Invasion, and having unfortunately read that miniseries, I have to say the analogy is accurate.

  21. Lol well thanks Marc. I swear the second I read a description I thought this is DEFINITELY an Animorph's rip off...

    Alright, so what exactly was Secret Wars II about? And I thought you hated Civil War as well?

  22. What WAS Secret Wars II about??? That's actually a good question! It was something about the Beyonder(sporting some wicked Jheri curls and an all white suit)deciding to come to earth to learn how to be human... or something... It's been a while since I read that(probably 4-5 years)and I can just remember thinking the whole thing was SO pointless.

    As for Civil War, you're right JT, I didn't like that event either... To be perfectly honest with you though, I was REALLY into the story for the first few issues until I realized there was only ONE way for it to end(basically allowing the "evil" Tony Stark forces to win)... I mean there were some cool moments in Civil War, but overall, the story was just TOO politically driven, and like I've always said, I like my politics in my newspaper and my super-heroes in my comic books.

  23. The idea of the Beyonder having Jheri curls and an all white suit is just wrong. Who does that?

    I agree with you, it seemed less like a disagreement between heroes and more like a big political argument, which it was. Plus the ending with Cap just giving up really ruined it for me.

  24. If nothing else, I always laugh when I think back to the Secret Wars II storyline, BECAUSE of the Beyonder's appearance... If I was the most powerful creature in the universe, I'd like to think I could come up with a slightly better look then that!

    I think years from now, when people look back at Civil War, they'll realize that the whole story was simply Joe Quesada trying to be a smart-ass.

  25. Atleast give him a black suit or something so the guy can look a little more menacing. That's like making Galactus pink or something.

    I think people are starting to realize that already X.

  26. Heh heh, well you know, back in the day, Galactus had a good amount of pink in his outfit AND he used to wear shorts... NOT the most imposing looking sight I'd imagine!

    "I think people are starting to realize that already X." :-) That one line just made my night...

  27. Really? That's gotta rank up there when Batman had that pink suit. And the Zebra suit....

    Lol glad I could help dude.

  28. See, I liked Civil War. Had alot of flaws, but hey, that's me

    Galactus is the most unscary cosmic horror villain ever. Even less scary, than, er, I dunno actually... Doh >.<

  29. Yeah, I can see why you'd like Civil War Nagash, as I've said before, I was really enjoying it for like the first 4 or 5 issues. However, once I realized there was NO way Cap's side could win, I really began to sour on it. Plus to me, it hurt the Tony Stark character so badly that I still have no interest in reading about him even today.

    There is nothing less intimidating then a giant guy wearing short pants and a skirt...

  30. It was a very good premise that at least kept itself mostly on target. Don't know about all the extra bits, I've only read the 7 main issues.
    One problem I had with it though was why Captain America opposed the act. I mean, he's a soldier, so surely he would allow the government to dictate who superheroes fought? Soldiers always follow politics...

    I take up that challenge!
    A man wearing assless speedos, a giant fuzzy bearskin open and armless jacket, red denim rubber gloves and a plunger as a weapon.

  31. I picked up EVERY single x-over issue for Civil War since that was back before I started collecting DC books, so I had A LOT more money to use on Marvel stuff. Off the top of my head I can only remember the Thing leaving the US to go to France(of all places!)and Wolverine hunting down Nitro. Everything else was a blur...

    Ah, but Cap is actually a funny case... Like you said, not knowing much about Cap, you'd think that he'd immediately fall in line with the government, as any good soldier would. However, Cap had quit being Captain America on two different occasions, both times because he had lost his faith in the people who run the country. Hell, at one point, the Red Skull was a high ranking government official, so it should come as NO shock that Cap doesn't trust the government to be able to protect his fellow heroes identities. If this story ran in the 1940-1950's, I don't think Cap would have EVER been against the government, but since he's had such extensive dealings with the folks in power and suffered through all of their screw-ups, his faith has been shaken to the point where I doubt Cap trusts ANY politicians.

    Wow, that's a vision that is going to haunt me for a couple of days... I could actually see that character pop up in an issue of Batman and Robin you know!