Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Random Scan of the Week!

So, you're probably thinking, "Hey, since when does this lazy chump post anything new on Sunday?!?" First off, I don't appreciate the whole "lazy chump" comment... And secondly, you'd be right! Usually I reserve my Sunday's for football, preparing for the coming week, and of course catching up on any homework/papers that are due Monday. However, my lack of blogging on Sunday has left me feeling... Well, a little bit guilty... I mean, since I'm pretty sure at least one person reads this exercise in futility nightly, shouldn't I provide that one person with at least SOMETHING? But then there's still the problem of having to deal with my homework/other responsibilities on Sunday... Then, as if from the heavens, an idea struck me! "X-Man75", I thought to myself(yes I call myself by my blog name...), "Why don't you just pull a random comic book, turn to a random page, scan it and post it? That way it would look like you're posting something new when in reality you're hardly doing any work at all! ;-)"(and yes, I thought that little smiley face thing too!). And thus, the terribly uncreative, "Random Scan of the Week!" was born. So all of you X-Maniacs rejoice, there will now be a new post here every Sunday! Even though it's simply going to be a random picture that I've put little time and effort into finding... But still, that's better then nothing, right? Right?!?From Immortal Iron Fist #12(Feb. 2008).


  1. I think I speak for X-Maniacs everywhere when I say that like the salivating dogs we are, we're all clamoring for any scraps that may fall from your table.

    Ok, I'm really just speaking for myself with that analogy.

  2. I've got to say Kello, that comment made me laugh out loud... That's me all right, happy to grace my X-Maniacs with even the smallest post. Am I benevolent or what? :-)

    "Clamoring"? "Salivating"? It looks like somebody is trying to challenge me for the title of Thesaurus Warfare champion!

  3. Kello you can gladly speak for me as well. X this post was genius, everything from you calling yourself by your blog name to the fact that you KNOW I called you a lazy chump :P I'm now a fan of the random scan of the week. Patent Pending.

  4. Lmao I don't know why your idea for Random Scan of the week is just funny and pure genius.

    I actually thought about doing that but the artistic approach, because I too felt guilty for not blogging something everyday, or at least every other day. Lol great minds think a like right?

    Lol this is a pretty good scan, only due to the fact that huge man on the first panel said "Bring me my wenches of waiting!" Funny.

  5. Thanks for the support guys! I'm glad you liked the scan Falisha, because I did exactly what I said I was going to in the post, I simply pulled out a comic, turned it to a random page and scanned it without bothering to read it. Next week I'll probably wind up scanning something completely boring, like Mr. Fantastic giving a science explanation on planetoids or something...

    See that JT, not only am I a self-proclaimed genius, I also seem to have a touch of telepathy, so watch what you're thinking about me from now on! :p

  6. Hm... a mind reading self proclaimed genius. If you proclaim me as one, I'll proclaim YOU as one and we can BOTH be geniuses, okay go!

  7. Well sir, if you keep up with this, I'm sure I'll be the only one pointing out some random things dealing with the art and random things people say. :) lol.

    Lmao. I seriously don't know what to do with the two of you guys.

    You BOTH know I am the true genius here. I'll think about sharing some of my genius with you. :)

    And JT, "Read the patent number B*tch!"

    lmao gotta love the Simpsons.

  8. Lol @ that Simpsons reference, well played madam. And I think I'm the true genius here and you two ride my coattails.

  9. Thank you thank you.

    If I were you, I'd watch what you say sir. Lol. X and I won't be taking any of that mess from you.

  10. X-Man, there's nothing boring about Mr. Fantastic giving a lecture. How else would we learn all those Kirby inspired psuedo-science facts? I often use them to impress women at parties.

    JT- you gotta write an episode of the Simpsons next!

  11. Hmm, well I guess we can all be self-proclaimed geniuses if you all want... Just remember, since I'm sporting some heavy-duty telepathy, I know everything you guys know, making me the undisputed KING of the geniuses!!! HA-HA!

    Ha! Yeah there's nothing a girl likes to hear more then a bunch of pseudo-science facts, Kello! Then again, it DID work for Reed...

  12. X I'll just think dumb thoughts and dumb you down. Bwahahahaha The Booster Gold Method :P

    Kello I definitely would if they hadn't done EVERYTHING already. If you can come up with an idea I'll write it and credit you, lol.