Sunday, January 10, 2010

Talking comics and football.

There were a few ways I could have gone with tonight's post. To be honest, I was close to just skipping tonight, and posting some reviews tomorrow. But if I start shirking my blogging "responsibility" again, it gets easier and easier to skip the next night, and the one after that. So, since I'm not really in the mood to do any proper reviews, I figure I'll post some thoughts on the comics I have read, as well as the NFL playoff games I've spent most of the day watching. If you don't care about my NFL musings, then I'd recommend skipping the following paragraph...

First off, are you ready for some football?!? Yeah, I went there! The Cowboys spanked the Eagles tonight, which was and wasn't a surprise. I mean, defensively, the Cowboys are WAY better then Philly, but I thought the Eagles had a better offense then the Cowboys. I figured this game would at least be close, but wow, the Cowboys just laid one on the Eagles... After watching tonight's game, I've got to say, the Cowboys are for real! I mean their defense is playing fierce right now, and as a life long Giants fan, I know about good defense(well, not this year, but usually...). If Dallas can keep up their strong defensive play, and Tony Romo can avoid falling apart, there's no reason Big D can't go all the way to the Super Bowl, and trust me, as a Giants fan, that's the last thing I want to see happen! On the AFC side, the Jets took care of business in Cincinnati this afternoon. That win was extra sweet for me because my little brother is a huge Bengals fan, and it's always fun when one of my favorite teams take care of his favorite. That means I have gloating rights until next season over him! Hey, if he'd have won, he'd be doing the same to me! Just like Dallas, the Jets won thanks to their impressive defense, although I'm just not sure the Jets have enough offense to go far in the playoffs... But then again, Baltimore won it all with a strong defense and a running game a few years ago, so I guess anything is possible. All I know is that I hope the Jets wind up facing Indianapolis next week, because I sure don't want to see them face off against San Diego... As for tomorrow's games, I think the Packers will be able to defeat Arizona in a high scoring affair, and I think Baltimore will pull the upset against New England. No Wes Welker for the Patriots is just going to be too much for the Pats to overcome. So there you have it, my picks for tomorrow's playoff games!

OK, this IS a comic book blog, so I should probably get to the comic books, right? Last night I read a couple of books, so here are a few quick thoughts on them. Superman/Batman #67 was a Blackest Night x-over and dealt with Bizarro and Man Bat facing off against Black Lantern Solomon Grundy. It was OK, but I definitely wouldn't give it a really high recommendation. It was readable. That's about all though. Speaking of Blackest Night, I also read Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1(hey, that was a pretty good segue!). This one left me with mixed feelings. While on one level I did enjoy the stuff with Maxwell Lord and Wonder Woman, I didn't like the whole idea of resurrecting the fallen soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery as Black Lanterns... That just rubbed me the wrong way. This issue actually felt like a one shot more then anything else, so I'll be interested to see where Greg Rucka goes with the next issue. Next up is Magog #3 & 4. I really like Magog, and I really WANT to like this series. With that said though, these two issues left me a little bit flat. Once again, they were all right, but they were just missing a little something to me. I understand that Keith Giffen is trying to create enemies for Magog, but to me that's a bit of a mistake. Instead of introducing new enemies for Magog to deal with, I'd rather see him dealing with a few established DC villains first. Since Magog himself is still a relatively new character, it's tough to get into a series where EVERYTHING is new, the title character, the villains, the supporting characters, etc. If it were up to me, I'd have Magog facing and soundly defeating guys like Dr. Polaris or Amazo, before introducing new villains. I'll be buying the next couple of issues, but mainly because I like Magog, not necessarily for the stories. Finally, I read the Aquaman: Tide and Time TPB. I have two things to say about this trade, #1, Peter David is, was and always will be awesome in my book, and #2, I really want to get my hands on the 90's Aquaman series! This trade collects the mini-series that came out right before Peter's 90's Aquaman series. It's pretty much an origin tale for Aquaman. We get a glimpse of Aquaman being raised by Dolphins(ala Tarzan), his first meeting with humans, his initial meeting with the Flash(Barry Allen), as well as documenting his first run in with Ocean Master, who turns out to be Aquaman's half-brother. I expected a lot from this trade going in, and I was not let down. Man, was there ever a time when Peter David didn't rule as a writer? Well, that's going to do it for tonight. Tomorrow I should be back to doing regular, conventional comic reviews, hopefully you enjoyed this mishmash post. As always, Long Live The Legion!

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