Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adventure Comics #8, Deadpool #19 & 20.

Hey X-Maniacs, it's time for another post filled with comic books, complaints and bad grammar!!! Tonight I'll be checking out a DC comic and 2 Marvels. On the DC side of the equation, I'll be reading Adventure Comics, while the two Marvel books are Deadpool comics. For some reason(probably monetary)I stopped collecting Deadpool comics about 12 issues ago, but after doing a Deadpool week over at my other blog, my interest in DP was rekindled. That, along with the fact that Daniel Way is an excellent writer, led me to pick up the two most recent issues of DP... Unfortunately these comics both featured a monkey... *sigh*... I HATE monkeys in comic books!!! I hate the talking monkey's in the DCU, and I hated having to read about a monkey in these two Deadpool books!

Before I get on with the reviews, it's time to talk about my spur of the moment eBay purchase of the day! After my anti-Golden Age Legion of Super-Heroes rant yesterday, I decided to see if I could find a couple of the re-boot Legion books from the mid to late-90's. Unfortunately(or fortunately, depending on your perspective), I didn't find any full runs, BUT I did find a full run of the LEGION series from the early-90's... What was LEGION? I'm not 100% sure, but I do know that the lead character is Vril Dox, who is also the lead character in what has become my favorite DC comic, REBELS. Since Dox/Brainiac 2 has slowly grown into one of my favorite DC characters, I figured I'd give his first series a shot. All right, that's what I did today, now for the reviews!

Adventure Comics #8: Writers: Sterling Gates, James Robinson & Eric Trautmann... Well, I guess that answers the age-old question of how many writers does it take to write a really bad issue of Adventure Comics... Pencils: Travis Moore, Julian Lopez & Pier Gallo.

This comic actually follows three different storylines, so I'll take 'em one at a time. The first story follows the adventures of the Legion of Super-Heroes(or the Old Legion), who have discovered a bunch of temporal rifts opening up in the 31st century, where they are located. After some investigation, the Old Legion learns that Brainiac is responsible for the time rifts thanks to his actions in the present. The second story follows Superboy and Mon-El as they meet with the Old Legion espionage squad. The Old Legionaries explain that they have come back in time to save New Krypton from an attack by Brainiac. The final story deals with General Lane unknowingly taking the Kryptonian terrorist who blew up the Science Police building in Metropolis and putting her in his anti-New Krypton army... And that's pretty much it for this issue...

Needless to say this comic did absolutely NOTHING for me. Don't like the Old Legion, don't care about them or their problems, and I didn't appreciate that every story ended by telling me, “To be continued in Last Stand of New Krypton #1!”... Yeah yeah, I got that the first time! If you're a fan of the Golden Age Legion/the Old Legion, or are Geoff Johns, you'll probably enjoy this comic. If not, then I'd recommending avoiding this one.

Score: 4 out of 10.Nothing says Cosmic "Boy" more then a guy who looks like he's pushing 40...

Deadpool #19: Writer: Daniel Way. Pencils: Carlo Barberi.

This comic begins with Deadpool arriving in NYC in order to find Spider-Man, so he could learn how to be a super-hero. He unwittingly passes Spidey(as Peter Parker)in the subway, which causes Spidey to realize that DP was lurking around NYC. Later on, Spidey goes to his corner grocery store and discovers the bodies of the owner of the store and a few other people gunned down in the storeroom. After calling the cops(and switching to his Peter Parker identity), Peter learns from the cops that the killings looked like they were done by a professional, which automatically causes Peter to figure Deadpool was behind the killings. Spidey finds Deadpool on the rooftop, and proceeds to beat him unconscious. Deadpool wakes up bound in webbing and is asked by Spidey why he killed the people in the store. Pool explains that he wasn't responsible, and after producing an alibi, Spidey cuts Pool loose. Pool then offers to assist Spidey in the investigation since he'd be able to offer Spidey some valuable insight into the killings. Spidey and Pool head to the store and after looking around the crime scene, Pool deduces that a monkey hitman named Hit-Monkey(yes, really...)was responsible for the killings and that he probably wasn't done killing yet. Pool tells Spidey that Hit-Monkey only kills other hitmen/assassins, which leads Spidey to realize that Hit-Monkey was probably gunning for Pool!

Yeah, after reading the intro, what did you think I was going to say about this issue? For what it was, it was an OK story, but my blinding hatred of monkeys in comic books prevented me from being able to enjoy it any more then I did. I'm sure people without a monkey-bias will have enjoyed this comic more then me, because it really wasn't horrible.

Score: 6 out of 10.And that ladies and gentlemen is a beat-down.

Deadpool #20: Writer: Daniel Way. Pencils: Carlo Barberi.

This issue begins with Hit-Monkey gunning down some crooked cops, which proves to Spidey that Deadpool didn't make up the story of Hit-Monkey, as he had suspected. While the two are discussing a way to lure Hit-Monkey out in the open, Hit-Monkey attacks Deadpool and Spidey. Sadly, the two of them are unable to overcome the unmitigated force known as monkey power, and this issue ends with Hit-Monkey riddling Deadpool's body with bullets.

If you really want to know what I thought about this comic, see what I said about issue #19. The exact same stuff applies here. Don't like monkeys, don't like reading about 'em. That pretty much sums up my feelings towards this storyline in a nutshell.

Score: 6 out of 10.Am I the only one who wondered how guys like Spidey and Deadpool could make their masks SO expressive?


  1. Did you get a set of L.E.G.I.O.N comics? I'm pretty certain it has a lot of the same characters as REBELS. I always remember seeing that book as a kid and thinking it looked really confusing. They would always put the year on the end of it, like L.E.G.I.O.N '92, and I wondered why not other comic did that.

    Did you ever read Adam Strange: Planet Heist mini-series (I think I remember you saying you did), because it had Vril Dox in it.

    On a naerly pointless but related note, The name Vril Dox always reminds me of Hydrox, the semi-delicious Oreo rip-off.

    X-Man, I'm so glad you hate monkeys in comics. I firmly stand with you on the matter.

  2. Wow, forgive my typos. One day of vacation has siginificantly dulled my brain functions.

  3. I was unaware you also had these Deadpool comics, although I liked them and you clearly didn't. Stop making it look like I have bad tastes. :P Lol Then again I don't have as much as a disdain for Monkeys as you, and at least Hit-Monkey doesn't talk.

    As for Adventure Comics i dropped it after issue 7, I'm not that into the Legion and after SB was no longer focus I stopped caring.

  4. Yup Kello, those are the books I brought. It was the full run of the LEGION series(I'm too lazy to put the periods in!), and I'm pretty sure it has most of the REBELS regulars, which was the main reason I decided to snag it.

    I still haven't read that Adam Strange mini, mainly because I'm still missing one issue! I've had it laying around for months, and every time I place a comic book order I always wind up forgetting to order that one missing comic... Why I brought a mini-series with all but ONE issue I'll never understand... Sometimes I'm impossible to figure out...

    Man, it's been forever since I had those Hydrox cookies... I remember them being like the cheaper, little brother of Oreos.

    Yeah JT I saw your reviews for those DP issues, and I can totally understand why you liked them... If it wasn't for my nearly maniacal hatred of comic book monkeys, I probably would have enjoyed them as well! I def don't blame you for dropping Adventure after Geoff left... I'm locked in to a subscription until issue #12, so I've got no choice in the matter!

  5. Okay, X-Man, show us on the doll where the monkey touched you... :P

    Seriously though, your seemingly irrational hatred of monkeys is hilarious. I think monkeys are funny, personally. In fact, I actually have a book called Comics Gone Ape!, which is about the history of monkeys in comics and is definitely worth picking up if you DON'T hate a healthy dose of mankind's evolutionary cousins in your weekly reading. :)

  6. Aww how awesome of you to review Deadpool #19 and #20 after I just read them. Jeff let me borrow his since he spoke so highly of the two issues and I must admit I am a Deadpool fan.

    That man is hilarious. I don't think I've laughed so hard at a comic in my life. I don't even think I honestly followed the story line I was just concentrating on what Deadpool was saying. And it was hilarious. What is it with him and hot dogs?

    And X, I didn't like the monkey either. The ONLY primate I like in comics is Gorilla Grodd. And speaking of primates.....I can't STAND the ones that are in various Wonder Woman issues. They serve NO purpose lol. Anyways....nice review sir. :D

  7. Comics Gone Ape! you say Marc? Hmm, I'm actually curious as to what that is... Is it a comic or a regular paperback? Maybe somewhere in that book I can learn how to cope with my monkey hate and move on...

    Yeah Falisha, but for the monkey, I definitely would have enjoyed those DP comics. One thing I learned after reading those comics was that Daniel Way can write just about any kind of story... That guy is something else!

    I hate those monkeys in WW's comic too!!! I don't understand what their purpose is! I wish WW would just send them back to Monkey Island, or Monkey City, or where ever the hell those damn talking apes come from!

  8. Comics Gone Ape! is a paperback and it's published by TwoMorrows, which publishes tons of high-quality books and magazines about comics. Like most of their other stuff, it's well put together and chock-full of pictures as well as interviews with creators.

  9. The I don't know if Hit-Monkey has appeared in previous issues of Deadpool, but it just seems like someone was TRYING to go along with the same level of humor as Deadpool.I mean who would actually be afraid of a freaking monkey with gun? I wouldn't. I'd just chuck a banana at his head and hope he goes after it. Lol. Maybe I'm suppose to throw logic out the window when reading Deadpool....or any comic. Lol.

    Lol, X, my friend we have grown closer just because you can't stand those apes in WW either. lol. Lol @ Monkey Island. You're classic.

    And I know you are like the King of comics, you read all, lol, I was browsing the web....and typed WW and apes in google....this popped up.

    Please tell me this isn't true.

  10. Huh, you know what Marc? Next time I place an order with Amazon, I'm going to check to see if this book is there. Maybe it can explain to me why comic creators seem OBSESSED with putting monkeys in comics!

    I like that you referred to me as the King of comics Falisha... I like that a lot actually... I'm just egotistical enough that I may just find a way to use that term more often around here... Oh god, I'd forgotten about the whole JLApe thing... Ugh... Yes, sadly it IS true(as unbelievable as it may seem!). Luckily I only have one or two of those x-over books(yes, it was actually an x-over!)... WHAT was DC thinking there?!?

  11. Sir, you ARE the King of Comics. You're the only person I know with an extensive collection of comics and have read them and know his stuff. So you have right to reign and gloat about that title. lol.

    JT is the prince, lol, can't have him coming to get me. Lol.

    And JLApe? really? Was this during the remake planet of the apes era or something? lol it seems very stupid and pointless lol. But whatever floats their boat right?

  12. Ah, well thank you for this royal upgrade Ms. Falisha! I will continue to dutifully serve my loyal subjects in any way I possibly can! Long Live The King!

    You know what, that very well might have been around the Planet of the Apes movie remake... I'm pretty bad when it comes to watching movies(just ask JT asbout that!), but I think the JLApes story took place around the mid/late 90's, which would have been around that movie... That actually makes great sense. Job pick up Falisha!

  13. I actually think Jack Kirby was the King of Comics, but maybe he'll let you wear the crown for a day, X-Man. Getting his permission shouldn't be too hard, seeing as he's been dead for more than 15 years. :)

  14. Oh man, that's right! I forgot that Kirby was the original King! And I'm actually a huge fan of his LONG career... Well, here's hoping the Kirby estate doesn't sue me!

  15. Ah, well thank you for this royal upgrade Ms. Falisha! I will continue to dutifully serve my loyal subjects in any way I possibly can! Long Live The King!
    lol. Aww I'm not that big of a movie watcher any more. Don't have the time. If I'm not watching a movie with JT chances are I'm not up to date on the latest movies lol.

    And if that IS the case for the JLApe, even more reason why It's stupid. I mean...don't you think transforming Heroes to apes will limit their powers? Lame!!! lol. And if they did keep their powers....then it was just stupid. Unless Gorilla Grodd was up to it some how lol then it kind of makes sense. Still lame though.

    And thanks!! :D I try to shine from time to time on pointing things out.

  16. I'm the same way with movies(well, except for the JT part!). I really don't have the time to sit down for an hour and a half/two hours to just watch a movie. When I have some free time, I'd much rather be doing something else.

    I only read a prelude to the JLApes stuff(and only because Impulse was in it)and I think some annual(can't remember which though), so I'm def not an expert on that storyline, and to be honest, I wouldn't want to be!

  17. Aww. Lol, watching movies with J is awesome. Always cracking jokes fun times. :) And unless the movie seems absolutely funny or good then I may set some time aside. lol. Haven't come across a movie like that in a while.

    It's all good. I'm sure JLApes is not even worth talking about any further. lol.

  18. From the sound of things, you guys have already thought more about JLApes than the people who planned, wrote, and drew that crap. :P

  19. Ha. That indeed is true Marc. lol. I don't know what to think or say about that. lol.

  20. "From the sound of things, you guys have already thought more about JLApes than the people who planned, wrote, and drew that crap. :P" HA!!! It's funny 'cause it's true!